Top 10 Tips On How To Buy A Clothes Dryer

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Having a clothes dryer at home will prove very helpful because you need a clothes dryer for everything. The clothes we wear every day and along with them there is always some extra clothing. Those extra things include beddings, carpets, curtains, certain toys made of clothes, some bags and many other items. All the different kinds of clothes require different kind of attention and care. Some like it gentle, while the others want it to be strong. So if you are planning on buying new clothes dryer, you might want to have a look at the tips we have for you which will help you in selecting the appropriate dryer for you place.

10. Cost and the savings:

The basic models are the one which will save your money. The models that go according to the fashion and are available in various trendy color will charge a lot more extra from you as compared to the basic model. The basic model has the same features but is white in color. Save money and ditch the fashion colors. Because all that should matter is the working of the dryer and not the color of the machine.

9. Keep in mind the filter:

The filter is a very minor detail but an important part of the dryer. You must look for a lint filter. The filter that is large is east to access as well as easy to clean. And continuous cleaning of the filter can keep your machine in efficient running condition. Also, the larger is the capacity, the more lint it will be able to capture.

8. Must have settings:

There are a few settings which are very important for a dryer to have and are the most basic settings. There is a setting to choose Less Dry, Regular Dry or More Dry, which is very necessary to have. Also, there is a setting with options- Quick Dry, Low or Fluff, which are to be used for different kinds of clothes.

7. Additional Settings and modes of a dryer:

The dryers available in the market are having different settings for different type of cloth like cottons and synthetics. Also, a setting for reverse tumble can keep your clothes untangled as the drum rotates in both directions. There are some anti-crease settings to prevent the clothes from having creases in case you couldn’t empty them right away.

6. The new and advanced sensors:

Now-a-days, when everything is so advanced, even the dryers have become technically advanced like never before. Even the very basic models also have sensors installed in them which can sense the moisture in the clothes. These moisture sensors help to prevent the over-drying of the clothes. This can help your clothes to be in their original shape and don’t let them wear out easily.

5. Loudness:

Dryers can be very loud due to the presence of a spinning motor, a spinning drum and an exhaust fan. All the things make it really loud and the sound is very unpleasant. To avoid listening to the noisy sound every time you use it, you should look for a dryer that has something to cushion the drum like a dampener system. Also know the laundry position at your house which will tell you the closeness of the dryer to the living area, depending on which you can know how loud the dryer can be.

4. Warranties for the dryer:

Check that the dryer has a specified warranty period of at least a year. Few manufacturers also offer a two year warranty period. Also, you can ask the dealer for an extended warranty if you have purchased a heavy model or an over-sized model. Also ensure that the dryer servicing is available in your locality and is accessible to you. Otherwise, buying a dryer is waste of your money without the service centers in your area.

3. Check the capacity of the dryer:

The dryers available in the market are in various capacities like full, regular or over-sized. The capacity of the dryer should be according to the amount of laundry that is regularly done in your family. For a small family, regular capacity dryer is enough. But for a joint family, you may need the over-sized one. Also check the laundry space assigned at your place.

2. Measurement of the space:

You must know the total space available at your home for the laundry purpose. Don’t buy a dryer too big to fit your apartment or too small for you requirements. Take an accurate measurement of the space you are ready to assign for the dryer and buy accordingly. This will prevent you from buying a dryer which won’t fit your space.

1. Electric or gas dryer:

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is that you want a clothes dryer which runs on electricity or on gas. The performance of both the dryers is similar to a great extent. But they majorly differ in the cost. The gas dryers are slightly costlier as compared to the electric dryers. But this difference in cost is going to prove beneficial in the long run as the cost of electricity consumed is more than the cost of gas consumed.


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