Top 10 Ways to Look and Feel more Confident

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Confidence, they say is a key to success . But there is a fix! The confidence itself comes from success. In a competitive era like today’s , it is necessary to be confident to strive and endure . The challenges that come up every now and then have to be confidently dealt with in order to have  a greener side. So, we here and now reveal before you the top ten ways to feel and look more confident than ever !!


10. Wear a merry smile

Wear a merry smile

One is never fully dressed without a smile . A smile is not just a gesture or expression , instead it tells a lot about the person . Smile is also the only curve which sets all the things straight . The one who can smile in adversities is a real winner , whose victory is unscalable  and whose confidence is unshakeable . Confident people reveal their confidence with their smiling faces and attitudes . So, whether  you plan to go for a meeting , or a party  , or even if you are not going anywhere , a smile is the jubilant accessory you should never miss. Also, the people always wish to talk to and listen to a merry person instead of a gloomy one. Never go out without a smile , it’s like taking along your confidence package .

9.  Don’t compare yourself with anyone

Don’t compare yourself with anyone
Comparison kills confidence!! You should know that you are unique and you are special in your own way.  Hence there stands no point of comparing yourself with anyone . Comparing and analyzing how good the other person is over you is what somehow weakens your own strengths and talents , totally forgetting your own worth . Sometimes there are parents who keep on comparing their kids and keep exemplifying the others’ kids to them, ignoring the fact that this , however is damaging the self confidence of their child. At the same time it is good to appreciate the talents of others without being envied . Thus comparing so as to demean one person in the list can be devastating and should be avoided .

8.  Speak loud and clear

Speak loud and clear
Speech is one of the crucial mirrors to a person’s confidence . Loud and clear words disclose the level of practice behind .  At the same time , it should be noted that the words uttered should be soft as feather cause the impressions that soft and polite words cast are unique . If the vocal is trembling , it depicts the speaker’s nervousness and lack of preparation . For instance , if you are to give some business presentation , or even if it some college event that needs anchoring , the speakers with confident voice are alone able to attract masses to their side . So, speak firmly putting some belief in your own self  and your words will flow smoothly to speak volumes about your confidence.

7. Know the winner in you !

Know the winner in you !
Sometimes, when life gets tough and more challenging . In such times , one should keep inspiring oneself by remembering the success stories of their own . Sometimes , the inspiration lies within and is so easily available if sought within. Every person has some glory attached to his / her past . There is atleast one thing that makes one feel good about being oneself. We should never ever forget that one big moment In the sun that could inspire us at the needed times when there is no one else around to pull us up . This is the trait of winners that they remember their glories and extract power of confidence from them to face coming challenges efficiently and boldly. This helps in even if the current times are not running good.


6. Trust your instincts


Trust your instincts
Instincts can be great directors . They direct us to paths that have been unraveled. If you know your instincts and know that they will come to your aid , whenever needed , then you can be free of doubts about yourself . You will know that your instincts will guide you to victory and this belief in one’s instincts can boost the confidence levels even in the worst of situations.  Also the fact that instincts will be there to bail you out at the last moment affirms your faith in yourself . also , instincts  occur to everyone , the only difference is how they are responded . Trusting them can inspire the levels of confidence .

5. Kill the fears and the doubts

kill the feras and the doubts
Fears and doubts are the biggest enemies . One should strive not to give up his/her beauty of life to the evils . fears cause unnecessary excitements and anxieties that digress us off our goals. Hence , it is essential to know one’s fears and should try to remove them .  Fear always gets replaced by courage  and hope. Once you get the courage to do what your heart desires and craves for , you actually become confident about your own self , and the hope gives you power to march incessantly towards what you crave for . Amongst all the doubts , doubting your own self can cause the greatest havoc. Clearly, these antonyms of confidence- doubts and fears , should be cut at the root for a better living and achieving.

4. Adopt correct posture

Adopt correct posture
They way you sit  , the way you get up , the way you stand and the way your body communicates when you interact with anybody speaks volumes about yourself , your confidence and your personality . A correct posture determines how confident you are with your body , indeed it helps you look more confident . It is said that when you talk or communicate with any body , it is 70% communication that your body is involved in .  A  straight back  is always preferred over a stoop posterior .Confident people always speak , stand and sit confidently . It grows from this fact that they are excellent speakers and great persons to talk to .

3. Handle your emotions

Handle your emotions
While in defeat or in victory , winners are those who can keep their mind in place .  Instead of getting swayed into the river of emotions , the confident person , remains firm on the  ground of principles and ideals. There are times when everything seems to be going against you , it is then that people are shaken  and broken and shattered . It becomes really hard when we collide with such situations head on , but then the confident people (who are the winners) know that the easiest thing in the world is to give up .
You can give up on people , situations or even somethings , but you should never give up on yourself . The confidence helps you not to. Once you realize that you can control your emotions and mind in any situation, you will feel more confident.

2. Be a player


Be a player
‘ winners never quit ,
quitters never win ‘

This is a truth . Being a player who never quits , is how your confidence manifest itself via you .  Everyone plays , sometimes winning sometimes losing . Aspiring for victory is not a bad thing but knowing that losing is equiprobable, is what makes things easier and far more healthier. The confident person realizes this fact crucially and thus plays without the fear of losing . Some people get distressed  drastically once they lose  . This shows nothing but how under confident they are . Surely, overconfidence is a bad thing. The correct measures of confidence can easily drive you through the toughest of the situations.

1. Prepare and practice


Prepare and practice
There is no substitute for practicing and preparing . Before going to any meeting , or going to give an examination , or going for any presentation  one should prepare and practice and take out all necessary details , to help yourself know that you know considerably about the ongoing . Further, in the absence of preparation , you seek out others’ aid desperately to keep yourself into the game , that somehow makes you feel miserable and you end up blaming yourself . This shakes your confidence and In no way helps you maintain its strength . Thus the key of confidence that never fails to open the lock of success , is practicing and preparing for their chance to come .


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