Top 10 things you should Hide From Your Partner

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Before the title brings anything wrong to your mind, let me clarify that nothing can be better than a transparent relationship and an honest partner. Openness will help your relationship more than anything to sustain the longest but if you are dealing with a squeamish partner there will be certain things you should hide from them. Lying or hiding things won’t be a problem as far as your intention is to avoid any argument or prevent your partner’s feeling from being hurt. There will be things they might not like. They may be bottling up their frustration now or haven’t realized it yet that they are pinched but definitely you don’t want to be taunted for that silly, little thing in future. Before anything adds bitterness to your relationship either reveal them or lock them behind the doors of your heart. Of course, things hidden now, divulged later can bring the catastrophe home but it’s better to push the dust under the carpet for the time being till there is right time for things to be known. From the secret that you blew away half of your salary just because the salesgirl was good looking to your dislike for your partner’s mismatched dress combinations several mornings, certain things need to be permanently under a lock and a key. Some of the things that you need to hide from your partner are listed below:

10. Facebook pass (the) word

facebook pass (the) word

A meager reason like the password of your social networking account can create problems big enough to make you both drift your ways apart. It is advisable not to share you Facebook, Orkut, Skype or Twitter with your partner. Preserving your password from them will deny them complete access to your to your privacy anytime. You never know they may misinterpret things. Rather the better idea is if you both sit together sometime with your account logged in before you and you discussing about your online activity in your own words. A little hiding when a lot has been already revealed is not a problem at all especially when it can save a lot of misunderstandings.

9. Your daily frustration

your daily frustration

Tired after day’s work? Argument with mom or fight with a friend or had a hard time your boss in the office, need not come out with everything in front of your partner. They may be your best friend and you end up feeling great after discussing your problems with them and even though they are ok with it but the truth is they are human like you and you might be troubling them with such petty issues of yours. You can’t run away from the fact that they don’t have solution for each of your problem. So it’s not at all a good thing to remove your sack of problem from your head and place it on their shoulder. Avoid troubling them with all your daily frustrations; make an attempt to keep some of the tensions to yourself. Talking about problems more often can create negative impact on your relationship.

8. Money can be a trouble honey

money can be trouble honey

With both the partners working the probability is quite high that you both may have an unequal salary. If you are the one contributing more to the family income, don’t highlight this all the time. Do not talk about the incentives or increments every time you receive them. This will not only drag your partner under an inferiority complex but chances are that they may end up pushing all financial responsibilities of the family at your side. Or the other big mistake people commit is disclosing about debts in front of their partner. They may go crazy thinking that you people have gone bankrupt putting unnecessary burden on your sweetheart. You might tell them about your debt when you have cleared them all. Till then it’s better to hide it from them.

7. Your friend knows it all?

your friend knoes it all

This one’s a big no- no. You are in the habit of sharing the minutest details of anything and everything with that childhood best friend of yours but look around, your partner may not like it. They may feel your private life to be exposed and can feel that you treat them as less important than that friend of yours. So the best thing is to keep the secrets shared between friends a secret. You don’t want your partner to move out embarrassed as soon as that friend of your steps in, right?

6. Hating their loved ones

hating their loved ones

So do you find their mom troublesome? Or his dad or siblings or friends irritating..? But shhhh…. Keep your mouth sealed. Never ever blurt this out in front of your partner even if your dislike is towards their… dog. How can they ever like that you don’t find fault with something/ someone they love so dearly. Moreover it will create an impact on them that you don’t approve of their judgments.

5. Aren’t bygones, bygones yet?

arent bygones bygones yet

Past is the thing which can never be changed but can always create a problem. Are you still nursing feelings for your ex? It’s one thing that you have told them everything about your past relationship but never ever tell them that you still feel for your ex. It will be very hard for them to tolerate this. Don’t discuss that kiss which went longer than you thought or things you did for your ex. Never say it in front of your partner if any of their actions resemble your ex or don’t talk about anything which you liked about your ex. Bury all the things about your permanently, very deep under the ground so that your partner doesn’t come face to face with them ever.

4. Keep your secret a secret

keep your secret a secret

Not all of us have a past free from scratches. There may be things you don’t like in your past. Never ever disclose any such thing, any activity or about any past experience, to them which you yourself are guilty about. For if they too mistook it you will have no way out to defend yourself and you will be faulty in their eyes forever. If you will make any attempt to defend yourself, it will further deteriorate you in their eyes as they might think you to be two-faced or your story as an attempt to gain their sympathy.

3. The huge expectations

the huge expectations

This one comes naturally even before you entered into any relationship. Since a long time you must have been dreaming about getting married, having that big house with a king-size bedroom or starting a family, but keep in mind you have to keep these hopes and aspiration under the wrap. People often tend to give vent to their aspirations very early in their relationship which can usually scare them off. Having too many expectations is always wrong but revealing them all to your partner is very dangerous. They may feel held back under that mountain of your expectations. You want to enjoy your life with them but does it have to be at the cost of any burden on them?

2. Faults in you

faults in you

It’s better to hide your faults from. Stop nagging about your increased weight or hair fall in front of them. Make a note first of all they are with you because they are ok with the things you are talking about, and that’s why they are with you. May be they haven’t found anything wrong with you and you are only drawing their attention towards it. It may be an attempt from your side to reassure yourself that they love and appreciate you no matter what, but you might be giving them a reason to look down upon you.

1. Secret admirations

secret admiration

Now you must be smart enough to point this one and must have been waiting for such a point to come up. It’s always advised to keep your secret crush a secret from your partner. If you can’t resist yourself to catch a glimpse of that girl/ boy in your college or enjoy the company of that colleague in your office or love to talk to one of his/ her friends, need not tell about this to them. It will make them feel jealous. No matter how good you both understand each other it will make them feel insecure at some point of time. You never know that this might sow a seed of suspicion in their mind that you are on the track of cheating upon them. Will you like if your partner is spying on you?


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