Top 10 Ways How Travelling Helps in Overall Development

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It does not matter whether you reside in an urban city which never ceases to buzz, or if you stay in a sea-facing bungalow, or for that matter your den is in snow-capped mountains. Travelling spells change, and provides the Hill people with an opportunity to sun-bathe, or the coastline-inhabitants to play with snow, while on one hand urban dwellers may feel seventh heaven in the pristine environs of countryside, the small-town people may fall head-over-heels for the hustle-bustle of the metropolitan cities. As they say, It’s the journey more than the destination. Travelling encompasses many other facets which differentiate it from routine. Take for example, the routes you take, the people you meet, the cuisines you taste, the diversity you experience, the time you get to spend alone/ with family/friends etc, all of these make a delectable, exquisite concoction that acts as a testament to the indispensability of travel in one’s life. And although the list of the ingredients that make up this concoction is exhaustive, here’s a quick glance, reiterating, thus the belief that ‘Not all those who wander are lost.’


10) Objective assessment of hometown:

At times, it becomes necessary to get out of the cocoon of your hometown, or residence. This saying by Augustine of Hippo has become too ubiquitous “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” That makes a perfect point. You need to read many, if not all, the pages of the book called world. With so many explorations waiting to be made, so many revelations waiting to unearth, it would be silly to stay in the same place forever. You may be all praises for your hometown but that is out of sheer ignorance. To have a fair view of where you live, and what distinguishes your place from another, you need to step out of the four walls of your house, or, should I say, four lanes of your town?

9) Taste adventure, hone skills

If you believe the saying ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ then perhaps you will go paragliding or river rafting, and thus challenge your limits, harness your potential. This helps to develop courage, confidence and helps to let go of risk-consciousness. Even if it is just a trek, when you find yourself at a strange place trying your hand at a feat you haven’t done before, it is an unprecedented morale booster. It helps you to face the fear of the unknown.

8) Spending me time

This is especially true of travelling alone. As David Mitchell said, “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” Travelling provides you exactly the time you need for reflection, introspection and contemplation upon what you have become, the kind of life you lead, and the relationships you have built. Your travel can prove to be a very productive hiatus indeed. So, if you are either vacation-deprived or me-time deprived, pack your bags, summon your energies and book your tickets.

7) 3-D experience

We all can see tourist destinations, sanctum  shrines etc on the television. But to perceive it in three dimensions with all your senses is heavenly bliss, divine mirth and indescribable pleasure. Experience can never have a substitute. Also, we usually don’t open up all our senses in the daily routine. it is only a difference in the surroundings and ambiance that makes it possible. Witnessing it all yourself, you can actually confirm all notions you had, and dismiss the misconceived ones through your own judgment. Trust me, it is a liberating experience.

6) Stokes Curiosity

If anyone has seen the movie Into the wild, s/he can fully appreciate the point being made here. “The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences…” Curiosity, like bones and skin, is both the matrix of our existence and the material embedded in that matrix. Daily rut and monotony can kill the curiosity from one’s soul. And to ignite back that spark of inquisitiveness and hunger for knowledge,  travel is the best option. At an alien place, the inquisitiveness reaches its zenith. It can be attributed to either the fear of the unknown or the gumption to venture into forbidden grounds and uncharted territories, but the fact of the matter is that curiosity is fuelled.

5) Break free

Call it a wild guess, an articulated surmise or an uncanny conjecture, but it seems highly likely that the very concept of travelling, or more specifically vacations, was introduced and devised so as to be able to break free from the boredom and tedium of the wrought chains of routine. Repetitiveness and the drudgery of routine seize our imagination. We become mute spectators to the grand event called life. ‘Standing on the fringes of life… offers a unique perspective. But there comes a time to see what it looks like from the dance floor.’ Hence, travel helps to wake up the dormant soul within us.

4) Slow down and Heal

Among the many injuries inflicted on us by ennui and tedium is the damage done to creativity. It stifles artistic thinking and ruptures the membrane of imaginative powers.  In the fast pace of our lives, we often tend to overlook these seemingly innocuous changes which may have grave repercussions. Taking a sabbatical has been an ancient practice, and travel to a new place is exactly that. It serves the dual purpose of taking a hiatus from work, while simultaneously enabling one to renew and rejuvenate his/her soul. It adds aesthetic value to our lives. Hence, it acts as a good  justification to slow down and heal. Gustave Flaubert remarked with adept observation, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

3) Minding the Language

The one thing that changes from place to place is language. The world is so replete with linguistic diversity that even though you may have learnt a different language of the place you are visiting, you will confront multiple dialects and local languages you never knew of. While communicating in a foreign land is as arduous and near-impossible a task as conversing with aliens, but need is the mother of invention, and you try your best to elicit whatever information you can, from the local people, a daunting task for which you also try to acquire language skills. This is primarily done by learning a few words of the new language. As the journey culminates, you end up not only appreciating another language, but also fully equipped with conversational skills in a language different from your own mother tongue.

2) Apprise yourself to the socio-economic diversity

We are all cognizant of the plethora of cultures, ethnicity, etc existing in the world we inhabit. Learning about them first-hand will enable us to appreciate this diversity and bring our differences to party. A visit to a historic place will leave you entranced with the history of the place and make you A visit to a relatively rural or backward area will make you realize how blessed and equipped you are. Such experiences can be real epiphanies.

1)Treat yourself to heterogeneity

This heterogeneity is not just variety of cultures, it is the heterogeneity of perspectives, opinions, stances, opinions. Marcel Proust sums it up as, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Travel is the most pivotal learning experience when it comes to accommodating diverse ideas and opinions. It broadens your vision in unknown ways. When you return home, you are never the same person, and always better!


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