Top 10 things we know about Mormon Beliefs

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People say that trust is the most important thing in a relation, you must trust you partner completely. But more than that you must trust yourself, most of the time relationships fall when you stop trusting yourself, not when you stop trusting your partner. The same degree of trust is required in a religion because religion is also like a relation, a relationship with God, with the book you follow or the prophet you esteem so much. The trust in the religion is in the form of beliefs, because every religion has a history, the history which you have never seen with your eyes, which you have just heard about from different people but there is no materialistic proof of the accuracy. The people who were there when the prophet preached the religion could easily comprehend the religion because they saw everything with their own eyes. The degree of trust of the followers of that time is very weak as compared to the followers of this time because they believe in everything without seeing it with their own eyes and this is the highest degree of trust and the highest degree of belief in a religion.

Mormon religion is an example of this infinite belief, Mormons are basically Christians but their values are way different than the other Christian, they call themselves as the purest form of Christianity, they came into existence after the great apostasy after the Crucifixion  of Jesus. The early Christian started to manipulate the sacred teaching of Christianity, many of the disciples, leaders, bishops and Apostles were murdered. The religion was falling apart, and then Joseph smith jr. received his first revelation. The Mormons believe that the prophet hood was passed on to Joseph smith jr. the birth of the Mormon is dotted back to the Latter day saint Movement , the basic fundament of this movement was that the pious values of Christianity should not be disturbed and should remain as they originally are.

These days the centre of Mormon religion is Utah, most of the time a Mormon would be living with you and will address himself as a Christian but his beliefs are way distinct than that of an ordinary Christian. The Mormon belief is very different than all the religions and are unique in their own way, the top 10 things which we know about the Mormon beliefs are:

10. Three heaven:

In most of the religions they preach that if you do the good things you go to heaven and if you do the wrong ones you go to hell. Heaven is the place of absolute blessing and hell is the place fully brimmed with curses. The belief in Mormonism is quite different, they believe that there are 3 heavens; celestial kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom and Telestial Kingdom. Celestial kingdom for God and his followers, then the Terrestrial kingdom for the followers of mosses and then the telestial kingdom which is for the carnal followers.

9. Their prophet:

The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ, but after the atonement of Jesus, Christianity fell apart. The chain broke dispersing the Christians into different direction. Christianity was losing its original form. Joseph smith Jr. then stepped forward to shoulder the responsibility of Christianity, according to what Mormons believe, Joseph smith jr. received a revelation from God and another and then another. He led Christianity forward. The people who followed him are now called Mormons and they considered Joseph smith jr. as their prophet.

8. Life on earth:

The morons believe that the life on earth is temporary; it is just a small stop on the way to our eternal destination. The life on earth is so that we can learn the difference between good and bad, so that we learn to choose right over wrong. Andthen we may learn to control our desires. And above all we learn all the important lesson of life and then after death we depart towards our eternal destination.

7. Tithing:

Tithing means to give away some portion of something to someone, its literal meaning is of giving away. Now in Mormonism in order to achieve the highest rank in heaven you must give away one tenth of your original wealth or income. The main concept behind this idea maybe that when you give some portion of your wealth to someone else without any materialistic benefit your generosity increases and you save yourself from greed. Above all it teaches to love the fellow humans when you help them out financially

6. Jesus paid for world’s sins:

History has seen the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the way he was hung up. Christians especially Mormons believe that when whatever happened to Jesus was because of the sins of other people so they believe that since Jesus has already paid for their sins then they would not have to pay for their own sins. They believe that they are here on this earth only for a short interval and then after death they would all go to heaven, even if they have done some bad deeds then too they would go Heaven because has already paid the price for their sins and God would forgive them.

5. Multiple worlds:

Mormons believe that there are many other worlds apart from this one and in every world there are people living. They not only believe in multiple worlds but they also believe in multiple Gods, according to their belief there are many universe and every each God owns a universe and looks after the people living in that universe. They have another belief that if we do all the good things in this world then we would achieve the highest degree of esteem which means becoming divine and then we will our self become a God and run our own universe.

4. Rejuvenation:

Often referred to as restoration in Christianity, as found in the new testaments Joseph smith jr. was restored as the prophet in the place of Jesus after his atonement. When the angels appeared to Joseph smith jr., God gave the priesthood to him, and then after his death the authority was passed on to the new priest and since then the process has been going on. Not only this but they consider that their church is the purest and most divine form of Christianity, and they believe that it is still guided by the light of God. they address themselves to be one true form of Christian religion since the great apostasy, when teaching of the Jesus were devastated, they are the one who have managed to stick to original teachings more than all other sects of Christianity.

3. Children of God:

The Mormons do believe that Jesus is the son of the God, but they believe that not only Jesus but all the Mormons are the children of God and he is the father of them all. They consider the entire Mormon equivalent to Jesus as they too are the children of God just like the Jesus. They believe that the human are the heir of God and they can also become like him

2. Revelation:

Mormons believe that God not only speaks to the priests but also to the layman. The revelations which came to Joseph smith jr. also come a normal Mormon. God communicates with his children and answers their prayers. Since an early age the children are taught to try and form a bond with the Holy Ghost (God).

1. Form of God:

The form of God in Mormonism is very unusual as compared to all the other religions, the form of God consists of a son who is Jesus and then a father, both of them are in materialistic form. The father is the father of all the souls of men and women. The third addition is of the Holy Ghost who exists in spiritual form. The physical existence is though same but their purpose, action and thoughts are united.


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    January 19, 2015 10:22 pm

    You report as if you understand this religion…but in fact there are a number of errors. Hoping people who read this understand this information is not coming from a credible source. is a better place to find facts about this religion.

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