Top 10 Ways Introverts Interact with the World

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Whether you are part of the introvert or extrovert universe, you must have understood by now that there are genuine differences between these two types of people. They may look the same but the underground principle on which they function is completely different. And it seems that one of the biggest differences is given by the way they interact with the world.

#10 They say no to coffee


Introverts stay away from anything that stimulates them excessively, caffeine definitely being included on that list. Instead of getting the rush extroverts obtain from coffee, they will end up feeling over-exhausted and drained of all energy.

#9 Being alone to refuel


For an introvert, there is nothing more important than finding the necessary time to be alone. Introverts lose a lot of energy through social interactions, so, for them, it is highly important that they have time to recharge. When they are alone, they can engage in hobbies that they really like and feel like themselves all over again, without the pressure of the outer world.

#8 Not interested in talking on the phone


An introvert puts a lot of attention and energy into anything, so interrupting their work to speak on the phone is certainly not something they would like to do. Plus, a lot of people tend to chit chat on the phone and that is only time wasted for an introvert.

#7 The outer world is definitely not a reward


Extroverts rely heavily on the environment for pleasure. They get a rush of dopamine from the outer world and that is what keeps them wanting for more. Introverts are in no way interested in the outer world and they certainly do not consider it to provide a rush. In fact, they would rather stay away.

#6 Never think out loud


There is a saying that goes like this: speak before you think. Well, this saying was probably invented by an introvert. These guys are the best as they always reflect on what they are going to say, as opposed to extroverts who prefer to say what they think aloud. This might also have to do with introverts being convinced perfectionists, as they do not want to risk saying the wrong thing.

#5 Always know where the closest exit is


The stress brought on by a large crowd of people can be something extremely hard to bear for an introvert. This is why, whenever they are forced to be in places with lots of people, they will locate and place themselves to the nearest exit. Knowing that the are close to the exit gives them a feeling of safety and the illusion of control. But it works so that they can relax in any circumstance or event.

#4 Yes to a solitary yet creative career


Given the fact that introverts are easily distracted by the surrounding environment, it should come as no surprise they prefer a quiet working environment as well. They like to do good work and they require quiet in order to give their best performance. Introverts are great writers but you also find them in other fields where creativity is a must. In the end, their preference for solitary careers is totally understandable.

#3 Not the greatest attention span


Introverts are very much in tune with their environment, being attentive to each and every detail. That being said, you can understand that, the more complicated the environment, the higher the level of stimulation will be. This is the reason why an introvert person might seem like he or she is not interested in a particular subject; he or she has also received too many stimuli and cannot handle any more, even if they are coming from a live person.

#2 Public speaking is not just for extroverts


While you might not be aware of this fact, some of the greatest public speakers out there are introverts. They are extremely efficient and you will have trouble telling them apart from extroverts while they are publicly speaking. For them, it is just one of the many challenges they have managed to overcome and their success is indeed to be appreciated.

#1 They avoid large crowds of people


While someone who is outgoing and inclined to social interaction might feel at home in a large group, for an introvert that would be a genuine nightmare. A large crowd will either make them feel bored or stressed, plus the large quantities of stimulation will take all of their energy away. They will prefer a smaller crowd in which a philosophical discussion takes place and sometimes they are more interested in listening rather than talking.

Both introverts and extroverts have their own set of qualities. If you are an introvert, then this article will contribute to helping you know yourself a little bit better.


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