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Affinity towards the tattoo culture has grown manifolds in the past decade among guys and girls across the globe, its popularity can be perceived from the fact that it has made repeated entries in the list of top 10 most search terms online. With its origin dating back to 16th century, initially tattoos were meant to show one’s inclination towards a clan, society or group, but in the recent times, getting a personalized tattoo has proved to be the most amazing way of exhibiting individuality. The usage of ink and hypodermic needle over your body makes a fashion statement for sure, but each tattoo, also carries with it, its own meaning and message. Celebrities worldwide have got their bodies tattooed in different styles with has encouraged fans to go in for the same. Be it Rihanna’s pistol tattoo, Angelina Jolie’s tiger tattoo or Megan Fox’s text tattoo, all of them have managed to create a tattoo hype among viewers. More women get their bodies tattooed these days than men, with one out of every four women sporting a tattoo as per recent surveys. The tattoo range is larger than one can think – Gothic, fish, Celtic, Tribal, floral, angel, bird, snake, skull, dragon, zebra, Hawaiian, star, mandala, music, intense, light – covering almost everything on earth, thanks to our very talented tattoo artists.All those little girly things that fascinate a woman are a great possession if they can adorn a woman’s body permanently. There are ample tattoo studios in metropolitans around the world and talented artists also showcase their extraordinary tattoo designs for girls on various websites. Mentioned below are some popular, classy and beautiful tattoo ideas which generally attract girls globally:


10. Star Tattoos:

star tattoo

Believe in the superstar that lives in you, and bring it out with the star tattoo. Star tattoos are apt for those who are willing to go hard on anything when it comes to fulfilling their aspirations. Stars are symbols of dreams and hopes. Shooting stars, nautical stars, tiny stars, large stars – all of them are trendy and hippy. Stars can adorn all your body parts, your neck, back, sides, arms, ear back, neck back, legs, feet everywhere. Want to bling amidst the rest? Go get a star, for you are a star deservingly.

 9.  Music Note Tattoos:

music note tattoos

Getting music notes tattooed is one of the coolest trends among girls. If you are a music freak or a rock band member, what can be better than getting your own music note adorning your body permanently? When it comes to the right place – every place is right for your music tattoos – upper arms, neck back, shoulder, lower back, above the ankle, fingers, and feet – simply everywhere. Music tattoos have the ability to look feminine, classy and bold – all three at the same time. It can be a single music note, or a series of many, or designer music notes drawn along with feathers or hearts. It all depends on the creativity of the artist, but one thing is for sure – they look and feel great! For all those girls in search of a musician kind of boyfriend, this has to be your call!

8. Peacock Tattoo:

peacock tattoo

Peacocks are the most amazing and most beautiful birds in the world. If you want to get a colored tattoo then there can be nothing better than a peacock feather or the entire peacock itself. A peacock is a symbol of beauty, varied colors and royalty. Peacock tattoos have gained become favorites with women because the colorful combination adds charm to a woman’s persona. Just like the peacock is called the king of birds, you too are going to feel royal and pampered with this tattoo on. Since peacock tattoos are big, get them designed on your backs or sides.Peacock tattoos can be easily found in all tattoo studios as they are very popular these days. So, get colors on your body, and get bright ones, just like the peacock.

7. Lace tattoos:

lace tattoo

Lace tattoos are yet another type of attractive tattoos that have emerged out high on the popularity list among women. Lace tattoos often involve girly symbols like stars, butterflies, music notes or hearts. The best thing about lace tattoos is that they look classy. And you can experiment with them. You can have text written in those laces, maybe your name, or even you can create your original laces. You can get a permanent lace tattoo to replace your necklaces, bracelets and anklets now. With colors and creative designs, they may look even prettier than the jewellery you wear. Cheryl Cole and Katie Price sport very cool lace tattoos on their thighs.

6. Initial with crown tattoo:

initial with crown tattoo

Are you absolutely in love with the alphabet your name starts with? And are you the princess of your own world? If the answer is yes, then this tattoo is perfect for you. This tattoo bears the initial of your name under a beautiful crown. It is a personalized tattoo and simply shows off your love for yourself. You love to rule and that is what you can show to your friends and strangers too. The perfect place for it would be your wrist or behind your neck. These tattoos are elegant and classy. It also signifies leadership and command. And not to forget, these tattoos show your royal ways and love for crown.

5. Flying tiny birds:

flying tiny birds

Birds are symbols of freedom and peace. Flying bird tattoos are perfect for girls who wish to send out the message that they were born free and will die free. Also girls wish to promote peace and harmony around them can sport bird tattoos. The design of bird tattoo that has been quite popular with celebrities and fans alike consists of a series of tiny birds flying in a direction through your neck or upper back. They provide that fragile and tender feel to the onlooker, and at the same time are symbols of the lady’s free personality. They make the girl’s neck look super sexy and appealing.

4. Tribal Tattoos:

tribal tattoo

Tribal tattoos have been the oldest, having ancient links and specific meanings, and bring out the wild and raw side of the one tattooed. Though tribal tattoos have been very popular with men, women have not lacked behind in getting them. Celebrities with tribal tattoos have been trend setters. Tribal tattoos most often bear symbols and texts of languages little known to the world. Also tribal tattoos include elements of the nature and even animals. Angelina’s famous tiger tattoo is an example of tribal tattoo, which has been copied my admirers worldwide. Tribal tattoos are both meaningful and stylish, hence the choice of millions. They symbolise strength and mystery.

3.  Angel Tattoos:

angel tattoo

Rihanna’s angel tattoo earned a lot of hype recently and seemed to be a super artwork. All girls have loved angels and fairies in their early days. In fact they themselves have been angels of their daddies or boyfriends. So, it’s easy to guess why angel tattoos have grown so popular. Simply because, they are angelic. They are feminine, beautiful, tender, and comfortable and are thought to be protective too. Girls have also claimed that angelic tattoos have provided them with luck, positivity and power to go on. Not just teens, fairies and angels are equally loved by women belonging to all age groups. Besides, these tattoos look simply stunning and are quite stylish, perfect for all those girly personalities.

2. Floral tattoos:

floral tattoo

Strange if you didn’t know this – Women are crazy for flowers. Flowers are often used to express love to a lady. They are symbol of beauty and tenderness. Floral designs, in clothes, bags, jewellery as well as home décor materials are loved by women, so why not tattoos. Floral tattoos are the top most choices for women of all ages who wish to show their beautiful and mesmerizing side. A wide range of floral tattoos are available in market to lure women and men find them attractive on a woman’s body too. Roses, lotus, tulips and hibiscus are most popular when it comes to floral tattoos and they are often accompanied with sweet quotes or hearts.

1.Text tattoos:

text tattoo

Text tattoos are all about personalization and girls love personalized stuff. Texts can be your favorite quotes, inspiring lines, your motto or your name. “I love you daddy” quotes and getting the name of your kid tattooed are a great way to show your affection towards your family. Beautiful calligraphy makes the text tattoo look delicate and admirable. So anything that you are proud of or want to stay with you forever can be tattooed. Megan Fox’s text tattoo of the famous line by Shakespeare makes a million heads turn while Angelina Jolie’s text tattoo “Know your rights” has found a million lovers too.Funny or self praising lines are trendy but motivating thoughts will keep you going for the entire life. Text tattoos can be made anywhere – fore arms, upper arms, sides, lower back, neck, shoulders or even fingers. So go trendy and express yourself with your very own text tattoo.


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    Fascinating article. I was curious about which tattoos to recommend my girlfriend, so this was a perfect list to find! I like the part about angels. THANKS.

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