Top 10 Things to do When you’re Sleepy

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Our sleep has been majorly influenced by the we have drastically changed our lifestyles from having a sound, good night’s sleep to burning the midnight oil to complete the indomitable tasks that life work and college endows upon us. In the wake of doing so, we often lose out on our precious sleep time and end up drowsing in the class as a result of those inevitable REM attacks one is forced to undergo as a result of sleep deprivation. In such hard times, one finds it too difficult to focus on what’s going on around you and ends up taking that nap anyway. Therefore here are 10 things a sleep deprived person should do to be attentive.

10. Keep yourself attentive

Now that’s a tough one, we all know. When sleep tugs at you like a long lost friend, it’s next to impossible to keep it at arm’s length. So what does one do? Well, keep fidgeting! Yes, keep yourself busy and active so that the drowsiness doesn’t take you over. It doesn’t matter what you do. Fiddle around with your pencil, doodle in your notebook, pinch yourself, bite your tongue, or even better participate in the discussion going on or ask questions so that your mind is focussed on something important. This way sleep doesn’t drift you away into its cosy world. Doing the silliest of the activities makes you attentive; a tried-and-tested method that always works, things like moving about your pen in a random motion is enough to keep you awake. Well, we all know that getting the right technique to swivel around the pen with your fingers does indeed require a lot of attention.

9. Drink something

No, drink something definitely does not mean alcohol. Something that is sure to wake you up in an instant. Coffee? Tea? Don’t have the time to run to the canteen? Well, water works just fine in that case. A little liquid drown your throat is a great way to keep you awake. At times it is better to be prepared before for such sleep attacks during the day. How you ask? How about buying a Gatorade or a Red Bull with you? Or a bottle of Glucose always works fine and gives you the extra energy needed to go through the day.

8. Wash your face

A clean, fresh and a bright face is the key to being awake. Before the professor embarrasses by asking you to go and wash your, in front of everyone, why not do it and then sit and then attend the class?

A splash of cold water in the face is a great way to keep you awake. As the water evaporates, the water takes your eyelids up and the sleep away from you.

7. Exercise Before

Probably the most difficult thing to do but the most effective option of all. According to neurological research, exercise a brain chemical known as dopamine that helps significantly in the learning process and keeps you awake. Contrary to popular notion that exercise wears you out, it does indeed have an entirely opposite effect on you, keeping you on your toes. So be it a power-walk or a stroll down the lane for about a half hour, or tiring it out at the gym, everything helps you in keeping you active throughout the day.

6. Keep your hands away from your face.

It’s only normal to look for your hands to support your drowsy head. Often during a boring lecture, we get too comfortable and relaxed, and we begin to place our elbows on the desks and lean our faces against our hands and slowly drift into sweet sleep. Yes, it does happen to all of us. What do we do in those difficult times? Nothing big, just try to keep your hands away from you as much as possible. A seemingly daunting task but you gotta do it anyway, lest you want to invite sleep into your schedule at odd timings.

5. Eat right

Although many may have an objection to this one by arguing that post-lunch duration is the time when sleep attacks are more frequent, it is true to an extent. Did you know that not eating right and starving yourself has just the effect of over-eating? It puts you to sleep even if you have had the 8 hours of sleep in a day. The lack of energy puts you out of energy and ergo you go to sleep. So do not ever skip your breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Have a heavy and sumptuous breakfast, one filled with nutrition and enough protein. So when it comes to lunch you don’t have to hog down extra carbs or fat to deal with that killing-hunger. Never over-do your lunch. Slow down, it never hurts to eat a little less. As they say, have a rich man’s breakfast, a middleman’s lunch and poor man’s dinner. Go about it this way and you will find yourself in a new position.

4. Try concentrating in the class

 Many people cite the reason for drifting into sleep is the lack of interest in the subject at hand. Well, for a change assume that it’s not something you have to learn to just write a test afterward, but think of it this way, it’s just a talk or a lecture that might interest me or may help in something in the future. Let me listen to what he/she is saying, is it worth listening to? Try and make the session worthwhile and you will find yourself miles from away from sleep. It works!

3. Make conversation

Sometimes it’s difficult to concentrate on the class, give yourself into the discussion but you gotta stay awake for, say the next hour or class. The best way to keep yourself energized is indulge yourself in some healthy gossip or have a talk with your friends. Just chat up and you’ll see how you don’t even think of sleeping for the next 2-3 hours straight.

2. Take a walk

Being too drowsy can you make you lazy like none other, and the best to shake off that lethargy tugging at you is to have a power of walk. A walk around the corridor or the lobby, just wandering about is enough to get you into your senses. Try it out sometime.

1. Take that nap anyway

As ridiculous as may it sound, sometimes the key to getting over that drowsiness is to take power nap of about 2-30 minutes. Yes, it does work wonders. Sleep deprivation can drive a person to the point of inactivity and is also capable of driving a person absolutely crazy. So the best way to deal with it is to sleep it off. This works perfectly well in keeping you fresh throughout the day until you hit the sack at night. Although, beware of these power naps, ‘cause they can be very addictive and you might find yourself taking them every now and then on a daily basis.


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