Top 10 Tips to be a Good Liar

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The act of telling a lie is an art and needs sheer elegance and practice. Lies play an important role in our lives in today’s scenario. Where no one can be trusted, truth has no value and due reward is not rendered to an honest man. “Honesty is the best policy” is outdated and people follow “When you are lying, everything is fine” policy.

Suppose you have been partying the day before and you are supposed to submit an important file to your boss, or you were supposed to do your homework and you were playing around. In these kinds of circumstances what is likely to be expected from the culprit. Yes, a perfect lie. For this you need to follow some steps and few tips are listed below to be a good liar. Read and follow and you are ready to be a perfect liar.

10. Flatter the person you are lying to


To lie to someone, you should impress that person very well and impressing someone needs a bit of flattering. Flatter the person as much as you can but they should not get the sense that you are flattering or else that person might get the hint that you are making a fool out of them. Compliment them on their qualities,  behavior, attitude, dressing sense or anything you wish. It can also help you to deviate their mind from the topic you needed to lie about.

9. Have proper body posture


Body posture or body language is the most efficient thing that reflects your inner self. A person standing straight and stout gives an image of their clear and confident self on the mind a person without even speaking a word. Proper posture states how confident you are from within. It’s a natural phenomenon or shall we call it human nature that whenever a person is not sure and confident about their own self then they will be either trembling or leaning or stand with a hunched back or have some posture which would not be soothing to the eyes. So, always have proper body language that will impress your boss, your teacher or anyone you may concern and you can lie to the person with sheer confidence.

8. Act innocent


Innocence is something which cannot be generated artificially. It comes from within. The innocence of a person reflects through their face, behavior, and their deeds. But what if one acts innocent? Yes, for being a liar you need to be good in acting. When you are being charged and interrogated by someone and when you can find no way out then just act as if you don’t know anything. No one can be as simple as you are at that very moment. Act innocent and the person who is charging you will be convinced that you are really simple and straight.

7. Gain the trust of the person


Gaining the trust and being trustworthy in one’s eyes is hardest thing to achieve. It takes years to gain trust but takes seconds to be broken. Anyway, you need to be smart enough to be trustworthy in front of someone even when you are lying. It may hurt your conscience but when you are in critical situations and the truth may hurt the person even more than a lie then it is nothing wrong to be liar. Trust makes a person blindfolded for you. When one fully trusts you then the person would not listen any shit about you and will believe in any shit you say. Gain the trust and be happy and try your best not to break it.

6. Provide justified points

Justified points

This is one of the critical things one needs to keep in mind while lying to someone. No one is  a dull head in this world and we should not underestimate someone. considering them so is just synonymous to  mocking yourself. It often happens that we run out of points while we are lying to someone. Someone has said true that if we say one false thing to someone then we have to lie a hundred times to hide that one lie. But this can be avoided if we are spontaneous with our justification. We lie when we do a mistake. So, when you get charged about your deed, just provide some valid points that can be believed. If you are able to justify yourself then the interrogation might not go a long way and end up real soon.

5. Have clear voice

Clearing throat

Having a clear voice is again a property of being confident. Coughing and roughness in your voice might not impress the person standing in front of you and they might conclude something which you might not be expecting. These acts of pretending that your voice is not coming out clear justifies that you are short of words and thinking about something meaningful to come up with. So, this is not at all a good idea when you are out of words and are doubtful about what to say. The throw of one’s voice speaks a lot of things. It reflects attitude and the personality of a person.

4. Stammering


Stammering or stuttering is natural in some people which are not of much concern here. But if it is not natural and you are doing so when you are talking to someone, then it does create a question mark in the mind of that particular person. It generally happens because you feel nervous about what you are saying to someone and run out of words and don’t get to say the perfect words at that point of time. Due to this the person whom you are talking to might feel suspicious about you and your words. It can be overcome quite easily by just keeping cool and relaxed while speaking. It covers the point of being confident which is discussed below. When you are confident then you don’t feel nervous or suspicious about your words and as a result you can get along with your lie pretty easily without the person being able to suspect it.

3. Sheer convincing power


This is the quality only few people are gifted with just like there is god gifted talent in some. But however, with practice you can master it. For convincing a person you need to know their weak points and you can even make an offer of the things which they would be delighted to have. In other words, you need to give temptations and conditions. However, these tips have got nothing to do with lying but now you know how to convince a person. If the person is convinced by you then they will be a blind believer of what you say. Be cool and start convincing.

2. Speak confidently

Confident speaking

Confidence is something which comes from within. If you know something and are pretty sure about it then it reflects in the way you express or talk about it. But how to act confident when you don’t know anything about the matter and you need to show that you are a master in that subject? Here comes the test of lying confidently. When you speak confidently about something no matter if it is wrong, the listener is ought to believe you even if they knows the subject. They will be left questioning themself but not you. Speaking plays an important role in lying and there are a few parameters of a good speaker which is discussed above. So speak confident and lie perfect.

1. Make eye contact

Eye contact

An eye contact with the person whom you are talking to leaves a great impression on the person’s mind. This is a sign of loyalty about what you are saying. It doesn’t matter if it is a lie. It is easily trusted by the person because you are looking directly into their eyes which show how truthful you are. However, making an eye contact while telling a lie is not easy as it sounds. This is the reason why people ask to look into the eyes while they are interrogating you about something. If you are lying then you won’t be able to look into someone’s eyes but if you master this thing then you become the perfect liar.


Hope the above list will be helpful to make out a perfect lie. Master the tips and you will never be doubted not in the worst circumstances. Just lie around; whether it is your wife or anyone else for that matter, a lie can save your life.


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