Top 10 Ways to Dress Down for Summers

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As the heat is getting more and more every day we are in a dilemma as what to wear so that we can look smart and be comfortable in this weather. You need not go for shopping for this summer as most of the things we require to wear and look trendy might already be in our wardrobe. See the ten ways to dress down this summer.


10. Skirts

Skirts are the most awesome dress for women. Skirts are mean to be worn by girls. Wearing a skirt makes a girl look classy and girly at the same time. There are so many different types of skirts available. Skirts can be long or short, it depends on your comfort which type of skirt you want to wear. Skirt are good for the summer season, you can wear a pencil line skirt or as A line skirt. Skirt can be worn with blouses, crop tops and different type of shirts. Try different styles with your different skirts and look gorgeous this summer.

9. Crop tops

This is the newest look this summer. Crop tops are comfortable and good for summer. Crop tops can be paired with shorts, jeans and skirts. You can wear them to a beach party, to college or you can even wear it on a party. Add accessories to the crop top to have a different look this summer. If you do not have the figure to flaunt a crop top do not worry. You can still wear a crop top with comfort, wear it on high waist skirts, shorts and pants so that you do not have to worry about the flabby stomach.

8 Jeggings

Summers are not the time to wear jeans as they are not so comfortable in the hot season. If you still love to wear only jeans we have a substitute for jeans which is jegging. They will give the look of jeans but they are much more comfortable then jeans. They are easily stretchable hence you do not have to worry about the hot summer. If you are jeans fan then it is a staple item for your wardrobe. Jeggings can be worn with shirts, blazers, blouses and even sweaters.

7. Shorts

Shorts are not a new trend for this summer. Since a long time, shorts are in fashion. You can wear denim shorts to a day out with your friends and if you go for shopping. Cotton shorts with some glitters or golden studs can be worn to a party with a stylish top. Floral print shorts are also in this summer. Wear sneakers or heels with shorts according to the occasion you are wearing them too.

6. Sheer tops

Summers bring with them heat and a lot of sweat. You will never want to wear something which will make you feel the heat more. Sheer tops are available in different styles which will keep you cool in the summer season. Shear tops come in many different colours. If you are going to party neon sheer tops can be worn with lots of accessories and skinny pants. Look stylish and be cool this summer with these tops.

5. Tank tops

You might find it a difficult task to pair your tank top with. But tank top not only looks stylish but they also make you look cute. You can wear them with a trouser or jegging and wear sneakers with them. If you want to add a little glam wear a cool necklace with it with two or three funky bracelets. If it is not too hot outside you can pull a cardigan over it. Add scarves on top of it to complete the look.


4. Maxi

As summers are here the days are getting hotter and no one is in the mood to wear tight clothes. If you want to wear something classy and comfortable, maxis are the best option for you. Summers bring in colours for you and wearing bright colour maxis like yellow pink and orange will make you look trendy.

3. Dresses

Breezy dresses paired with open toe slippers are the best option for looking glamorous this summer. Floral print dresses for beach party and classy dresses for night parties are perfect to be cool this summer. Tube dresses are also in this summer. Don’t choose colours which do not look good in summers like bright mint or brown colour. It is important to choose the right clothe for your dress. Do not include velvet in your dress as it can make you feel hotter.

2. Pants

No mood to show your legs this summer? We have something for you too. Summer pants are available in so many different colours and patterns. Floral pants are also in this summer. Summer pants are not very heavy as compared to the winter pants. They are mainly made up of linen or stretchy material. what’s new this summer in pants section are palazzo pants. you can wear them with tank tops or even with crop tops.

1. Floral tops

It is summer time and wearing floral prints will make you feel the heat lesser. Toppers with different styles like cut sleeves tops, tube tops with floral prints are available in the market. Floral tops look good with plain and coloured jeggings. Tube tops in floral prints look great with denim shorts as well as with plain shorts. So get some floral prints for your wardrobe to be beautiful this summer.




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