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Your eyes look damn pretty when you dress it up with Kohl and Mascara. Agree? Then why cover it with spectacles ? In order to portray us ever charming and gorgeous, technology and science gifted us with an awesome gift i.e. Contact Lens. Now indeed there are no more hiding pretty eyes from the gaze of others. Contact lenses when first researched and brought into light was only a luxurious item for the rich. It never permitted the pockets of normal people to afford such items. But as days passed by the cost of contact lenses reduced and it became an easily accessible item for all. Also it is seen that constant usage of spectacles leaves odd looking dark circles and thus people accepted contact lenses as the best option. Contact lenses are very sensitive because it is meant for the most delicate organ of our body. But are we all very much acquainted with the safety measures of contact lenses? Here are some important steps we should definitely adhere to while using contact lenses.

10) Always carry a pair of spectacle for emergency:-


Precaution is better than cure. What if some foreign particles accidentally get into your eyes and causes irritation and redness? If such thing happens, you should immediately remove your contact lens and splash water in your eyes several times. But do not bring the fool out of you by again wearing back the lens. Let it breathe for some times. Now you must wonder that how is it possible, as naked eyes do not let you view properly. And for such situation we must carry a pair of spectacle always with us for emergency. Always remember that our eyes are the finest gift from God and we should always care for it.

9) Abide by the recommended disposal period :-

Disposal period

There are fixed time span for every pair of contact lens which should be strictly adhered. You can mark in the calendar the day you purchase your lens so that you remember the prescribed time period. There are huge varieties of contact lenses based on the period of usage. It ranges from daily disposal to yearly disposal. People usually choose according to their own needs. But the wearing period should not get exceeded else it may leads to several problems in eyes. It is also recommended that you must go through an eye check up every time you purchase a new pair of lens. A wise person would never take any risk with their precious thing.

8) Do not expose the lens in the open air:-

exposure of lens in open air

Do you think in this world of industrialization, we still get to breathe fresh air? Of course not. Then is there any need to expose the delicate contact lens in the open air? Air contains many harmful particles and lens acts as a magnet and quickly absorb such foreign particles due its sticky nature. This might damage the lens and later the eyes as well. So its best recommended that you always keep it in lens case when not used. And as soon as you remove it from your eyes, you must assure to immerse it in the lens solution immediately. If ever it happens to fall accidentally on the ground, make sure to clean it properly with fresh lens solution.

7) Avoid going near extreme heat or flame:-

never go near flame with lens on

You must be aware of the reaction of plastic near fire. Same is the case with a lens near flame. Lenses are made of finest plastic and should never be exposed near extreme flame. We must not forget to remove our lenses before going near any extreme flame. It may get melted in our eyes causing blindness. There are such incidents which took place due to lack of awareness and ignorance. Once you are a contact lens holder, your level of consciousness should automatically increase.

6) Do not wear lens more than 8 hours:-

time span to wear lens

Laziness never goes hand in hand when it comes to eyes. Please never keep wearing lenses more than 8 hours. It is a strict recommendation from all eye specialists worldwide. Contact lens gets dried up inside our eyes and longer use may leads to lots of complications like redness, irritations, allergies etc. Prolong usage of contact lens may also cause Corneal ulcer which can turn a person blind even. But now technology has given us no room to regret and thus experts have come up with lenses which can be used more than 8 hours. But before availing such lens, please do consult an eye specialist to get details regarding its proper usage.

5) Do not rub your eyes wearing the lens:-

do not rub eyes

Do not ever commit the mistake of rubbing your eye if any foreign body gets into the eye by chance. At once remove the lens and place a few drops of eye solution in the eye. Rubbing the eyes with unwashed hand may insert dust and dirt in to the lens causing severe eye infection. Rubbing the eyes may also fold the lens into halves and makes it difficult to remove it. And if such incident ever happens then  try to locate the lens using a mirror and pinch it out gently with your finger tips. Consult an eye specialist soon if the problem sustains.

4) Do not fall asleep wearing lenses:-

do not sleep wearing lens

According to experts, sleeping while wearing contact lens may makes a people blind. You must always remove your lens and splash water in your eyes before going to sleep. While we sleep our eyes do not get enough oxygen and with the lenses on, it might leads to the growth of bacterial infections which can prove extremely hazardous. Moreover the lens might have possibilities to get displaced inside the eyes.

3) Use proper lens care solution:-

lens care solution

Never use water to clean your contact lens instead of lens care solution. There are plenty of good companies which manufactures such solutions in affordable price. Water contains many harmful particles which may get attracted to the sticky body of lens.So always make sure to use unexpired solution and let your lens immerse in it for better result. Also take proper care of the lens case which you will be provided with while purchasing contact lens. Always clean the lens case with the very solution and never use water on it. Change the solution from the case everyday. Preserving the solution for prolong time may deteriorate the quality.

2) Wearing and removing lens:-

wearing lens

Be very careful while wearing and removing lens. Always use a mirror when you carry out the process. Place a towel on your lap before wearing the lens. Because lenses are usually transparent and have possibilities to get misplaced if ever falls off. Place the contact lens on your index finger and ensure to place it in cup shaped, inside out fashion. Then put it gently to your eyes seeing the mirror. Close your eyes to let the lens get adjusted on the eye ball. While removing it, open the eyes wide,  place the mirror in front and pinch the lens gently and bring it out of the eye ball. Try to keep your nails short  to avoid getting your eyes scratched. Do not mix up the lenses and always try to start with the right eye.

1) Always wash and rinse hand:-

wash hand before using lens

Hygiene should be maintained before using contact lens. Before wearing the lens we should wash our hands with moisturizer free soap or disinfectants. Moisturizer may build a layer on the lens which would not allow us to have a comfortable view. Try to use lint free towel to dry your hands. Contact lens are highly sensitive in nature and a little exposure to foreign material would lead to several eye problems.

Wish you all a perfect vision of this beautiful world.


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