Top 10 Ways to Look and Feel Rich

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Rich is such a cliched word, People want to be rich, alright! But they never act like one. Yes, clothes and shoes and the bling you put on is surely an act of great valor, because according to us, ‘rich people’ are well dressed at all the times, but more than anything it is important to think that you are rich and not just another ‘next door person’. It’s all in the mind, the more you feel good the richer you become. Although a social message, which might not appeal to many, but then again, this is not their fault either. Because the world is all about the mask you put on and not about YOU. Well, here are the tips that will make you look and feel rich and richer than many who actually are rich. All you have to do is BELIEVE:

10. Feel Rich

Feel Rich

The question is ‘I have no penny, then how do I feel rich’? Right guys? Well, here is how. Firstly imagine those people with all the luxury and the brands they wear at all occasions and then imagine those poor kids who wear tattered clothes and come to school. Who do you think are more happy? The answer is ‘you’, because you being the middle person, you get to judge both the party. So with happiness the feeling of being rich is almost connected. The more you become happy, the more content are you with yourself and the more you are confident with your action. And it is this action that will just act as the facade to your being rich. Believe in you, the rest is a much easier action.


9. Is it the reality

Is it the reality

going around the block and flaunting your riches, is not really what we call the ideal situation. People are not really silly, the more you scream or try too hard to look rich, the more you dig a huge hole and bury yourself in. People will be laughing behind your back and comment on your, well, everything. So, here is the trick, do all you have to just don’t make it too evident and try too hard. Keep it casual and let the action, and other accessories do the talking. Always, remember, it’s in you. Next thing is, when you are out, please don’t be a bad tipper, not only does the people work way too hard to deserve a good tip, but this is also a sign of being cheap. You wouldn’t want to be rich and be ‘the bad tipper’. That does not mean, you pour your wallet on tips, it just means, you must be sensible.


8. What’s there to hide, when you have your best feet forward?

What’s there to hide, when you have your best feet forward

Shoes have always been the thing, making statement. they turn out to be the reason why you are going to be judged. Dirty shoes are the worst mistake that nobody can afford to do. It speaks a lot, when you have a bad shoe or something that does not fit the occasion. With dirty shoes, people might know that you are dirty and you really don’t care cleaning up. Even if you are well dressed and wearing designer labels, why would you not try to wear a good, if not expensive but a clean shoe? Everyone deserves one pair of fancy shoe, even if they are expensive. Here is how you can buy an expensive she, simply save some money and until them keep borrowing them from your parents. Parents always have that shoe that we have our eyes on. That will work.


7. This is how you dress

This is how you dress

Dressing is the most important thing to take care of when you are trying to look rich. This does not mean you have to have expensive lines of clothing and wear different things on every other day. It means, have an amazing dry cleaner and follow the trend so that you know what to wear and when. The vintage shops have the best collections, if you know where to shop. Try to mix things. For instance, women can try to layers and mix and match with one another just to give it the extra edge. And for men, guys get some amazing jackets or suits. When wearing a summer jacket you can wear cropped pants and wear shades of a very unique color. It’s all about going nuts with ideas and making it work. Never wear colors that are eccentric in nature because that is the worst faux pas, wear things that you would have never tried. Girls, the worst mistake you make is to wear the same colored clothes when layering, and that looks terrible. Let just consider that you are wearing a LBD, wear hot pink or red colored shoes. Men, when suiting up, keep it simple, never overdo because that means that you are trying too hard.


6. Let your actions be the speaker

Let your actions be the speaker

Acting rich will come when you believe you are rich. Never act like a wimpy kid in dire need of attention. You have to be the greater person who does not bother about it, but acquires it. After being that random person, the very first day after you get your makeover and enter the school or the office, you will certainly turn heads. But please, don’t make that makeover be something that will both turn heads and also make eyebrows to be raised. Make sure that you don’t speak so loud that the people around you gets annoyed and all they want to do is move away. Do never be the person who acts snob, those who acts snob are really not good people, be different. Just because you have riches or at least you are trying to be one, you don’t have to be mean to prove your point.


5. Speak to all, but speak well

Speak to all, but speak well

Make yourself the bigger and the better person, because this will gain your popularity. This will make you the person that others look up to and try to be. Be polite and be well mannered when you speak. You must not be very shallow like those other people, who think they are very smart and then end up being the ones who are hated by all.


4. Richness is innate; books just act as the buffer

Richness is innate; books just act as the buffer

Books are the most important thing that will make you rich in every possible way. It will not only increase your level of education but it will also be portray that you are a well-read person, which is the most important thing. Without the minimum education and a base of knowledge you will always be treated as the other person who simply has money but is not smart and none of us wants to be so. Simply read as much as you can and talk of those things that you know about, never talk gibberish just because you have to. See, there is no shame in being the person who doesn’t know something in particular, because it is impossible to know everything. This will earn you respect but if you keep commenting on everything even about things that you have no clue about, this will let you down.


3. OH! Those shine!!!

OH! Those shine!!!

Get the bling. Girls, diamonds do have the thing about itself that brings the statement and the class to your attire, even when you are not wearing labelled clothes. But hey, wearing diamonds all the time is a bit too hard for us. So why not experiment with quirky things that are just as good as a diamond ring or a neck piece. Be unique in your own way, set the trend. Accessorize in such a way that it gives the message out to the world. And men, when you suit up, try and get the statement piece, it should not be really gaudy or something blingy, but just get something that makes a statement. Wear those sleek and chic watches, the swanky shades, but don’t behave like a swag, or I swear to the god, that the style police will hunt you down and make you bathe in the pool of righteousness and de-swag you.


2. Eat what you love, eat what you desire

Eat what you love, eat what you desire

Feeling rich, is being rich has already been mentioned. But here is the new trick, if you eat right and eat posh; you are going the right way. Guys’, starving is not the solution, it makes you sick. But know what is classier; know what to order when and how to sweat it out. Simply eat all the carbs in the pizza and then go out for a walk, because you really don’t want to be the snob. Foods have their own ranking in terms of what ingredients is in there. so, Know around the table, eat or at least try to eat and savor the delicacies that the rich people can afford to have at all times. And voila!


1. You need to be rich, not psychotic

You need to be rich, not psychotic

We have at some point of time, all come across the stories of the Upper East Side and all, but they were not really the ideal kind of people if you ask me. They wore clothes to die for, but plotting and acting like a maniac is weird. Simply, since you are trying to look rich, do not be the psychotic person who would pass snide comments and make others suffer just because he/she was mean to him. Behave well, Be Polite, Be Generous and you will be class apart.


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