Top 10 Tips when you are going for your First Interview

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So, you are shortlisted in the  job list. And your next and last hurdle is interview. Everything depends on how you succeed in your interview. Precisely, interview is a slim line between being in or out of the company. It is your life deciding factor and your profession finder. Interview is the only opportunity where you can prove yourself and stand up high or get screwed and will let you down to  the lowest level of confidence and will power.  It is a main part and the cruel hurdle to get any job

As interviews provides employment opportunity, confidence in candidates, the overview of the office and the atmosphere so that the candidate can either reject or accept the job and it helps job seekers to get contacts as well. Hence once has to always to be successful in interviews. Many people, who pass through entrance exams, fail in interviews and get chucked out, especially when it comes to software professional seekers and IAS aspires. The interviews are very crucial and one has to be ready and full fit to face any sort of questions from the panel. So go through this if you are attending any interview as these are the top 10 tips when you are going for your first interview.

10) Perfect punctuality:


Punctuality is the building block of the success. This is the most anticipated aspect when you are going for an interview. Never be late, if you are late be it for any reasons better return back to your home. The more punctual you are the more discipline you seem to be. If it is possible just go the place (company/org) the day before your interview and make sure that you are sure about the place. And have a check on time, which helps you to plan out on the main day. And be half an hour early. That makes you feel comfortable to the environment. And you will have that crucial free time before getting into the interview. This also reduces your stress. Be one time and practice yourself.

9) Attire:



How you dress up shows what you are. So always be particular and cautious about your attire when it comes to any sort of interview. As soon as you enter the first things the panel notice after your facial expressions is how do you look? That forms an image about you. So, best way is go for formals! At the same time you can be semi ethnic formal. But if it comes to business interviews go for absolute formals. Tie speaks about the dignity on the individual so make sure all the matching and fits right for you. And some big org does have dress code for interviews as well and then never ever fail to follow it if you really want to be there in future. Hence, the attire is very important aspect, you might be the icon of the fashion, trendy outside but once you are between four walls to become a professional, be the icon of dignity, loyalty and decency.

8) Research and preparation:


Read and read about the company/agency/organisation which will be interviewing you. Yes, it really works big time.  Once you are in front of the panel members if they start asking questions like why do you deserve a job here? Etc. Now value of the research is felt, as you can proudly talk about the history of the company and their prospects, their requirements etc.  So research the maximum about the org and prepare your own questions on what you have researched. Coming to my personal experience which I would like to share where this tip really worked, when I applied for an internship, I got a mail asking to attend an interview( a small friendly kind) after a few minutes I came to know that I  an intern of that org. The last compliment told from the head to me was , “I am very impressed by the way you have researched about our agency” (I mailed my research presentation along with the CV) . So in this way it works, give them the feel that you really mean a lot to be part of their company with a passion and you have to be real as well. So, just don’t blindly attend an interview. Try to know more and more about the org so that you do feel inspired about the place and the wish to work there becomes more firm.

7) Smile and enthusiasm:

smile and enthu

A simple genuine smile will always win the hearts. So, have a genuine smile and have a friendly approach. Even they try to bully you, continue the smile and try answering them confidently and clearly. Smile is the symbol of confidence and ego free nature. So hold on with your smile and make the atmosphere happy and cool, but do not be over smart or over funny. Enthusiasm, though your smile conveys it. Be quick, sharp and creative at that time. Have that eager enthusiasm and zeal and show them that you are the perfect filler for their vacancy. This is possible through that enthusiasm and josh which is automatically followed by the “Smile”.

6) Emphasize on your assets and strengths:

tdft 2

One has to be humble and be down to earth naturally. But, for a few hours during the time of interview forget this concept, promoter yourself, self appreciate yourself. Not that over boast yourself, but showcase your talents and exhibit your skills. Remember that potential is actually more valuable than experience: if you can show why you’re a promising hire, you’re in. This has to be your agenda, talk about your assets and strengths. Good that you carry your resume and portfolio with you depending on your field.

5) Small things matters a lot:

shake hands

Your speech is good, smile is good, and attire is fine. In spite, if you don’t give a firm handshake gives the meaning of the lack of confidence. So have a firm hand shake, you might have the tension that it is a first interview, but never show it up, have a confident and smooth body language and have an eye contact when you are answering questions which again shows up your daring nature. And don’t mind bringing a planner or pad of paper and a pen. This way, you can take notes or even write down your questions if you tend to get nervous at times. This helps a lot. Even though all these are small things but these are reasons for big success.

4) Keep calm and face the interview:

keep calm and face


They pass through return test, entrance, email interview but when it comes to viva people stress over this interview. Always keep this mind that you are the best bet is that have to continue to be the best, convert and get into the professional version of yourself, and face the interview as an adventure, experience, lesson etc. In this way you are surely likely to learn something new and useful for present and future as well, even if you are not the right one for that job.

3) Pay/salary/wage, talk about it later:


It is a universal truth that we all want to work to earn and lead our life. That is why you apply for jobs and work. Money is the oxygen of the living world. But, my pal don’t ever right away go into the discussion of monetary matters. You will be getting time to think and they would surely mention, sometimes several times of interviews are held if you talk about wages/salaries in the beginning it gives an image that you are just meant for earn and not to learn!

2) Never give up, always follow up:


They tell we will let you know about your job status soon. So, it is your responsibility that you follow up afterwards. Never lose hope, try hard and make them remember who you are along with your resumes and portfolios. After that have a courtesy and gratitude of wishing them thank you irrespective of any result. But try following up if your status is on stay, never give up! Be patient and hope for the best. Keep in mind, just attending successful interview is one part and after that how you follow up and contact them and await is the later part. Follow up in sense don’t bug but keep reminding and you will surely get a response soon.

1) First interview rejected, ask yourself why? 


Being your first interview you might not be a winner. This world is huge and about the competition it is needless to say. In spite of working hard, following rules and still not in. Don’t get desperate analyse on the thing which really went wrong.  Look back on your interview and think about what you could have done better, prepare a small report. Here is any number of reasons someone might not hire you so never get desperate and lose your hope and confidence, review the first experience and think it as a learning experience for the next interviews. You never know that you might deserve something bigger and better.

Conclusion: Most of the interviews are nerve cracking and it is an individual exclusive experience which teaches so many things in the life.



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