Top 10 things to do if Today was your Last Day

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Live life as if there was no tomorrow. Live each moment as if it were your last. You sure would have heard this one time or the other in your life. Everybody tells you to do this and warns you against doing that. One always has numerous plans and ways to lead one’s life. We all have decided what our future is going to be like. We all have thought over where we see ourselves ten years down the line, courtesy: the oh so clichéd interviews of today’s corporates and every other educational institution as well. However, if you are struck by a zombie apocalypse or a calamity strikes only you or the universe has conspired against you and leading to your death in the next 24 hour, what next? What would you do, except panicking? Now that is what we are here with. Our intention is not to make you a pessimistic drudge. As they say, a little bit of far sightedness does no harm! So we have gathered top 10 things that one must do as if today was one’s last day on the planet Earth!

10. Binge In!

binge in

We all crave and crib for good food. And if today is your last day, how can you afford to miss those yummy chocolate pancakes and blueberry cheese cake? Not at all! Food, for you, can no longer be related to survival, so better make the most sinful meal for yourself and indulge into a blissful moment of epiphany. And when cheese is here, how can we forget the irresistible wine? So we suggest that you pamper yourself hard and give yourself an enigmatic royal treatment. Make an indulgence out of the basics. Binge in!

9. Plan Your Funeral

So you know that you just have 24 god damn hours of your life left and you are not planning your funeral? Who wants people mourning and sobbing and irritating your dead body! So hire an event manager and plan your funeral. keep it a theme-based one. For instance, you might consider a zombie theme so that you do not feel the only dead person out there!!! Or you might just have a fairy tale theme where your tombstone would be carried by angels and fairy godmothers! It is your final day. Have a rocking exit! Leave a mark on the world.

8. Loot a Bank

loot a bank

The heavens have been kind on you in giving you an oh-so-awesome opportunity to do whatever you want and not worry about the consequences. So go make the most out of it! We all love those action thriller movies where the person loots a bank and lives life of a king. So it is your last day! Why not do that? However, a word of caution, whatever you do, just make sure that you do not get caught. You do not want to spend the last 24 hours of your life behind the bars, do you?

7.  Go Splurge!

go splurge

Yes, you read it correct. So you have been working day and night all your life. You surely deserve some cool gadgets, great pumps, a scintillating body spa or a visit to the most expensive club you have always wanted to go to! Feel this is too time consuming for your last day on Earth? Do not fret. Just buy any thing for yourself, no matter how big or small it is. Might be a candy! Does not make a difference.The key is: fulfil your wishes. Feel happy. Love yourself, which you have been neglecting for a long time now. Embrace that mirror of yours and go, splurge! Statutory warning: do not spend all of your money! It is only you, who has made it to the Final Destination, not your family and friends. You do not want to have people cursing you on your funeral for not having left a penny behind you! Or do you?

6. Rent a Lamborghini

rent a lamborghini

Is there anyone on this planet earth who detests that beauty? Nah! Or even if you do, then rent any other luxury car. Grab a chauffeur driven limousine! Treat yourself like a superstar. Make a red carpet entry to some event. It is your last day on Earth after all. Have that bottle of bubbly popped and some gorgeous food and partner. Hit the roads in style. Wave like a king or a queen from your limo. Feel that rush inside you. You are the star today. You might as well call some arm candies to accompany you. Add a glam quotient to your fading persona. Pick up that phone and start calling. You have not got much time left.

5. Have a Photo Shoot

have a photo shoot

Hire the best possible photographer you can think of and have a photo shoot done for you. We all envy those gorgeous photos of hideous people. And come on, you are not hideous. You are a rockstar! So get that image projected. Choose your own theme. Keep in mind that you ought to have a special picture of yourself that would be used for your obituary and other post-death ceremonies. In addition to this, you can write your very own epitaph! We all do envy those poets who had the amazing ornamental language adorning their tombstones. So let the wild and whacky side of yours breathe.

4. Take Some People Along

take some people along

We all hate some or the other people. And it is your last day. Rings a bell? Yes please! Kill them. Take them along with you. A little company does no harm ever. Take your revenge. Or be a messiah figure, the guardian angel. Kill the most corrupt political leader around you or the businessman who is out there to drink the bank balance of the poor to the last leach. Emerge as a super power on your last day. Give justice. Or just be a death breathing avenger.

3. Write A Personal Note


Now that you are done with the social part, explore your inner realms. Express your life’s experiences and how you feel about the people around you. Do not think and write. Just let your insides rip you apart and get printed on a piece of paper. Let it be your reflection. Do not hesitate in writing anything that could be deemed as “too radical” by the society. It is time that you let go of those clutches and be a free bird. You need not address it to a particular person. You can just go with the salutation of “dear world” or more so, “not so dear world”!

2. Have Sex!


Yes! We all think at some point or the other, in our lives that we do not want to die virgins at all. So if you have not tasted the forbidden fruit yet, we suggest go and have some! Fulfil your desires. Do not attach morals with this thing. Seeking pleasure on your last day on earth is not wrong after all. However, if luck has been on your side and you are not cursed with virginity, still we advise you to experience the best of life. Feel good within, literally!

1. Spend Time Together


It is your last day on planet Earth and the sand is almost on the other side now. You have been all the crazy things you could have thought of. It is now time to have that sentimental and emotional side of yours take a ride. Think about spending some quality last moments with your family and friends. Have a dinner together or go out somewhere. Catch up with passing time and live each moment because these are the last moments with the people who matter the most to you. You have to acknowledge, appreciate and reciprocate this unconditional love that they have provided you with since childhood.Let your emotions flow. Play some fun games. Do whatever you like. Just have them around as you die.


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