Top 10 Things Women can Do When they Feel Unsafe in Public

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When women travel alone one thing is paramount: their safety! The world has evolved greatly over the years. Even though parts of it have flourished tremendously there are bits that have become more ferocious and scary to live in. We go along each day following our daily routine and enjoying our life, but a random act of violence can change everything. We have all done it. We’ve avoided lonely streets, car parks, trains during the night for the simple reason being these places feel unsafe. Many women have lived with the fear of being unsafe at certain times of the day and in certain places. In such situations your brain and common sense are your best tools. Awareness is important! So ladies here is a list of things you can do if you find yourself in such situations


10. If you’re being followed


The first thing people do is have the instinct to run home because it is their safe place but this is the last thing one should do if you are being followed. Try to stay as calm as you can, try calling someone and let them know about what is going on. Cross the road more than once to have a better look sideways without making it obvious and try to go to the closet public place with many people and lights. Also try changing your pace and keep changing direction. If by chance you are confronted by the individual then try to make as much noise as you can to get the attention of other people. Always display a confident manner.

9. Enclosed spaces


Many of us travel to places via public transport. Sometimes it’s crowded and people push around and in that chaos there are a few ‘creeps’ who take advantage of the situation and try to touch or grope you. During these kind of situations be aware at all times and notice if someone is touching you on purpose and if they are then don’t keep quiet about it and other people will join in. One must also take care of their belongings as it might get misplaced. Even while using lifts or elevators, if there is a ‘rowdy’ crowd of people then avoid going in with them, try taking the stairs if possible. Enclosed spaces are the easiest places which people can take advantage of.

8. A Friend in Need


If you know you are going to be travelling somewhere in the night or any area that you feel unsafe in, do not travel alone. It is always to have company rather than be alone. If you are returning from a party in the night it is better to have a trusted guy friend to drop you home safely rather than a girl. While going to any unknown place make sure someone exactly where you are just in case anything wrong happens. If you need to travel by trains late evenings then make sure u aren’t alone because the trains generally tend to be mostly empty and not safe.

7. Trust your Instincts


We all have a little bit of 6th sense when it comes to or safety. We tend to know which places to avoid sometimes which makes us feel uncomfortable. If you go somewhere or you are with someone and something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t so it’s best to move away from there immediately. Listen to your intuition and follow your instincts to safety. Don’t be afraid to be impolite and never stay in an uncomfortable situation. If you know some place is unsafe don’t go on trying to be brave and say nothing will happen because you never know danger might be lurking there in the corner. So avoid such situations.

6. Street Safety


When walking on the streets one must most importantly be aware of the surroundings. Take notice of the things around you. Avoid parking lots, public rest rooms, parks, and other deserted places during the dark. If you have any jewelry on you and passing through an unsafe neighborhood or you’re alone walking somewhere then it’s best to take it all off and keep it inside either pockets or purses. Make sure that all your valuables are taken care of. Avoid visiting ATM’s at late hours. If you have car then do not park it in deserted places or far away from where you might be going. Walk confidently, body language is essential. A person who seems more confident is less likely to become the victim of anything.

5. Scream!!


If you encounter something unpleasant then don’t just get scared and run off, you scream and shout someone will hear you and come. Be smart and try to stay calm and think straight. Before making a noise make sure you are actually in trouble or you might land up getting some poor guy into trouble for no reason. Asses your surroundings carefully. I can’t stress more on how important being aware is no matter what. If it’s dark don’t go there, if you are alone avoid travelling during the nights, basic things that are common sense should be remembered.

4. Pepper Spray

pepper spray

An item that every woman needs to carry around at all times so when anything unexpected happens we are ready. Always keep it in a place which has easy access. If attacked you should be able to easily get it out and spray it on the persons face, especially eyes. The effect of this isn’t long lasting but has an intense impact which may last for hours. This is the most basic tool for self defense. When sprayed on a person’s face it will be extremely irritating and burn his eyes, throat, mouth and lungs. It distracts them long enough for you to either run away or get a police officer to the scene.

3. Cell Phones


Always make sure you have a charged battery in your phone and it is ready to use at all times. I’m sure we all use our phones during awkward situations pretending to text someone or seem busy. So while you might be walking alone somewhere you can always call a friend and ask them to keep you company over the phone till you reach the particular place. Inform them as to where you are just in case. Inform your parents about your whereabouts as well. Always keep your phone handy. Remove it from your purse and keep it handy just in case you might need to call someone immediately.

2. Self Defense


Recently many colleges have taken the initiative to have many self defense seminars which they make all the girls attend. This is so that everyone knows at least the basic moves. People generally take it for granted and may not pay proper attention but this same thing could help them save their life some day. It is important to teach yourself at least the most basic things that will help you in case someone jumped you on some empty street. Always remember that the most vulnerable part of someone’s body is the eyes, genitals or chest. While defending yourself, punch as hard as you can and aim for one of the three things especially genitals. Taking some self defense classes will definitely be more beneficial for you.

1. Call the Women Helpline, like dial 103 if in India


The helpline 103 for women, senior citizens and children in distress which has been around since 2008 is most efficient. If any woman is in trouble anywhere and at anytime they can call this number and police will be arrive in minutes. This has proven to be very useful although a great number of people do not know about this yet. Keep this on speed dial always so if the time comes all it takes is the press of one button. Recently they have made this service available all over Maharashtra. Attempts are being made to better the safety of women over time.



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