Top 10 Superpowers you have that you don’t know

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The concept of superpowers is not confined to superman or batman movies. It’s even beyond that. And no deny each one of us has that special power within ourselves. It’s just that we haven’t discovered it yet. Well look within yourselves, there is something which you have never noticed and that is what makes you a distinct personality. The term ‘superpower’ itself sounds so amazing to us. The power that is preeminent, superlative and supreme and uncommon to the average human. Isn’t it? Well yes. But the same objectified power could be somewhere within you. All these superman, batman and x-men movies are nothing but a mere work of fiction. What we are talking about here is the concept of ‘realistic power’ which anyways seems unreal, something which can astound the world and create an iconic image. It might seem hard to digest this fact, but all we need to do is explore our hidden potentialities which can transform our perception about human abilities. Hence we the real people can be unique, despite being similar. So here we have a list of ten such amazing superpowers which we humans possess, but never knew about it.



So when we speak of bravery in terms of superpowers we don’t mean deflecting bullets with our eyeballs or smashing a building with one hand. The courage to face odds and overcome one’s fear is not something everyone is bestowed with. Life is full of challenges and bravery is one such power that makes us less vulnerable to the difficult things in life which can scare us back home. Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. You are given this life because you are strong enough to live it. It is our struggle that develops our strength and not our success.



An active imagination is a blessing and not everybody is born with this ability to imagine what normal senses cannot. Also,it is a diversified ability since it is not confined to a particular sphere of mind. It can be about anything and everything, be it images, ideas, concepts or objects. Imagination is how our mind visualizes something and comes up with some extraordinary notion which nobody had ever thought of. The root of all innovations and discoveries lies nowhere else but in the genius brains of human beings like us. So this confirms that if you are imaginative enough, you already have a superpower in your hands.



We have this term called ‘intuition’ used quite often in our day to day conversation. And few of us have this extraordinary ability to look through the future and predict what is going to happen next. Though this sounds unbelievable but we have people around us whose intuitions are always correct be it good or bad. Subjects like palmistry and astrology also come within this wide sphere of future prediction, but some own a natural talent without any specific knowledge of stars, zodiacs or position of the planets. And undoubtedly such people have come up with great predictions too.



Most of us must not have thought compassion and sympathy to be a superpower. But yes, it is. Mental and emotional suffering is always worse than the physical wound and we know this very well, since all of us have been through such a phase. The pain of an emotional trauma does not need any doctor’s prescription or antibiotics. All it needs is compassion and sympathy. And in this era of modernization, all we see is self centered and selfish people around us. Nobody sympathizes or is concerned about your sufferings and misfortunes. Hence someone who holds the ability to relieve such pain is a real superhero. No matter whether he has a superman physique or not, what matters is he should have a good heart.



Sympathy and empathy are two different terms. Though they sound quite similar, but they aren’t the same. Putting yourself into the shoes of somebody is what we call ‘empathy’. It is both a character trait and a superpower. It is the supernatural ability to interpret and replicate emotions, moods and temperament of others. However,a trait has to be learned, and superpower is something you are born with. Most of us have become too individualistic in our approach,and all that we think about is our problems and miseries. We generally don’t bother to visualize situations through somebody else’s perspective. Do we? No, we don’t. But those who do, are benefited with this extraordinary quality which does not change your outward appearance but brings a transformation in your inner self.



With each new pair of vision, comes a new idea, a new vantage point. Creativity simply means ‘being creative’. Hence we can call it as the next step to imagination. Though they are two different abilities, but are quite interrelated. Creativity means giving voice to your ideas, bringing them in a wider picture and implicating them so that the great ideas that hover in your minds can be seen practically. Imagination is confined to our minds and intellect where we visualize things internally. Creative people use imagination for their original ideas and also look at it from multiple perspectives just with one pair of eyes and one brain. Impressive, right?



The power to connect through human minds is not an ordinary phenomena. Whether it is a hallucination or some other mind game, it requires great concentration and extraordinary ability to communicate through mind and not through words. And as far as the super human features are concerned, telepathy needs a great deal of meditation for the mental connection. Some people have this inherent potential to look through the eyes of a person and figure out what is going in the mind. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, it is only if you are not the one whose mind is being read or else you never know what interesting stuffs might come out in the picture.




Memory is nothing but the ability to remember things. It is as simple as that. But people don’t tend to remember everything and anything they heard, saw or did. Do they? Think about yourself. Can you remember what you did on 20th of June, 1994 at 10:30 pm? The clear answer would be no because it takes great effort to build up your memory in such a way that it remembers every single thing. But some of us are born with this rare ability called ‘hyperthymesia’, a condition of perfect autobiographical memory where one can remember every trivial thing that happened to occur on a certain date.


fear of death

Man is mortal. Someday each one of us has to face death, and naturally nobody wants to take it willingly. We are all scared of it. Aren’t we? But have you ever thought of those people who face death every hour, every minute and every second of their lives. They know life can shoot upon them any time but still they don’t care. What they care about is their duty and loyalty to their work. Such brave hearts deserve great appreciation. Those who stand up for their country on the border line or the ones who fight against deadly diseases like AIDS, cancer etc. are the real superheroes who should be respected and not the ones whom we see on television faking action and earning fame.


seeing with ears

Seeing through your ears is something you would have never thought of. The world we live in is a beautiful place and to visualize it we have been gifted a beautiful pair of eyes. But what about those who are visually impaired? Do they have no choice? Of course they have. It all depends on how you utilize your one sense organ to facilitate the other. Well let’s make it a little simpler through an example. This is a real thing which guys like Daniel Krish have. He is completely blind and uses his sonar-like sense of hearing which is so sharp that it basically replaces his vision. This phenomena is called ‘echolocation’ where one uses sound waves to mentally paint a picture of the world. And just because we rely so much on our vision to look for everything, most of us have failed to discover this amazing hidden superpower within us.

So do you have any kind of superpowers listed above? Well, if yes then you can proudly claim to have a superhero trait and move around because all of us are capable of amazing things. It’s just that most of the time we have been hiding this from ourselves. Each one of us is born with some special ability. All you need to do is figure it out and bring it into the picture since you cannot estimate the power of a common man.


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