Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit

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As the rains bring in the breezy drizzle and cold waves, it might be the perfect time to savour in the delicacies with a hot cup of tea. Nothing seems more preferable than some fries and chutney. But have you ever thought about the calories you intake while getting drenched till skin? It is high time you start worrying about your health as you do for your skin. In this cut-throat world, our body and soul needs to be in constant balance as to survive the perils of the busy schedule and innate competition for the best.

10.Reduce stress:

Nowadays stress and anxiety seems to be a household name. No one is happy and that trauma can take a toll on the health leading to high blood pressure and heart attack. Needless to say, we need to have constant watch over the activities we indulge in, share your worries with a companion and you will feel relaxed.

9.Sleep tight and get lost in the dreamland:

When inundated by the troubled waters, losing yourself in the deep thoughts is not the solution. Give your body some time to rest, give your soul a blissful slumber, it not only reduces stress but also helps in finding a solution to your worst fears. Lack of sleep can pave up the way for umpteen diseases like sleeping disorder, depression, unhealthy eating habits. Have a carefree sleep leaving behind all the troubles drudged in deep sands.

8.Let loose of your feelings:

Feelings are the most vital facet of our life. Without them, we merely are humans. But due to the artificial mask casing around every one’s face, we hardly manage to put on a genuine smile on our face. These are the baby steps towards depression and stress. Sometimes it is completely sane to throw a tantrum, twinge in the cravings for a small love fight and relieve yourself from the fake life you were about to throw yourself in.

7.Have fun:

Toiling hard for that extra raise in the pay check leaves us with no time for quality time with dear ones. But is that pay worthy of the idyllic time which inundates our mind with good memories and fresh mind? Definitely not! So what are you waiting for? Call down few friends and have a blast down the aisle.

6.Drink loads of water:

No liquid can ever encompass the true value of water. And here it is! For getting that healthy and disease free body, drink loads of water. It should be minimum 3-4 liters every day. It not only hydrates our body but also acts as a natural cleanser for the organs. Even drinking it would curtail the cravings for a full meal leaving us with no guilt.

5.The ME time:

In this busy life style, we rarely get time to pamper ourselves and take care of our body. Your body has supported you through thick and thin. It has survived the harsh realities; the worst climates still has never let you down. It is high time you should take care of it without shutting door for the worldly tensions and hiccups. Go to a spa with scented candles and get engrossed in the soothing ambiance.

4.Sweat it out:

There is no substitute to exercise when it comes down to getting a fit and fine body. The modern equipment has made us a pretty lazy scumbag. To do a simple chore seems to be a daunting task. Let the bygones be bygones. Our muscles need to be in constant motions as to keep it working and energetic. So start from the very next minute and see your results reflected in the mirror.

3.A healthy breakfast keeps the doctor away for sure:

Many of us are so efficient in time management that we often have to rush for work leaving behind the most vital food of our day. Breakfast is meant to supply us the requisite energy for the work ahead. It boosts up the metabolism and keeps us full till noon. The quick fix oily food is the not the solution for starting the day. Start fresh with healthy food and jump off to the very bus stop with a beatific smile.

2.Learn to say no!!

Well to a picture perfect lifestyle, we always get tagged along our friends for hangouts, parties and social gatherings. I don’t say to become anti social all of a sudden, but there is a limit when the troubles start flowing at the brink of the glass. Learn to say no to alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Although you might feel tempted to have a smoke and enjoy in the so called hangouts, but you will definitely regret it in your old age having a frail body and umpteen diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

1.Simple living:

We are so much addicted to latest technologies that we forget once we used to have hands and legs (actually we still do).

Calling your canteen for food delivery when it is just few metres away!
Taking the lift when you just need to reach the first floor!!
These are some of the few in the endless list of the stuff we do which has an adverse impact on our body. Later in some years we might become like the non functional human beings with extra large brains… Lovely looking creatures! Isn’t it?


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