Top 10 Things to Carry on a Trip Expedition

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Bored with your day-to-day life? Desperately looking forward to the weekend for that trip you planned with your friends? Have lots to pack but just don’t know where to start from? Well let me make that easy for you. Below is the list for the Top 10 things you must take care of while travelling. You will find plenty of important things to carry along in this list (just look at the bold words). And as the old saying goes “Everything is essential, only some things more than others”, here is an attempt to mention out all the essential stuff. But still comment below and add your own necessity in this list.

10. Miscellaneous Items:


You know as they say “Little things make up big ones”. Similarly always remember to have these miscellaneous yet important stuff. Always carry water bottles to have easy storage of drinking water. Take the inflatable travel pillows along if just can’t sleep without pillows. Also carry the mosquito repellent creams which can save you from getting malaria and other pathogenic infections. Small Towels can be easily used and dried while in a trip making them all the more important.

09. Locks and Money belt:


Never take security of your money and your belongings lightly while camping or travelling. Have a money belt which is easily accessible and cannot be easily snatched. Take the combination padlocks for your backpacks and hotel rooms. A wire lock or iron cable lock is also very useful when travelling by trains or buses. Remember to use these locks and not only carry them around. A travel organizer tied on your waist serves as a perfect place to keep your cash, passports, ATM cards and other valuable items safe.

08. Items like glasses


If you’re a spectacle person, don’t forget to carry this precious facility. Also take along with yourself extra contact lenses and if possible disposable lenses, which don’t need to be kept safely once used. Take sunglasses if you wish which have become added necessities these days. Take care of your eyes while travelling from dust and sun.

07. Guide Books/Maps and notepads


Always prefer to carry a Map and a Guide book, even when you’re completely sure of the place and its surroundings. You never know when you might find it useful. Also such maps let you find and explore new places which are generally ignored by guides and frequent tourists. A notepad along with a pen/pencil is very handy while taking notes or just writing abstract experiences. While travelling to distant countries make sure, you buy their native language to English dictionary. A book on regional herbs and food may also prove to be useful.

06. A Backpack/Wheeled Suitcase


When travelling even for shorter distances prefer to carry a backpack or a daypack as compared to air- bags and other briefcases. If you really want to have a briefcase, make sure they have wheels and are easily portable even with heavier loads. A backpack ( between 35-55 liters) is suitable for any journey. When you wear the backpack see that you properly buckle up all its laces and straps which provide extra support and safety. Make sure you make a light daypack which makes you feel less vulnerable, cosy and free to carry around. Having large backpacks come with their own disadvantage but don’t hesitate if you need to pack all the essentials. Smaller handbags and air-bags must be avoided since they can be easily snatched or stolen.

05. Electronic Items


Don’t want to lose out on your fantastic personal expedition experiences? Yeah carry a camera along with you. Take the digital cameras along with you. For the serious ones the SLRs will cater. Spare batteries for cameras must be taken along too. Also if you want carry your mobile phones and laptops if extremely necessary. Go for tablet PCs if you have which may serve as your camera, PC and a mobile phone too, thus saving from excessive packing. An Mp3 player along with an earphone is also suitable to carry around. A small calculator, a LED  torchlight or flashlight are also necessary items to carry along. Don’t forget to carry an International Power Adaptor that will provide a hassle free travel for you.

04. First Aid and Washing kit:


A bag without a First Aid kit is like a diamond not properly cut. Its that important while travelling to have the preliminary supply of Dettol, bandages, blades and antiseptic creams that act as life savers at times. Don’t underestimate their usage. Also make yourself a small medical kit containing medicines for flu, diarrhea, loose motions, mouth ulcers and pain killers. Proper administration of these kits can make one’s trip very safe and sound.
Make a washing kit containing soaps, razors, shaving creams, toothpastes, toothbrushes, face washes and your favourite sunscreen lotions too. Conditioners and hair-gels may also be kept. Since a typical washing kit generally involves so many items, see that you have small (50-100 ml) travel friendly bottles.

03. Footwear Essentials:

light shoes

Whenever going to a place very wisely choose your footwear since a weak or an unsuitable type shoe take away all the pleasure of roaming around. Remember the best place to carry footwear is on your foot. Wear comfortable canvas shoes as compared to heavy, big hiking boots. If possible have a sandal or a flip flop when travelling to a beach or a country side farm which make you feel ultra comfortable and carefree. Low cut light running shoes always come handy while travelling, trekking or if you’re just not into sandals. See that the sole of shoe is proper and not manifested with bacteria and other pathogens.
Bottom Line: Wear and carry shoes according to the climate. Be wise and not flashy regarding footwear.

02. Clothing Essentials:


Yes I know your mommy loves you a lot and so does your daddy, always asking you to take 10 pairs of t-shirts, shirts, under wears, and those bulky sweaters and jackets if you’re going to a cold place like the poles. Well I am not asking you to just shun away all the advice they give, but please do away with those extra pairs and redundant items which make your backpack bulky and extra protruding. Always carry 2-3 pairs of t-shirts, you can always wash and wear them after they get dried up overnight. If you are going to a place around the equator make sure you have a moisture wicking polyester/cotton type material t-shirt. Also prefer full-sleeve shirts if you want to blend in with the public of the place you’re visiting. If you’re going to a rainy or a wintry place make sure you have one very good sweater or jacket as compared to multiple cheap jackets. 2- Pair of trousers and 3-pairs of underwear also are very comfortable to travel with and pack along.
Bottom line: Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and protected.

01. Swiss Army Knife


Remember 127 hours, don’t you? Danny Boyle’s masterpiece movie which starred James Franco as a real life traveler who goes canyoning to the Grand Canyon and gets stuck between two rocks for 127 hours after which he had to literally cut off his hand with a blunt blade instrument to relieve himself, just because he forgot his Swiss Army Knife which would’ve really helped him out. The moral of the story is to always and always have this handy instrument. You never know when you may need this. For example if you need to open a bottle or when you need to cut off the loose end of a rope or when u need to peel out a fruit before eating it, the SAK is the thing to go for. Have other important instruments like a nail- cutter or a pair of tweezers if you are going for a lengthy trip.

In the very end “Be Safe and have a Happy Journey” :)



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