Top 10 Unique and Different Ways to Propose

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Proposing someone for marriage is an event which is remembered and cherished for life long. It comes in the list of the most important events of one’s life. You only propose to someone when you find that person to be perfect for you, when you love that person from all your heart and you cannot even imagine your life without that person or in simple words when you think that that person is your other half and you are incomplete without that person. Everyone desires their proposal to be special. Don’t you want that when you share your way of proposing to your children and grandchildren the only thing that they say should be “WOW”. So this article will provide you with ten different and unique ways of proposing. And if you are preparing to propose your soul mate, then do read this article for your proposal to be an epic one.


quiz proposal

One of an interesting ways to propose is through a quiz proposal. In this you can leave clues for your other half to find you. You can simply just ask her or him to play a little game and have some fun and in this game she or he has to guess where are you and have to come looking for you. The clues should not be that difficult that she or he would not be able to crack it. They should lead her or him from one place to another. Also, leave gift with every clue as it will make the proposal interesting. You can hand over the gift and the next clue to a specific person, who must be mentioned in your previous clue. Finally, when she or he will crack her or his last clue, be there all ready with a ring to propose your soul mate. So, do try this proposal, if your other half is a geeky one.



Skywriting is a common type of proposal. But if you do it differently, then you can make this proposal a different and unique one. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend out for picnic in a resort or a place which have beautiful natural sceneries all around and make sure that she or he does not know anything about the proposal. Order an airplane show in advance which will write what you want to say to her or him in the sky. Ask some people there to drop balloons from the top with little weights attached to them so that the balloons fall towards the ground and make your proposal all the more beautiful. At that moment when she or he is overwhelmed with all these surprises, take out the ring and propose to her or him and thus make your proposal different from all other skywriting proposals.



Being underwater provides an immense amount of happiness and satisfaction and if you are thinking to propose your better half underwater then it will even add up to her happiness and will make the proposal all the more romantic and epic. You can take your girl or boy for diving and can propose her or him there. Make all the preparations beforehand like you can make a poster of all the things you want to say to her or him and you can arrange it there and you can also hide the ring in a sea shell to make it more surprising. This is one of the most romantic yet uncomparable one. Also, if you are water phobic then also you can propose your girlfriend or boyfriend underwater but in a different manner. You can organize an aquarium show for your partner where the professionals under water will propose on your behalf through a show. A lot of aquariums like Shedd Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, Newport Aquarium and a lot more are there where you can conduct your proposal.



Public area proposals can be done in many ways but how differently you do it for your girl or boy decides the uniqueness of your proposal. You can either propose your partner in between the movie where you can ask the theatre in charge to display your proposal during the intermission. You can also propose your soul mate in an amusement park or museum where you can preplan your proposal with the help of staff and attendants there and it will be displayed on the big screen at right timings.



Newspaper proposal is also a different way of proposing. It can also be made creative with little humor. Either you can post your proposal in the newspaper which she or he reads every day with all the things you want to say to her or him or you can just post the proposal on a single newspaper and ask the specific person who delivers the newspaper to deliver that particular newspaper to your partner’s house or you can either give a front page advertisement of your proposal if you want to make public. In both the cases, your partner will be surely surprised.



If your partner likes watching stars or is a star gazer then this is the best way of proposing. You can decorate your room with glowing stars and plan a candlelit dinner in that room. Dinner must have all her or his favorite dishes. You can directly present the ring or you can even order a cake which has a picture of a proposal and while she or he sees the cake then you can then propose or you can even buy glowing “Marry Me” stickers which you can paste with the stars and then you can propose when she or he enters the room. All of these ideas will work for your partner loves stars.


dance proposal

Dance proposal can be made unique by adding many different ideas to it. You can hire a dance group which will perform on a proposal song. The dance should illustrate your story and at the end they will stand in a way that the letters on their costumes will show “Marry Me”. You can do this act publicly either in a mall or in a park or in any other public place. Make sure that she or he does not have any clue about it and let your partner guess till the end that it is your story that the group is performing. Thus by adding innovative and romantic ideas even a simple dance proposal is thus made unparalleled.



Flashing light proposal is the one where you propose with the help of lights. You can either set up the proposal with the help of lights at a pre arranged place or if you want to do your proposal at a grand scale then you can also arrange fire cracker show while you propose. Try this proposal if your partner is fond of fireworks.



First date proposal is the most romantic one as it has many memories attached to the place which make the proposal all the more special. To make it radically distinctive take your partner to the place where you first met. Keep everything simple as the incomparable effect of the place will make your proposal different. Present the ring in a gifted box which should be inside five to six gifted boxes so that your other half has to unwrap at least six to seven gift wrapped boxes. You can ask people beforehand to leave balloons in the air to make the ambience more different. All these things will make your proposal unusual.



Dinner date proposal is the one where you can implement many different ideas to make your proposal the most unequalled one. If you are planning to have a dinner date outside then you can plan it in a boat where you can propose and can also add the skywriter proposal idea to it and if you are planning to have the dinner date in indoor areas then plan it in your home where you can make arrangements according to your will and can also incorporate shining star proposal to it.

At the end, just make sure that whatever you do, just do it keeping in mind your special someone’s interest because that is only which will make your proposal impressive.


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