Top 10 Things Children Absolutely Hate

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There’s no sight which will melt your heart more than that of a child smiling happily. Transformer toys, superhero figures, little monster trucks (yes, you’ll find them in a toy store) and other robust toys will make a little boy jump up and down wildly in utter joy. Give a cute little girl the latest Barbie in the market and you’ll be one of her favourites. Play time, school friends, their beloved dishes, cherished cartoon characters and all such sweet and beautiful things will flood their innocent hearts with sheer bliss. But I am sure you have seen it when the demands of a child are not completed. You stop a child from doing what he/she does not want to and you will be seeing the child so disappointed that you will hate yourself for scolding. And beware, all hell breaks loose when you take what the child loves the most. Do you want to be a cool dad? You know, the husband who hides from his stern wife that he is bribing the child into loving him more by buying him way lots of chocolates. Or are you looking for ways to be the child’s favourite aunt? Well, here’s a list worth reading if you don’t want a child to be hating you.

10. Divorce


Parents fighting madly is more than enough to make a child feel uncomfortable. Every child thinks their parents are the best in the world. Divorce is difficult for adults, imagine how hard it must be for the child to see his/her parents separate. The child is rarely biased and loves both the parents. It’s extremely hard for the child to not be able to be with both of his parents at the same time. Every child desires to have fun with his parents and it’s really sad for them when they are not able to. Divorce affects a child negatively, except in cases of domestic violence where divorce is a better option. There is already a lot of hate outside. Parents can at least try to fill their houses with love.


hate homework

I am sure that you knew this was surely going to be on the list. Did you not hate homework when you were a kid? No? Well, you must have been a pretty studious kid then! It’s one thing that kids absolutely hate. In hectic schedules that feature cartoon shows and play time, when do they have time to do their homework? The last thing kids want to hear from their teachers is the homework for the day. It just breaks their heart. All kids want to do once they reach home is what they want to and not what their teacher has told them.  So let me warn you that if your child says that he/she has completed his/her homework, better check twice!



With very few exceptions, children usually hate vegetables. Peas, mince, gourd, bitter gourd, cauliflowers, radish, green leafy vegetables are few among the many. It might be because they don’t flavor their taste buds or because they hate the very sight of them, Another reason could be poorly inculcated habits. Cooking and serving the food attractively is a common measure taken by parents to make their kids love vegetables. Your child does not know the treasure of nutrients these seemingly tasteless vegetables have hidden in them. It’s your job to be creative and somehow make them love veggies. If nothing works, showing them how strong spinach makes Popeye will do the trick!

7. Bed Time.


Well! It’s not the bed time that they hate rather it’s the bed time that you want them to follow. Kids these days have their own way of life. No longer do they believe in the old saying “ Early to Bed and Early to Rise, Makes a person healthy ,wealthy and wise”. For them night is when the leisure time begins. Most moms are found complaining that their infants have deprived them of timely sleep. Researches have shown that every 6 out of 10 infants are seen to be active at night. Take it to a little higher age group and the facts are still the same. Nights are all about watching your favourite TV shows, playing temple Run, reading novels and studying (when it’s the exam time).


hate harircuts

Kids in the age group 0-5 hate hair cuts and there aren’t many exceptions to this. Many a toddler is known to shrink in fear at the sight of the haircutting scissors or shriek hysterically when held still for a snip. You might be visualising your kid as one in the magazine next to you but believe me it’s no less than a trauma for the kid. For some kids, the formality of a trip to the barbershop is what’s frightening: entering a strange, funny-smelling environment; getting teased and cooed over by the assembled patrons there; climbing into a large, odd-looking contraption; and being wetted down and wrapped in plastic garments. Whatever be the reason, kids and happy haircuts definitely don’t go hand in hand.

5. Vaccination

hate vaccination

Most children are afraid of shots; there’s something inherently scary about having an injection. Take them to a pediatrician, bring a needle in the kids’ sights and the reactions are triggered which end up in shriek hysterical cries and violent resistive movements. It gets difficult for both the doctor and the guardian to calm down such a kid. Forcefully holding the kid might harm him as the needle might get wrongly injected and hence should be avoided.

4. Exams

hate exams

Nine out of ten kids hate exams. It is startling to see that the kids who usually love studying also fall in the category of exam-haters. Either because it is really stressful for them and they are pressured to do really well by family or it’s the fear of failure and rising peer pressure, none of the kids seem to welcome the examination span. Another reason could be that forcefully memorizing text just because you want to score tends to boredom. The sheer joy of learning is lost. The curiosity to know more is murdered!

3.Being Picked Last For a Team.


This is a well observed fact. Pick a child last for a team and you shall see his grim face.  Be it a random selection or a decision by choice, one always disappoints a child by picking him last. Children always hate it when they are given less importance than their peers. Moreover, if  the team is for the task of his choice, he’ll be more than willing to be chosen first. On the contrary, if the teaming is for something he dislikes, he will never want to be chosen. Both ways, selection at last is a mental hurt for a child.



Children abhor medicines. Be it the sweet  tonics or the bitter round tablets, Children hate them all. Either because they hate the taste or they don’t want to be pushed around or they just feel too sick to cooperate, children often refuse to take their medicine. As a result, resourceful parents develop all manner of tricks to make the medicine go down. Almost every parent tries to squirt medicines into a kid’s mouth and what follows is him vomiting it back up.

1. Better Siblings

hate siblings

There might be exceptions to this but children usually hate their siblings when they consider them better. There might be various reasons for this. Diverted family attention, nature of the so called better sibling, biased parents are only a few in this long list. Most parents hope that such a behavior shall pass once they grow up. However, parents should also make the best of efforts to not instigate any sibling rivalry by accident. All efforts should be made to treat the children by the same token. Neither over- reward the better nor over-punish the inferior. In fact, you can’t decide who is better and who is not. They might be highly talented but in different lines of work. Carefully handle the feeble sentiments of the kids.


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