Top 10 Things to Hide form your Partner

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Love is unconditional. Love is blind. It is built on the foundation of trust and faith. True that! True love does not tolerate infidelity. Rather, true love does not need infidelity at all. When you are in love with someone or married to your love, everything should be transparent between the partners. No secrets, no lies.

Sounds euphoric?

Let’s give you a reality check. Love is based on how subtly one handles messy situations. White lies are completely harmless. We all are in love, but we do certain healthy and harmless things which we prefer to hide from our partners. Being in love does not mean you attain salvation and transform into a completely saintly person. We all come with our flaws and negativities. We lie, we hide things from our partner all because we do not want to lose the love of our lives and want to live peacefully and blissfully with them. It is better being practical and live happily than being moral and virtue driven and not having anybody at all. So what are the basic universal things we all blindly hide from our partners? This fun list has it all!

10. Passwords

Passwords have become like the code to a secret treasure for us. Gmail, Facebook, phone, text messages there is a password for everything. And no matter how clean record we have maintained over the years, our memory does not always stay loyal to us. Sometime, some day we might have chatted or flirted with some attractive person on the web, which I am sure, means nothing. But that can be the cause of a big fight. Solution? Hide your passwords. Update your passwords time to time, and please, choose a password that would be difficult to guess. That would be an intelligent thing to do.

9. Personal Diary

Personal diaries are like those secret wooden safe where kings and emperors used to keep their precious stones. Most of us have maintained personal diaries ever since we have a kid. It has everything, from our first crush, to first love, first and many more kiss, first sex and what not? It might even contain the secret crush you have had even after being in a relationship. You understand the severances of the danger it might pose to your relationship, right? So, hide hide hide. Find a place where your partner would never be able to access. Your personal diary is a danger zone.

8. Wild ol’ Days

Remember those days when you were happily single and having fun? Clubbing, late night parties, random hook ups, passing affairs, you’ve done it all. You think your partner will appreciate all these? No buddy. You definitely love your partner and do not want to lose him or her. So, the secret to a happier life is that those days should remain a secret. Even notify your friends beforehand to keep mum before your partner.

7. “…but that’s not called stealing”

So dear wives out there, how many times have you taken money from your husband’s wallet without letting him know? It is not wrong, no. Whatever your husband earns you have equal right over it. I mean, we all need extra money than what we get, right? But your husband does not have to know about it. A few bucks less in his wallet won’t do him any harm. Moreover, we always indulge in the simple guilty pleasures of life. This is one of those. So ladies, have fun! Do not forget to visit the store during their end of season sale!

6. “Wait, is that my ex’s new catch?”

No matter how much we grow up and move on in life from failed relationships, we never seem to get over our ex partners. Admit it, we all secretly stalk them on social media and keep track of every move of theirs. And something inside burns when we see them with their new partners, even though we have been in another relationship before them after the separation. Need someone to share and let out the anger? The person should definitely not be your partner. Find anybody, a friend, an acquaintance, bestie, strangers, just anybody but not your partner. Results would be disastrous!

5. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Remember that last night of freedom you had before getting married? It was probably the best night of your life with your friends. But definitely a nightmare when your partner just randomly pops up a question about that night? Just remember to seal your mouth with wax whenever this topic is raised. Partners seem to lose all their logical and rational thinking when it comes to parties like this.

4. A girl and a boy can be friends, can they?

This is the biggest controversy and still remains a myth to many. But imagine, we all have friends of opposite sex in our respective groups. Do we hook up and feel something for each of them? So yes, a boy and a girl can be friends. But our partners somehow do not seem to understand this. They will have a problem with every friend you have of the opposite sex. So it is in vain trying to explain them anything meaningful. Do not lose out on your friends, people!

3. Harmless Crush

We keep having crush on attractive people all the time. The crush might be on a famous personality, or on the cute next door girl, your boss, some colleague, anybody it can be. It is healthy, nothing to be ashamed of. But your partner should not know about it. He or she themselves might have a secret crush on somebody but they will get all possessive when you share about your crush. So better to keep shut!

2. Bitching is Harmless

2So we all have some problems with some characteristics of our partners. Unhygienic, undisciplined, short tempered, mumma’s boy, we hate these things to the core. And we often bitch about partners to our BFFs. Harmless, right? Because no matter what, we love them with all our heart. But imagine, how our better halves would feel if they come to know what all we discuss with our friends. More than being angry, they would be hurt. We do not want to hurt the people we love. So this shall remain a secret.

1. In-laws Blues

It is like an unspoken rule, we never ever get along well with our in laws, irrespective of our sex. This cold war will never end. We shamelessly bitch about our in laws to our friends, parents, relatives and in front of our in laws, we are like that little innocent kid who is the epitome of goodness and kindness. So never ever tell your partner that you have a problem with their parents, because, well, we all love our parents. Don’t we?


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