Top 10 Traits of a Person with Gemini Astrological Sun Sign

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Your date and place of birth may hold the key to your destiny. Planetary positions , sun signs and moon signs unfold the mystery behind your inimitable nature . Well , believing in them is entirely for you to decide . Astrology is a part of science which promises to unravel every other secret pertaining to your moods , likes and dislikes and also their far-reaching consequences.No matter how dismissive you may sound while talking about sun signs , you cannot help but go through that page of the newspaper which gives an insight into how your day will eventually shape up.It can almost be termed ‘guilty pleasure’.

In a bid to be specific about a particular sun sign , the Gemini sign will prove to be a fair choice because of its multi-dimensional and creative attributes.Gemini is the third and final astrological sign of the spring period. It heralds the coming of summer and it is a sign that is synonymous with warmth , vitality and colours . Its ruling planet is Mercury . It is represented by intertwined twins . The intertwined twins stand for opposites like light/dark , subject/object etc . Some experts have come up with the interpretation of the the twins being a man and a woman respectively ,while the others have concluded that the twins belong to the same sex.Some famous celebrities who were born under the Gemini sun sign include four of the tallest pillars in the world of Literature, namely Walt Whitman , Ben Jonson , Thomas Hardy and William Butler Yeats. Fellow Geminis like Angelina Jolie , Johnny Depp , Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe have got many an admirer swooning over them .  Back home in India , A.R Rahman , the Oscar-winning  music composer too represents the symbol of the intertwined twins.

So here I present top 10 traits of a person with Gemini astrological sun sign.

 10. Attractive physical attributes

 attractive physical attributes

All of us want to look young and cheerful forever. Many heads would nod in accordance with this statement and this might be on the wishlist of many but very few manage to bring it to reality. What if I say that a person , be it a male or a female , born under the Gemini sign naturally inherits this magnificent quality.Despite having a stressful lifestyle , they may manage to remain youthful , charming and beautiful even in their mid or late 30s.The most gorgeous examples of it being Hollywood actors Nicole Kidman , Helena Bonham Carter , Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Need we say more !?

It must be noted that besides being a Gemini , it is pertinent to have a healthy lifestyle to ensure a fitter tomorrow.

 9. Multi-tasking abilities

 multi-tasking abilities

There is a lot of work to do but very little time on hand . One often laments about lack of time and this is when a person’s potential to multi-task is put to test.A gemini is blessed with this important trait of managing to juggle between a number of assignments and eventually succeeding in all of it .Their creative inclination somehow stimulates this desire to multi-task and they are always on the go.Your energy is your biggest asset and hence , it should be utilized in the best possible way.

8. Communication skills

 Communication skills

In a world where a smart one-liner manages to do the required job for you , it is not a Herculean task to guess how important it is for your social skills to be always at play.Getting the right message across to a person comes easy for most people who are born under the Gemini sign.Most of this communication happens in your immediate surrounding . Your siblings and your friends are your biggest confidantes and a reliable pillar of strength.The influence of the planet Mercury can be seen in the light of a Gemini having the power of oration and tactfully using their language skills to keep a mark above the rest.

 7. Inconsistency and restlessness

 inconsistency and restlessness

It is almost impossible for any person to boast of only positive traits . Hence , following in that tradition are the people born under the Gemini sign. Their constantly changing stances in matters of the heart as well as in work may end up entangling their lives.They lack the art of perseverance and wish to have the fruits of their labour without any delay . They fall prey to failures very often as they do not manage to take it in their stride.

Therefore , it is important for them to stick to their decisions and believe in their hard work , before jumping to conclusions in a haste.

 6. Crafty and shrewd

  crafty and shrewd

A Gemini usually knows how to manipulate situations to their best of interests. They have the gift of the gab , which ensures that they leave an indelible impression on the minds of others . Convincing power is something they can boast of and they have the ability to turn right into wrong and vice versa.

Hence , it is advisable to all those bearing the Gemini sign to be less superficial and conceited , in order to stop others from accusing you of high-handedness under certain circumstances.

 5. Pragmatic and non-committal in relationships

  pragmatic and non-committal in relationships

This trait in a Gemini can be seen as both positive as well as negative. He/she is bent towards exploring and settling down only for the best . On the other hand , it can be seen as frivolous , nonchalant and oftentimes a person is tagged a Casanova, as a result of it. They love to fly high and move directionless like their prime element the Air. Perhaps a determined and down-to-earth person can bring about stability in their life.

Gemini sun sign is usually considered most compatible with a Libran. A person born under the Libra sign has many similarities and differences with a Gemini. Perhaps , this is what makes it click for the two of them.

 4. Sense of humour and wit

 sense of humour and wit

Humour is that aspect of life which helps to cut through boredom and brings in amusement and gaiety in life. If you are a Gemini, you are bound to be blessed with a quality to fill a room with laughs even under hostile circumstances . You joke around and remain quite comfortable even with people , you may not be well acquainted with.

Your witty statements and quick sense of judgement may help you to win accolades and be the star among contemporaries. This brilliant trait not only helps to lighten the mood in the surrounding but also to keep the Gemini himself/herself happy and satisfied.

 3. Eternal conflict between the mind and the heart

 eternal conflict between mind and heart

The perennial dilemma that has bugged us time and again is whether to listen to our heart or our mind. A Gemini too is not spared from that shred of doubt and confusion.The symbolic representation of the Gemini sign in fact propels the idea of conflict because of the opposing nature of the twins , as they are far from being identical to each other.

A Gemini tries to understand life from two very different perspectives. This in turn , leads to a battle of morality and immorality , practicality and delusional tendencies in their lives.They are always on the lookout for something spiritually significant in their lives and may often toy with thoughts of after-life and reincarnation.

 2. Novelty in character and child-like enthusiasm

 Novelty in character

Have an exciting idea on mind ? Then , a Gemini is the one you should share it with . They are always bubbling with excitement to take up new assignments and venture into the unknown. As these people deride every conventional route , there is a possibility that they will prove to be an able partner and confidant and will not ridicule your alacrity to do something out-of-the-box.A Gemini wants to keep himself/herself surrounded by variety and work of all kinds . They detest boredom and stagnation in life . Therefore , people born under the Gemini sign make good teachers , writers , journalists , inventors , actors and so on.

 1. Duality and multi-faceted nature

 Duality and multi-faceted nature

What is the biggest advantage a multi-faceted person enjoys ? It is their ability to surprise their peers at every step in life. You never know what to expect from an unpredictable person . This is how he/she succeeds in bringing about a completely new dimension to their personality and surprising one and all.Air is considered a major element of the Gemini sun sign and it this Air that helps to change the course of thought in a person and promote diversity .

The dual personality is exhibited in the image of the intertwined twins itself . A Gemini is an interesting mix of both worlds and this is what empowers them to approach a problem from several directions.


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