Top 10 Ways to Pass Time in a Train

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Travelling and going to places is always fun. But as much fun it is, we are also worried about how will we spend our time while we are on the train which is taking us to those exciting places. Passing the time on the train is pretty easy and exciting. If you don’t feel that way, read ahead.

10. Sleep

The most convenient way to pass the time in any journey is to sleep throughout. Having some extra sleep once in a while is good for your health as well and keeps you healthy. You can easily catch a sleep in the train while listening to some soft music and the periodic rhythm of the moving train. The best experience will be when you have a seat in the sleeper compartment where lying down comfortably will help you sleep properly.

9. Puzzles or craft

In a train you can indulge yourself in any random activities that you like. You can do crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku, etc. You can find such puzzles and games in the newspapers or carry some with you while packing for the journey. You can solve Rubik’s cube if you like. If you are a creative and artistic kind of a person, you can try sketching and some other crafts, origami, etc. with the waste paper near you instead of throwing them.

8. Picnic or Party

Partying in a train is as much exciting as it sounds. Pack some food for the party or you can order in the train if available. Grab some drinks that you enjoy before entering the train. You can party only with the friends and family which you are travelling. Bring a cake along to surprise everyone which will make the party more exciting.

7. Take pictures:

Carry a camera with you while you are travelling. There are a lot of beautiful scenes on the way and you don’t usually get a chance to see in everyday life. This way you can keep memories of your journey. You can take pictures of the people you meet in train and this also helps in breaking the ice. Also, taking pictures will help you observe the things around you which you wouldn’t have if it were not for photographs.

6. Write about travel

Some people like to write a lot. Travelling gives you a chance to write about your views about the people you have met, the view from the window, the experience that you are having. If you travel a lot, you can start writing a travel journal. Journeys can bring up the hidden writer in you which sometimes inspires you for a great story or some amazing article.

5. Games

A lot of portable games are fun to play while you are travelling in a train. The best option is cards. Cards are preferred because they are extremely easy to carry around, any number of people can play them and you can play a lot of different games with a deck of card. Other option is to play games on your cell phone which are also pretty interesting. You can play chess, observational games, memory games or word games.

4. Make new friends

The people that are with you in the train also face the same problem of passing these long hours. Interact with them and chat with them. That is the best possible thing you can do and you don’t need to carry unnecessary stuff for your time pass. To break the ice between you and the fellow passengers, start by discussing what in news or discuss about your hobbies. You will be amazed to know how well the conversations go and how easily you can have new friends in your life.

3. Reading

Reading helps a lot to pass time, be it anywhere. And while in a train, you get enough time that you need. Also, to read, a person needs privacy and silence. Train has the perfect environment to help a person focus on the reading. It won’t be silent but it will be rhythmic. You can read an entire novel in a journey or maybe half and no one will bother you for anything.

2. Music

Mp3 player is a must to carry when it is a train journey. Do carry the iPod or music player with you when you are in a train. This will get you going for the entire journey. Music also helps one in relaxing and eventually sleeping. Music is also proven good for the mood of a person. So play it along while you go on a journey in the train for it is the right way to roll.

1. Window Gazing

Window gazing is the favorite time pass of most of the people travelling through a train. Nothing can beat the excitement of watching the route of your train and you feel incomplete if you don’t watch it. The whole purpose of travelling is to explore new places and window gazing is the way to fulfill that purpose. It is always pleasure to watch the surroundings by sitting inside a moving train where you only get a glimpse of the things before they move out of your sight.


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