Top 10 Things that can cause World War 3

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The much spoken world war three is finally set to show its face to the mob thereby rendering thousands of life ruthlessly handed over to evil outcomes. There can be no subtle reasons for the forthcoming apocalypse but the predictions will surely make every third or fourth person on the earth step in to last truth of their lives. The world has already experienced two world wars and the demo is nowhere unseen with the cost of countless lives of innocent humans and the brave soldiers confronting the enemies to enter their frontier which might have brought development to some places but disaster to others too.  The unprecedented destruction possess no a bit of a chance to be forgotten. To some who await for the world ending calamity the same would seem a box of emoluments and for the ones who are to avoid it , the worst nightmare.

10. Quit the dollar

Countries like Russia and China are all set to sow the seeds of ultimate distraction to peace as they have announced that they are up to quitting dollar.  In spite of backing out  the currency refutes to back out . Well, there is no chance too as the dollar being the superpower’s currency can’t afford it at any stake. This is leading us to our prediction arena which suggests that making the dollar to setback is a world war three sign as it would undoubtedly affect the global markets. Eruption of protests again dollar can make the currency ratio balance wither away.

9. Provocation by North Korea

This another ripening of a lacunae can have adverse effects on the north south fronts of Korea .North Korea has threatened South Korea , Guam, and America to nuke missiles via air mail and the reason for such pestiferous preparations as given by the North Korea includes the desire to protect its sculptures and artifacts of Kim Sung-II and Kim Jong-II and not for any sake of citizens or motherland . Well, it would be less possible as the country possessions are not so developed to plunge this thought to reality . South Korea has responded to some attacks of the communist one by menacing them to harm the so worth protecting images and sculptures of the nation. It is absurd to embark a whole of a war just to embalm some communist artifacts. This can be seen as a measure adopted by the communist to make the world see its presence and make  the existing powers not to underestimate it despite that the veracity of facts hangs.

8. China -Japan dispute

Now the clinch to not to predict world war three provocations is made to wake up by the most populated nation of the world. The  dispute between the largest land army and the earthquake prone nation dates back to world war second which was never sorted out by the nations. Japan may have developed healthy terms with America but China’s place in the list is nowhere to be found and that too over some inhabited rock loaded islands in the great Pacific Ocean. It is matter to acknowledge that if China finds way to control the islands then to get the same Japan would confront and surely America will come to the rescue of Japan which is neither feasible nor the intention of China to provoke America in  any manner.  The idea of China to smack down Japan will make Japan to respond militarily and in virtue of that the much untouched volcano might erupt.

7.America’s urge to dominate

The superpower has undisputed intentions to rule the world , I think the nation is fond of music and so took the lyrics of the song “rule the world ” too seriously . Well, whatsoever be  the reason such intentions will not take a moment to excite China and make him too , explore the opportunity to show his talent, as if “world’s got talent” is upcoming where the judges are difficult to predict but the contestants form a super line yowling ” I’m the superpower”. The urge and hunger for dominance Of China too made  America to see what early warnings are and the continuation of this will surely announce the powerful land army to be the ultimate foe to west.

6. Military dominance

The United States Of America has always wished to be the dictator of the world by being a global power to rule the ones it has always enslaved. The country possess every traditional to highly developed weapons of destruction to mind controlled soldiers  to fight the toughest of the wars . And since then the nation has resolved the small conflicts easily giving a new chapter to the book of criminology. Hence the other countries are left with no other option to someday face and bear the much wanted wish of the superpower.

5 . India -China dispute

China happens to claim the one sister of the seven in the north eastern region of India. Well, the relations have never been so at peace between the two nations since the cold war of 1962. There also have been several border disputes and the series never halted . Although nothing is not that severe now but the signs always turn out to be positive when related to world war three.


4.  America and UNO

No one now is not such a sociopath to not understand the extra benefits that the nation enjoys whether it be the world’s largest organization or the previously enslaved nations. When the country possess the super veto power to be lodged against any decision , being the super five list, it is not hard to guess the canny intentions which it wants so avidly to fulfill. And the 54 percentage of America’s income which is surrendered to military is one another proof of the disastrous thud to be soon heard echoing world war three. The want is voracious and the country is striving to be the only superpower of the world at any cost.

3. India-Pakistan Conflict

Such major conflicts  between developing nations is unfolding the curtain towards the world showing a horrendous trailer of the forthcoming storm. One such is the Kashmir conflict between Indian government, Kashmir insurgent groups and the government of Pakistan. India holds 43 percentage of Kashmir while Pakistan does 37 percentage. Democratic administration in Kashmir was till 1970 and then the reforms were reversed , the one by Indian government. This led to the provocation of the Kashmir insurgents who by their continuous attacks made this issue the most concerning one.

2 .Israel-Iran proxy conflict

The conflict is sent to its destination via proxy forces and other operations and is clutched between the religious and political struggle of Iranian  leadership against Israel. Whereas on the other hand Israel is competent enough to abnegate the nuclear weapons from country and making the allies a setback. The support for Hezbollah party of Lebanon, by the Islamic Republican of Iran, made the gap even more broader  . The agreement with International community has made the Israeli Prime Minister to warn Iran of its nuclear plans. As the scenario suggests  America being a pain to Iran would put forward a helping hand towards Israel and henceforth the real hero like Russia and China will jump into the scene to make the agenda more imperative and then the world will mark the corresponding date as the name of world war three.

1.  Syria Conflict

America’s plan to stroke a military attack on Syria can lead to disastrous circumstances if Syria thought to fight back the demon. Well, if America is involved then Russia and China are not the cup of tea of nonviolence .Thus, a chain of events one leading to another may grow so massive to escalate the halted evil. Although neither the Americans nor the Syrians are in favor of the war also the USA haven’t received any such permission from UN to declare an open war against Syria. With the most advanced anti ship missiles aiding Syria it could take America with full force  and with the support of China it would be unfeasible for America  to so easily let go the appreciable terms with the country. If the situations lead to war then the civilians are the one that will be the badly affected one.


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