Top 10 Ways to Save a Dying Relationship

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Love is the most beautiful feeling god has endued us with.  But just like every other relationship, love too has its own share of expectations and if they are not met they often head towards separation. It is therefore necessary to keep making efforts to fulfill what your partner requires and keep them happy. If you are in a troubled bond and really want to get things back to place once again, below are 10 Ways to Save a Dying Relationship-

10. Decide if you love each other or not

Decide if you love each other or not

The first step for every relationship that is drowning is to figure out love. Every relationship has its own story, its own situations and background. No one else but the couple can decide if they are in love or not. Love is forever, and if it is not forever, it is not really love. The feelings that a person has out of true love, never die. So if your relationship is a real one, you will still feel love for your partner, however terrible your situations become. The first step therefore to attempt to save a relationship is to figure out and decide if you love your partner or you don’t.

9. Interact with your partner’s near ones

Interact with your partner’s near ones

Every person has a bunch of such people in their lives, who remain close to their heart more than all others. Such people are our soulmates, our advisers and philosophers in all times. They are the ones with whom we share everything we undergo in our life, especially matters close to our heart. So, a good way to save your relationship is to get in touch with someone who is near to your partner’s heart. Interact with a person to whom your partner speaks their heart out and try to understand what is the partner’s problem with you and the relationship. And this way one can analyze the issues from their partner’s point of view.

8. Figure out your problems

figure out your problems

A couple, whose relations ship is undergoing a troubled phase, must understand that the issues are a shared thing. Both of them have been equal contributors in what the circumstances are. They need to sit and talk and try to figure out the problems. More than anyone else, however close they may be to the couple, it is the couple who can understand what their problems are. It is important for them to sit together, listen to each other and get acquainted to the reasons for their falling relationship.

7. Kill your ego and change your ownself

kill your ego and change your ownself

Ego is one dangerously common thing that leads to troubles in relationships. Every person naturally believes in being right in what he does. And when this ego comes in relationships, it ultimately paves way for tensions. None of the two partners are ready to compromise on the belief that they are right, and this if not controlled soon, results to a stressful relationship. It is necessary that both the partners respect and understand each other’s opinions. No one can be always and absolutely right or wrong because both are equally sensitive, rational and capable of expectations. It is necessary to realize this and in consequence, try to improve one’s ownself prior to pointing out flaws in the partner.

6. Read and Act

Read and Act

Today we live in a world that is developing at a great pace. This development is not only political or economical or technological but also social and cultural. With the social and cultural upgradations in the society we are becoming free to express our thoughts. Today love, relationships and sex are issues that can be discussed openly, amiably and confidently, unlike a few decades back when these would have been a taboo to discuss in public. With this positive wave of change, we have a lot of good and helpful material available on the internet and print that can help couples undergoing any kind of issues in their relationship, read and benefit from. There are a good number of magazines that cover such issues, magazines that are exclusively for men or exclusively for women, and also general magazines, that discuss these issues. Thus, everyone has access to material that discusses things from their point of view. Also there are books and internet surveys and blogs that focus on relationships. And it is certainly not a bad idea to get assistance from these sources. One major benefit of these sources is that here we don’t need to speak of our problems to anyone but we can still get into discussions regarding them, making it really helpful for those who are shy or for other reasons uncomfortable to open up with any other person to discuss relationship problems.

5. Go on a trip together

Go on a trip together

A very common cause for break ups and divorces is the lack of time. Partners obviously have expectations from each other. Infact every relationship has its own share of expectations. It is the efforts to fulfill the expectations of your beloved that keeps up a relation. After you have analyzed the difficulty in your relationship and if it is the lack of time for your partner, going out for a trip together is a wonderful way to get sorted.  Even if time is not the issue in your bond, going away from your regular life, a change of place and situation can serve as a soothing and relaxing thing for the two of you.

4. Meet more often

meet more often

Distance is another major phenomenon that leads to estrangements and separations. It is very much connected to giving time. Sometimes though, even if you have enough time for each other, like, you chat a lot over phone or the internet, the distance that still remains serves as a problem. The warmth and comfort that you have together, holding hands, putting your head on your boy’s chest or your girl’s shoulder are irreplaceably important. These things have no good substitute. It is not that long distance relationships fail, they do work, but they need a certain amount of effort to work. Also, of you live in the same city, and yet don’t get to spend much time together, you need to put in efforts. Without efforts, without meetings, your bond with your beloved can really be troublesome. There are many wounds that a mere hug can heal. So, though you need to put in efforts for holding on your partner, they are worthwhile, as they are all for love.

3. Respect each other’s space

respect each others space

Time and distance though are important, but ofcourse everything has a limit. Nothing beyond limits can be healthy. Being together is sweet until it is to the point your partner can appreciate and tolerate. Often been too clingy, possessive or inquisitive gets you into troubles. With such a partner, the other one will get annoyed and irritated over a period of time, and though love remains, the bond doesn’t. Therefore it is really necessary to realize that we are all individuals, even if we decide to spend our entire lives together, remain like one and devote to each other. There is some personal space, some personal freedom that needs to be understood and respected to protect a relationship.

2. Be more romantic

Be more romantic

Romance is like the other name of love, don’t ever let it go. Often, people fall short of this. Ofcourse not everyone is equally expressive and emotional, but within one’s own capacity we must always keep doing something special for our beloved. It is romance that makes an affair different from other bonds of love. Even if you are married to your beloved for years or if you are in a relationship for a long time, don’t stop being loving. This is a major problem with relationships. Couples often fall apart for even when they are together they miss something from their bond that satisfies them fully. Put in little efforts, give surprises, go on long drives, have candle light dinners and get sassy in bed. Liven up your relationship all over again from time to time, by adding a garnish of romance to it. This helps a great deal in saving a relationship that you still cherish but is fading off.

1. Talk (Don’t Argue)

Talk (dont argue)

Conversation is the key to all problems. Hanging up without listening to your partner, shouting on each other, getting angry and not talking for days, if this is what you are doing, when you are into fights, stop it immediately. A relationship really needs conversations, and any conversation is incomplete until it is both sided. To bring your bond back to life, go, sit down and listen to what your partner has to say. Even if he/she is not ready to pay heed to what your heart has, stay calm and listen to him. This will ultimately lead them to listen to you. When you show patience, calmness and consideration, a conversation will certainly happen, and it cannot be a fruitless one.


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