Top 10 Things that The Rich do differently that makes them Successful

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‘I want to become rich!’ a sentence with merely 5 words, but has found its place on the lips of many. In today’s world, almost everybody and anybody you see or meet around you wants to become rich. They want to become rich fast, before it’s too late.  As the saying goes, ‘It’s easier said than done’. On one hand, we’ve got bucket loads of people who want to be rich in their lives. And on the other hand, we have this question that goes like this: If so many people aspire to be rich, why don’t they eventually become rich?

Let me put it this way. The world can be divided into two. Of the world’s population, 99% are average earning people or rather they earn decently to live an almost happy and comfortable life. The remaining 1%, constitute the FILTHY RICH folks of the world. Better believe it, it’s just a mere 1% and the simple truth is that this 1% of the population hasn’t become rich over-night. It took them hard work and dedication, and intellect of course. It took them the skill to do things differently and he are some of the things they did differently:

10. An attitude that is ‘Committed’ towards thinking big


The rich just don’t dream about becoming rich by sitting in one corner hoping to become rich someday. It’s good to dream big, no doubt, but taking actions towards achieving those dreams is the real thing. The rich commit themselves to becoming rich and are constantly look for ways that would generate more and more income for them, and when the going gets tough, they hold it together and stay committed. Simply put, they don’t give up till they’ve achieved their dreams. The rich are constantly dreaming big, and that helps them to take severe actions to achieving bigger all the time. ‘Dream small, and thou shall accomplish small. But dream big and thou shall rise above all’, is something the rich take a little too seriously that helps them do things differently.

9.Bosses of their lives



The rich don’t believe in going to work and working for somebody else. Of course, they do start working under the authority of their bosses, but they never keep the aspiration of remaining there. The rich aim to be their own bosses; they work towards creating their own lives. Go to work, work 8-9 hours a day for a fixed monthly salary, make the bosses rich, and make the owners richer. Why? Instead, the rich propel themselves to becoming these bosses and owners. They put themselves in positions where they see people working for them, and not where they work for somebody. It’s not something that happens in the blink of an eye, but instead it takes years of hard-work and patience. The rich keep their composure, and their patience takes them to the top.




The rich use their money sensibly. They are constantly looking for ways to invest their money in shares and stakes. Here’s an interesting point to note about rich people. Consider two terms; Asset and Liability. The rich understand the difference between an Asset and a Liability. An Asset is anything that puts money into your pocket. However, a liability takes away money from your pocket. Think of it as this way, you are able to buy a house today. Now the purchasing of the house itself takes away a major chunk of your money, leaving you in a delicate mode to work hard and recover that money. You might consider the house as an asset, but if the rich were in your place they would say ‘It’s a liability all right’. Interestingly, this is when the rich act differently. They would look for ways in which this new house would generate income for them, thus making the house an asset. To be filthy rich, one needs to understand how to use money well. What the rich do is simple; they look for ways where the money will only grow. The rich, unlike average people, don’t believe in huge savings. Very often, people think that saving money for the future is money earned. Yes, it’s always good to save money from unwanted expenditure, but the rich see it differently. They see it as money generated is money earned; hence they see their savings as assets and invest them! Yes, they’re always looking to make money, setting them apart from the 99% of the world’s population.

7. Willing to take risks in life



The rich are extremely successful, and that is because they take risks that are worth taking. Take a look at the average working person doing a job. He spends 8-9 hours in his office, working for a fixed monthly salary. Of course he wants to become rich, but he knows that the monthly salary he earns won’t make him rich because money earned is money spent in monthly expenses. So why doesn’t he just look to do something else? Take his salary out of the equation, and he feels the sense of insecurity.  The rich don’t make this mistake of getting stuck up in a rat-race and working with fear of losing a monthly salary that will not make them rich at all. Salary or no salary, they venture out into the world to seek ways to make money work for them, and that is the biggest risk they were willing to take before they became rich.

6. Educate them financially



The rich have spent years of hard-work and dedication, educating themselves on money and everything to do with finance. This is what sets them apart from the rest. Schools teach us everything, but they don’t teach us to make money. The subject of handling money and making money grow is never taught. The rich constantly look for new ideas to earn money. For them, if they can convert that 1 Rupee into a million Rs, the method in doing so is their financial education. Learn and grow, and never stop growing is what the rich believe in and that’s what sets them apart from the rest.

5. The Rich know THE SECRET



Ever read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne? It says whatever you do starts from the mind. The rich firmly use this mantra towards making huge money. They follow and practice the art of being positive and see themselves as being rich in their minds first. They envision themselves as filthy rich human beings in their thoughts and imaginations, before putting it down to reality. It’s not just any secret, but a secret that only the rich have been able to grasp. The power to make money work, starts from the mind and it is something that the rich have understood very well, and thus helps them do things differently.

4. Positively open-minded


The rich are always positive and always make sure to keep an open mind, two factors that help them to do things differently. It’s an understood notion that being negative in life never takes you further. The rich never shut themselves towards opportunities that come their way. Who knows, of the 100 opportunities that come their way, there might be one occasion where a single opportunity might make them a fortune. Tell a person that there is an alternate way to earn huge money apart from his job and you will see the negativity in him. But tell the same to a person with an attitude to think and become rich and you see the open-mindedness he shows towards grasping and taking that opportunity into his stride. This person goes on to become rich. Period.

3. Exit Mr. ’Know-it-all’



An over-flowing cup provides no space for new information whatsoever. The rich make it a habit to constantly update themselves with new ideas and new information that will help them become rich. The rich do something that most people don’t want to do; they empty their cups and learn. They carry themselves around as disciples of the new ways to make money, and not as people with the biggest of attitudes in the society.

2. Solutions over Problems



It’s a world where everybody faces some problem or the other. The rich do something very differently and unique here; they look for solutions to overcome these problems. Consider Jeremy, who is facing little financial tightness in his life. He has a family to support through a job that earns him just about enough. Jeremy has problems of his own, but he doesn’t seek to do something about it thanks to his job that is keeping him afloat. Instead, he would come home from work, watch TV and surf the internet. His friend Ralph is in the same situation too, living with a bit of financial constraints. Ralphs knows his job isn’t enough, and has joined a network marketing company to earn a few extra bucks after office hours. The network marketing industry, if taken seriously and worked hard upon gives one the chance to become rich. Perfect example is Warren Buffet, who became rich through real estate and networking marketing. Going back to Ralph, he has an attitude to become rich and has sought solutions to his problems. The rich are like Ralph and not like Jeremy because the rich are always looking for solutions.

1. The Rich, build systems



Of the 10 points, this is the most important point that the rich do differently. Look at some big, rich names like Warren Buffet, Dhirubhai Ambani, Robert Kiyosaki etc. These men are amongst the world’s top 5 richest people and they have all created systems. These systems work for them, and generate income for them. The system that Dhirubhai Ambani created is famously known as the Reliance group, where several people are working now. Like Dhirubhai, several other rich people resorted to do things differently. They never looked for ways to work for money; instead they looked for ways to make money work for them. The rich create a system where they don’t have to work, and yet they earn huge chunks of money!

So now you know what the rich do differently to become what they are and to continue becoming successful. Study well, get good marks, get into a good college and then secure a good job for financial comfort was the agenda all along. Sorry, but this shouldn’t be the right agenda for a world that is growing financially quick. The rich did not follow this agenda. Instead, they did things differently! You know what they did. So now, aren’t you going to become rich? You know what to do. The choice is yours.


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