Top 10 things to do on a Sunday

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We all look forward to Sunday, the one day we don’t have to slog it out, the only day we get to live. Often it so happens that we end lazing around the house, spending all the day on Facebook or Twitter and end up regretting it big time. Or sometimes, we just do not know what to on a free day. This is when we wish someone gives us a list of things-to-do. Well, here you go! Top 10 things to do on a Sunday.

10. Go Shopping!

For all the girls out there, this might come across as the most tempting and lucrative option. To shop and pamper yourself and be ready for the hectic week ahead, and to some it might also be a stress buster. Sunday is the best day to hit a mall and do some window shopping and go through all the trends of the season and see what’s good to go for the party next weekend. Well, for the guys, aren’t we all obsessed with looking good? Then why not hit the stores and get that look absolutely perfect?

9. A perfect day to cook.

For all those who love to cook, but work or college doesn’t really give them the time to be in the kitchen, Sunday is the best day to take some time off to cook. And for all those, who aren’t great into cooking, why not just get into the kitchen and look around to discover the richness of the food that is put in your plate? You never know, you might want to dish out a special something for a friend a family member. You could bake something, try a new recipe or make those meat balls that you’ve always wanted to but never had the time for. To make the best out of the activity, invite someone over and cook together and transform it into a gig!

8. Read a good book

If you’re not the mood to do some major activity or too lazy to hit the road, just hang around in the house and grab a book to read. A great book, with a munch of delicious snacks and unlimited coffee by the living room on a Sunday afternoon is the best way to have some ‘me-time.’ If you’re a bookworm, you’d probably love this idea, but no problem if you’re not. Just venture into this world of books and certainly enough you’ll find yourself enjoying within no time. All you need is a GREAT book.

7. Movie Marathon!

Another best way to spend the weekend is to a have to-watch movie last, have a bunch of friends around, lots of popcorn and colas to go and make sure the list is done with. You could watch a bunch of comedy flicks, the guys could for some action-packed ones and the girl for some all-time favourite romantic comedies that will just pep up the day like nothing else. A great way to spend time with friends and make some awesome memories. Or else you could take the road less travelled and watch some off-beat flicks that you haven’t watched.

6. Get off the computer, maybe?

Just getting off the computer might be a great start to doing something fun on weekends. For someone who is addicted to gadgets and most importantly, social networking, they could start by having a day off from the gadgets. Get out of the house, go for a walk, just wander the streets, and discover your city. This can, in a very off-beat manner, a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and enjoy yourself.

5. Get fit.

For all those fitness freaks out there, what better way to spend the holiday than sweating it out in the gym? If not the gym, one can always use the day to do some outdoor activity and burn those extra calories gained during the week. Go for a swim, play a sport, go to a spa and pamper yourself or go on a bicycle ride with a bunch of friends. Fun and exercise at the same time. Whatever the activity maybe, try to be active and have fun at all times.

4. Go to an amusement park

If you are in the mood to do something different, fun, exciting and at the same time you don’t want to sweat it out as much but wanna stay out-doors, then an amusement park or a theme park is the best place to go. A water-theme park is always the best option. Gather a bunch of friends and go party in the water! Now, who can say no to that? If you still want to stay out of water, then the amusement park or even the city park is a great place to go to. Enjoy the delights there and meet new people and have a refreshing Sunday.

3. Road trip.

Sundays are the best time to have a road trip with the closest of friends. If you happen to like driving and enjoy nature as it is seen from the window of your car, what better way to spend the Sunday? Road trips often give you the best opportunity to bond with friends and family. So get a car, a bunch of friends or family, lots of good food to eat and hit the road to have the time of your life!

2. Volunteer

Many a time people find joy in helping the poor, underprivileged or just another human being. If you are one of those, all you need to do is join an NGO that suits your needs. You could start off by teaching kids, that’s what most NGOs do these days. And there are those environment activists groups that might cater to your needs. Whatever your calling maybe, helping others can be a good way to spend your holiday.

Another similar option can be to join a group that offers Sunday activities. Especially if you live in a city, but even if you don’t, there are many interesting groups with weekend activities. Find something you like and join in. Then, you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to do with your Sundays.

1. Make Art or Music.

Use Sunday to spark your creativity. Pick up your musical instrument and practice for a few hours. Draw, paint, sculpt, write or take photographs. Whatever your medium, get lost in it. Inspiration trumps boredom every time. Pen down a poem, for a loved one or something you deeply admire or something that moved you deeply or an issue you feel strongly about. Sketch the most beautiful thing you ever came across or paint scenery. Take your creativity to a whole new level.


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