Top 10 Things Women always Carry with them in their Purse

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A woman’s big purse! They say you can tell a lot about a woman by looking at the contents of her handbag. Each item can tell her story. A mom’s bag may have different things and a single girl’s bag will have different things. Even though we may have different lifestyles, there still are certain things that are always common. Everyone always wonders what lies within. Men consider it to be like a black hole which has a never ending pit. But whatever people say there is always something useful in there; not only for her but others too. A woman’s bag is not a mystery and if you are aware what’s inside you will probably agree that these are necessary things. So, increase you intelligence quotient about women, know what’s inside their “mysterious” bags. Here we are listing the top ten things you will always find women carrying in their bags, have a look and decide for yourself if it is justified called useless or not?

 10. Notebook and pen


As odd as it may seem a notebook and a pen is always essential. May it be to write down an address or a phone number or any important note that you’d like to remember for later on. It always comes in handy. From home to either office or college there may be many errands to run that can slip ones mind so making a list of it proves as a more essential way to remember. Even sometimes if you happen to be driving and someone hits and runs, paper and pen can be very useful to write down the license plate number. No doubt people depend on cell phones for most of their reminders but this helps when it either runs out of battery or stops working. In that context this is more reliable.

9. Munchies


Too much work that you miss out on lunch breaks? Hunger has no particular time. One cannot take breaks as they please and you cannot always rely to find things to eat when you want them. So it’s better to carry something around at all times. A packet of chips or some energy bars are the most commonly carried so whenever hunger pops up you always have some refuge! Especially for women who are dieting, it is difficult to find something fat free in this junk filled world so they may carry something healthy from home. Little handy food never hurt anyone!

8. Feminine products


They say you should never touch a girl’s bag without her permission. Well here is probably why; generally most girls always carry an extra sanitary napkin around in case of any unexpected “surprises”. Sometimes you may forget that it’s you’re ‘time of the month’ so it’s always better to be prepared in advance rather than have a nasty situation to deal with later. Things might not always be available when needed. These products also occupy a small corner in a woman’s bag.

7. Clean up


Hand sanitizers, wet wipes, face wash and tissues or even lotion are products you will find in almost every woman’s bag. On a hot day or a cold, these items are always useful no matter what. Women generally maintain their hygiene hence all these products. Hand sanitizer is useful after a trip to the bathroom, before or after eating a meal to keep the germs at bay. Wet wipes are always useful on a hot sweaty day or sometimes to even get rid of excess of makeup. Face wash is also required to get rid of all the dirt that gathers on the face. And moisturizer if of course to get rid of the dryness which is not acceptable to women because you obviously like you’re skin nice and soft.

6. Sun protection


The heat outside is just intolerable. It not only makes you feel hot but effects you negatively in other ways too. Eyes are the most delicate part of our body. The sun’s UV rays are harmful even for the eyes so there is an ultimate need of protecting them in some way, hence the sunglasses! Sometimes you will also find either an umbrella or scarf or sunscreen to protect their skin from the rays which causes darkness, damage or dullness. So in most bags you will find either this or that.

5. Make up/deo/perfume


This is one of the obvious things women carry around in their bags. In fact most men think that this is what occupies most of the place in a woman’s hand bag. Well women always like to look their best at all times. Make up doesn’t mean carrying the entire contents of the dressing table but basic things that are required for a 2 minute touch up. Things like lip balm, kajal, eye liner etc are few of the things women will have in their bags. No one likes bad body odor, after a long day of work running around you might be flustered and sweaty and you have a plan to hang out with friends after that; a perfume or a deodorant do wonders!

4. Mints


Mints are one of the oldest and most popular herbs grown in the world. Mints and chewing gum are the best! Had a lunch with some onions or garlic that gives you bad after breath, and then pop a mint and your good to go. Mint always comes handy in various situations. Whether it is meeting people or even if you have a date. You don’t want to leave a bad impression of yourself after he leans down for a kiss goodnight and you realize you have bad breath. Well, no one likes bad breath. It could also be before an important meeting or meeting up with your friend.

3. Hair accessories


‘Hair was put on our head to remind us that we cannot control everything’. Comb, hair clips, rubber bands, hair gel, hair spray are some of the things you will most probably find in a woman’s bag. Women are very conscious about their hair, they want them to look perfect, no matter if its work or just hanging out with friends. Women comb and set their hair time to time, so they need to carry these things in their bags as handy. You will always find these items in her bag. May be she can miss one of the things, but comb is surely to be found in every women’s bag.

2. Cell Phone/iPod

cell phone

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. Everyone everywhere no matter where they go even if it’s just for a stroll will never forget to carry their phone. Most of the time women carry them in their bags. It helps us stay connected by receiving mails or phone calls at all times. Some women like taking pictures all the time so they may use their phone camera or may also carry a small digital camera around with them. IPods too have become rather popular now. Music has become a part of everyday life. It helps you not get bored while on a long journey somewhere or helps you to calm you’re mood.

1. Money


This is something that everyone carries around with them now days. Nothing can be done without money, whether it is to get a bottle of water or even a newspaper, we all need money. Needless to say this is something found in everyone’s purse or wallet. A woman always has her occasional shopping spree hence always has money in hand. Now a days it is more convenient to carry credit cards rather than actual cash as there is always fear of misplacement or someone stealing it. To avoid all that chaos people carry cards. Money is the most important item. Even though the other items may vary from bag to bag, something you can be sure about is this is the no.1 item in every woman’s bag! (credit cards included).


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