Top 10 Things to do When you’re very Angry

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One of the most fruitful lessons I’ve learned from the consequences of my anger that I’m going to keep with me for the rest of my life is to not make any rash decisions or say things you don’t mean in haste, because you can be assured your words and actions can’t be taken back, they can only be forgiven.

The state that manifests itself in the aftermath of anger isn’t one you’re proud of; because it wasn’t you. Scientifically, the sympathetic nervous responds to angry emotions and is accompanied by a higher heart rate, increased arterial tension and the production of testosterone.

Non-scientifically, reminding yourself the way you’re feeling is a temporary state is important and goes a long way in helping you deal with the situation at hand. Here’s how to regulate your temper and keep a tab on that effervescent anger issue of yours:

10) Relieve the tension by talking about the problem

You might be a vocal person that benefits from sharing and receiving perspective from another person-this could mean you spill the beans to a close friend or to a family member. They will have your best interests in mind and only recommend the most well-fitting solution that caters to your needs.

Remember to talk and communicate in a way that eases the tension and doesn’t further accentuate it. There is a thin line between gossiping which builds on the negativity and is distasteful and clear communication that helps you get over the issue.

If something serious triggered it that you would be uncomfortable talking to somebody you know, going to a therapist DOES NOT make you crazy. It makes you a brave person, willing to confront your emotions. Talking things out will always ease the mind and lift the weight off your shoulders.

9) Fix the problem by talking to the person in question 

The more mature route that helps you gain a new angle by also being willing to listen to the other person’s perspective might even give you closure.

Clarity on the issue that made you so angry could perhaps be the best remedy in reminding yourself why the intensity of your emotion was petty compared to the events that occurred.

The person might be receptive of how you feel, sometimes even oblivious that they made you feel the way that you did. You could reach a new understanding with that person and cross a new milestone in your relationship by being forthcoming and honest with how they made you feel.

8) Do your good deed for the day 

If you’re dwelling in negativity feeling like everything’s going wrong, volunteer work not only helps you take your mind off your problem-it helps the less privileged with their own problems.

Volunteer work helps you put your life in perspective of the larger context, where you begin to realize that some people would wish they had the easy problems you did.

7) Remind yourself of happier times

Don’t let angry you interfere with you you were long before this: hopefully, somebody who had things to smile about. Pull out the old albums, text an old friend, squeeze in brunch with your family and surround yourself with positivity. Positivity is infectious.

Remember that if you have one big issue, you have a 1000 other little things that make you smile without you realizing it that gives you the courage to face everyday. In the face of extreme negative emotion, calm yourself down by reminding yourself there are things to live for.

6) Take a day off

Something you’ve been wanting to do for long time but life got in the way? Treat yourself. You’d be amazed how getting away from people you know and your regular pressures can help you bounce back to normal, more invigorated than ever.

Before you begin throwing plates, punching your pillow, yelling at whoever is at the receiving end of your anger, take the day off. Go for a stroll on the beach. Lay there and just bake in the sun (with sunscreen so your skin doesn’t begin to peel off so you don’t have something else to worry about), with your favorite chilled soda/beer in hand and just kick back.

Stay unplugged with no internet, phone on airplane mode and take a long drive, cranking up the music because lets face it, music is the medicine to everything.

5) Dance! 

Exercise helps release hormones that relax you and energize you. What better way to deal with anger than to dance it away? Killing two birds with one stone: staying healthy and staying happy.

4) Get on Omegle

This doesn’t pertain exclusively to anger. Going on Omegle opens your eyes to the different, hilarious, overwhelming characters there are in this world.

Distract yourself and make conversation with a hot stranger on there. Don’t give out any personal details. Who knows, you might even make yourself a friend after the 23 people you just skipped because they flashed you?

3) Go to a pet shelter

Play with the puppies and kittens. Let’s see how you can stay angry when there are little furballs running all over you, begging for your attention, vying for you to throw that ball so they can fetch.

Exciting, fun and lets face it, you feel a little bit like a proud, attached parent to that one puppy you trained to sit all by yourself.

2) Comfort food with your favorite movie

Forget the calories and go crazy one night.

Order pizza, a giant sundae and your favorite drink and just eat away at your sorrows. Wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated and slightly bloated (but for a good cause).

1) Look to the future

Probably an all-encompassing but aptly conclusive point, this one is important at any point to remind yourself how you’re feeling is insignificant compared to the joys, laughs, cries, struggles, fights, feuds, confusions and every other emotion on the spectrum you can ever imagine.

Show yourself the possibilities that lie in your future and deal with the present for what it is: the path that will take you there.


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