Top 10 Things to Gift your Dad on his Birthday

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Fathers are the unsung superheroes in our life, right from the time we are born. We as babies used to sit safely on their strong shoulders looking at the alien world, held their sturdy fingers strongly with all our strength stored in our little fingers while taking our first steps, used to run to them whenever our mothers used to say a big NO to chocolates and they would secretly hand the chocolates to us, how we would wait after coming from school for our fathers to come home from work and we would narrate everything to them like a tape recorder, how they would spoil us with everything our mothers will never know of and so many things our dads did for us. That one day of the year when years ago our hero was born is something worth celebrating and making that day special for him every year in return of the awesome life they have given us. All those branded clothes, parties, expensive smart phones we show off to our friends are few of the endless gifts fathers give us year long. Here’s raising a toast to all fathers across the world. Their birthdays are special and so are their gifts. This list has some kick ass gift ideas you might gift your father on his birthday.

10. Collage of his College Photos

No wonder, your dad too had a blast in his college days like we all do. With a job and a family to take care of, he definitely misses his bachelor days even more. So why not make an effort to refresh his college memories? Photographs those days were not taken from mobile phones or digital cameras or to pots to social networking sites. They were taken from the big black cameras for pure fun. So get hold of few such pictures and let your creative side do the rest. Make a beautiful collage of all those photographs and watch him getting nostalgic on his birthday.

9. A new car

If you are working and earn enough, gift your dad a car before buying anything for yourself. Remember all these years of hard work and the tiring days he used to spend at work just to ensure a bright and secure future for you? It’s payback time. Okay I agree we can never repay our parents for whatever they do for us throughout their lives, but we can at least give them the feedback of all their efforts. A car on your dad’s birthday will not only make him bask in pride of his child, but he will feel complete as a father. And that exactly will be your gift to him.

8. Beer Mug

Beer is our best friend. On days when we do not feel like having harder drinks like whisky and rum, beer is our shelter. And come on now, we have grown up. Your dad surely looks up to you as a friend. Gift him a pair of beer mug.  A quirky gift for the cool dad. And don’t worry, it won’t look awkward. Beer mugs are such a man thing. Your father is gonna love it.

7. A Bottle of his Favorite wine

It does not have to be expensive or rare. It just has to be his favorite one. If you have been drinking regularly at parties with your father, this is the best gift idea. It will break the ice between you two and the awkwardness and initial hesitation will give way to a unique bonding. But before gifting this, make sure your father is not a very strict disciplinarian. If he is, I advise you to stay away from this particular idea.

6. Leather Jacket

We all have our ‘leather jacket’ phase. Some of us have already gone through it, for some it is yet to come. No wonder, our parents too ha it, especially our fathers. Gift him a leather jacket on his birthday. Well, that phase of his will always remain a secret hidden from you but a glimpse of that jacket will bring back floods of memories. He might not be able to wear it in public anymore but will always thank you for this rocking gift.

5. DVDs of the Movie your Dad took your Mum for the First Time

So you definitely have heard stories about the first time your parents went out on a movie date. You won’t know the smaller details but you know the movie, right? Job’s done. And do not download the movie, please. Buy an original DVD from the video parlour and gift it to him. Not only your father, but you r mother too would feel special seeing this one. Memories are always preserved in heart and there is nothing better than those memories being re awakened. Rush to the nearest video parlour now.

4. Throw a Party

This is not exactly a gift, but the effort is what matters. Save up for months to throw an awesome birthday party for your father. Call up all his old friends. In today’s age it is not a big deal to find people around the world. Try to find his long lost friends and invite all of them. Remember, your father should not be able to sense what’s cooking up. For safety reasons, do not throw the party at your place. Find a suitable venue. On his birthday just take him there and boom! Surpriseeeee!

3. Organise a Trip for Him

If party is not on your mind, try it with a trip. Do the same things you would do for a party. But with a trip on your mind, the arrangements would be on a larger scale. So take care of everything, the bookings, the tickets, the cars that will ferry your father and his gang. Let him get back to his old days and enjoy them to the fullest. For the destination, you can consult your mother anytime.

2. A Dinner Date with the Family

I understand it might be a difficult task to contact all his old friends. If you fail to do so, why not plan a quiet dinner at some nice place with the family? You know your father’s quite the family man in the way he has taken care of his family for the past few decades. Organize the dinner, pay the bill and make sure the dishes on the table are your dad’s favorite ones.

1. That One Thing he is Not Supposed to Eat

So most fathers are foodies, no doubt on that. But with age comes its complications. The doctor might have banned a few foods for your foodie father and the entire family puts a strict eye to keep him away from that particular food. But it’s his birthday, so he is the uncrowned king for a day. You can play his damsel/knight in shining armour and bring him that particular food without letting anybody know. One single day of consumption does not do any harm. This will be his best birthday gift ever.


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