Top 10 Uses of Microwave Oven

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Microwaves have taken over almost all households. Even though the microwave has been around since 1940s, they became an important part of the households recently. Today, no household meal is complete without a little help from the microwave. Its multi-purpose use has made everyone used to it. Everything that people do on a stove or an oven can now be done in a microwave. There are various kinds of microwaves present in the market suitable to the needs of the users in a reasonable price. Having a microwave reduces the need of having different appliances to perform different functions.  A microwave has become such an important part of every household because it can perform the following functions effectively. Microwaves are very versatile because they can be used to defrost, cook and re-heat foods. Microwaves use high frequency electromagnetic waves which cause molecules of liquid present in the food to vibrate and create friction which produces the heat and cooks food. Microwaves heat and cook your food from the inside out rather than the other way which happens with cooking the food on a stove, which takes long time. These are the reasons why they have become so popular.

10. Re-heating


Reheating like a microwave is not possible on a stove. When you put something in the microwave to re-heat, it gets warm in a matter of seconds thoroughly. A microwave reheats without making the food soggy and almost retains it to its original form. Be it pasta or croissants, a microwave can re-heat them immediately which is why these microwaves are famous in not only households but also at bakery shops and other food joints. Foods of less quantity can be reheated in as low as one or two minutes while more quantity of food get re heated in upto ten minutes to fifteen minutes.

9. Baking


Microwaves offer a quick way of baking cakes and breads and this is why they have taken place of an electric oven or conventional stove baked cakes. It is easy and quick to experiment your hands in the field of bakery. You can make from a simple chocolate basic cake to a complicated pineapple upside down cake in a microwave and it will be equally soft and good to eat. Microwaves bake real good breads and cakes in amazing time. You can bake potatoes in a microwave or bake cake on convection mode. Baking in a microwave can be as quick as baking a basic chocolate cake in five minutes dot which is very fast as compared to the traditional method of baking with preheating and heating.

8. Defrosting


Defrosting anything in water is an easy way but microwaves can defrost your frozen vegetables or meat in a quick way. All you need to do to defrost your frozen food is to put it in a microwave safe utensil and choose the defrost setting that is already available in most of the microwaves. Your food will be defrosted without the excessive washing, draining and wasting the water. Also this is efficient because it makes the food retain their original form and nutrients which they cannot retain otherwise.

7. Grilling


With almost every microwave you get grilling bars and tools which are very useful to grill. Just like an original griller your food can be grilled in a time of minutes. It reduces the need of having a real griller at your place. All you have to do to grill something is to put it on the grilling bar and choose the grilling option and put it in the microwave to grill it according to your need. You can grill sandwiches or meat and it will be grilled to perfection. Buying just a griller might cost you as much as buying a microwave whereas a microwave can do lot more that just grilling.

6. Roasting


You can choose the roasting option in your microwave and roast garlic, garlic breads, make pop corns in a quick time. It is best because all you need to do is put up a time for roasting, keep the stuff in the microwave that you want to be roasted and leave it. Your microwave will stop roasting at the given time and it minimizes the need of looking over it which we do while roasting on a stove. Roasting food is a very important part of the Indian style cooking and therefore this is a much loved feature by all.

5. Blanching


Blanching fresh vegetables in a microwave not only helps in the speeding of the freezing process but it also maintains the foods’ nutritional value in a better way than traditional blanching does. Blanching fruits and vegetables in a microwave is better because it takes extremely less time and secondly because it retains the nutritional value of the food. Taking out a frozen and blanched food by microwave will be healthier than the food blanched by traditional method.

4. Boiling and steaming

boiling and steaming

Boiling is one of the most important activities in any cuisine cooking. Boiling can also be done on stove but stove boils unevenly. A microwave boils things evenly. Be it potatoes or any other vegetable, a microwave boils stuff in quick time and are easy to cut and use. You can also set the boiling time according to how boiled you want them. Steaming vegetables help retain more nutrients than boiling and it is also less time consuming which is why scientists refer to boil in a microwave.

3. Easy to clean

easy to clean

One positive point about cooking in a microwave is that you don’t need too many utensils to cook in a microwave. All you need to do is to mix all the contents in the microwave utensil, choose your option and time and keep it in the microwave. Microwave safe utensils are very easy to cook in and show absolutely no reaction with the heat. The food does not get stuck on the utensils and the utensils do not get spoiled. Less messed utensils and less electrical kitchen appliances are extremely smooth and easy to clean up afterwards.

2. Retains nutrients

retains nutrients

Nutrients are very important for a healthy body, which usually get lost in the process of cooking. Whatever you cook in a microwave, it is cooked by heat waves that are not harmful to the food.  You will be surprised to know that using a microwave helps in retaining the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that make it such a healthy boon to use it every day. Microwaves use the waves of oscillating electromagnetic energy to cook food. These waves are just like radio waves but they move at a much faster rate min the microwave. Cooking vegetables in water usually causes some of the nutrients of it to drain out into that same water which does not happen in cooking with microwave.

1. Saves time

saves time

 In our fast paced life, we all are in a shortage of time and this is one reason why processed foods have become so popular in the market. Using a microwave to cook a meal saves not only too much fuel but also a lot of time. Within minutes you can steam your rice and cook noodles. Boiling a few numbers of potatoes can be done in ten minutes. Also at one time you can multi-task with your microwave. You can reheat, cook, or boil several things together in a microwave which saves a lot of time. This is one reason why microwaves have become very famous in not only in bakeries but also in households. Also when you do not have a microwave you spend most of your time in arranging appliances and then using them. Every appliance needs care and needs to be washed which is again a time consuming activity. You can easily get rid of all those electrical kitchen appliances and use a microwave to do almost anything.


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