Top 10 Stupid Things People Do Online

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Whenever we are free, the most common thing we do is net surfing, logging on to social networking sites, signing in public chat sites, playing online games, watching videos and many other things that require the use of internet. Internet is like a boon as we can share our ideas, skills and knowledge so easily with its help. Not only this, we can also communicate with anyone we want to irrespective of the geographical location. It has made education so much easier and one can even perform self guided learning with the help of internet.

In simple words, there are just countless advantages that internet has provided us be it in the field of education, business, science, politics and the list goes on and in. But many a times, people do stupid things online which might even lead to ruin their reputation. This article gives the list of the top ten absurd things that people do online one should thus retrain lest they want to end up in a virtual mess.



Usually when people see sexy pictures or messages displaying “You are the lucky winner!” or “You just won 1 Lakh Rupees” or any other attracting messages or photos, they mostly click on it to see what happens. But guess what, these are usually virus links which can expose all your connections under risk too. These virus links which we have clicked will be posted to all our friend list and everyone will then know what we looked at. Also, if the link is posted at our client’s profile then it can lead to a bad impression of ours. These types of virus links are usually found on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and clicking on them is one of the stupid things that people do online.



When people play games online or use applications on social networking sites then to register for the application or the game, one has to send the invites of the games or applications to the friend list. The stupid thing that most of the people do is sending the invites to the entire friend list. Sometimes, people also send the invites of a local event to the people living in different states of even in different countries. Sending invite for a local event to people staying at other places is meaningless as they obviously cannot attend it. And the funny thing is, that even after being aware of this fact, people are still inviting them, which is why it is considered dumb.


uploading everthing

Nowadays people upload every single photo that they take whether it be of bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or any place that they visit. They publish photo of every activity that they do. Not only this, they even update every single detail of what they are doing, where they are, how they are feeling and what not. Talking or posting too much about oneself is a foolish thing to do online as this can lead to stalkers. Also, posting drunk pictures and about every single thing which one do, on social networking sites is considered stupid as people are making their private life public by doing so, which is not a very smart thing to do, as we never know what are the intentions of other people.



Posting our email address everywhere is a way of telling spammers the place where they can reach or contact you. Signing up for a free online newsletter to get a free gift or posting the email address on various online blogs and forums will tell little computer programs usually known as web crawlers that the address is the legitimate one. This will then lead to tons of useless email to the mailbox which are usually spam or virus links. Leaving the email id on every single site is a foolish thing to do and if we want to guard our primary email address then we should only submit it to the reputable sites.


downloading free software

Downloading free software is obviously not against law and we will not go to jail for doing so but when we download freeware from less reputable sources then it might contain hidden programs which will be installed with the software to our computer. These hidden programs have the potential to put the computer at risk and to compromise with the security of the computer. They can even create endless stream of pop up advertisements, whenever we surf the internet. Downloading freeware from non reputable links is a lumpish act and one should avoid it and should always check the program before installing it.



When we chat at public chat sites then we should never reveal our true identity. We do not know whether the person to whom we are chatting is telling everything correct or not and thus neither should we tell, everything right about ourselves. We cannot judge the intentions of people while talking with them for just once and that too on a public chatting site where there are people from all around the world. We should avoid telling our address, our full name, email address, our account passwords, or anything which can be misused by the other person. 


personal attack in a public forum

It is a fact that we cannot get along with everyone we interact with or run into online. But we should not let our rivalry or hatred get out of control and must never wage a personal attack on anyone in public. Many people just cannot take the fact that someone has an opinion different from them, and they thereby post hateful and disrespectful comments on a public forum. This is one of the unintelligent thing that people do without even realizing that it is them who are looking bad in this whole situation and the other person is just a mere victim.


accepting every friend request

Countless people are there on social networking sites these days whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and many more. But it does not mean that we have to add every single person who sends us a friend request. Many a times we get friend requests of people whom we do not know personally. Some people accept those friend requests just by seeing mutual friends in the friend list. But by accepting such friend requests we are giving that person, the access to our photos and posts and it is not an intelligent act to give access of our timeline to an unknown.


bitching about work

People very often bitch about their work online to their colleagues and friends or sometimes post status related to their work or the boss. By doing so they are leaving an evidence that how much they unlike their boss or their work which can be used against them. It is possible that the person whom we thought to be our well wisher is not actually the one or it is also possible that our good terms with that person may be not the same, as it were. At that time, this bitching which we did about our work can destroy our career as it is a kind of proof and consequently it will leave a bad mark on our personality and character. One should never bitch about work or in fact about anything online, as it shows how wooden headed the person is.


believing everything

Whenever we search for anything online we can’t be sure that all the  return result will necessarily be true. A so called Google diagnosis or a advice from someone you are chatting online is not tantamount to that of a professional’s so ditch it if you do not want to put yours or any one else’ life in danger. Unregistered sites, wrong information about the home remedies or “what to do when ___ happens?” is although provided but you can’t under any circumstance bet your life on its authenticity. Believing everything that you read online is stupid and one should either only seek answers from trusted and reputed sites or should consult a professional or an experienced person before taking any further action.


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