Top 10 Weird Bermuda Triangle Theories

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The ‘Triangle of Satan’ or ‘Devil’s Island’ or the more commonly known Bermuda triangle has given the scientists a run for their money. Dumbfounded on the questions about this mystical patch of water, human being has so far failed to reach any conclusive answer. The annals of experiment confirms that whatever goes on, doesn’t come out. With over 1000 deaths in 500 years, this place is best avoided. We have shunned this land from from our life and all is well now. But, well this but is the trigger which starts churning in human head. The answers is a compromise between fact and fiction. The theories may not be true but are sure amusing. so lets start with the facts and move to fiction,Bermuda Triangle was created by writer Vincent Gaddis in 1964 while writing a cover story for Argosy magazine about the mysterious disappearance of Flight 19. The Bermuda Triangle famous as a place where ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared since a long long time.

10. Comet-Crash.

10. Comet-Crash

One section of the race believe that a comment crashed into earth some 11,000 years ago. The place where it landed? bingo! its today Bermuda triangle. Well the comet crashed into the sea, the impact created a deep trench, one of the deepest one in the world. Its 10,000 ft below sea-level. Now as this depth is well deep, we have no proof about the supposed crash. This slippery comet exudes some extra-territorial radiations that disrupt compasses and other navigational tools and even interfere with an aircraft engine and eventually suck in the planes and ships and also humans. It would be really a breakthrough when we find a little proof about it.  . So now without any facts, its a make-believe belief that ancient alien comet is really the culprit here.

9. UFOs and Aliens.

UFO and Aliens

This is one of the most believed theory. We all look for a reason to believe in aliens and UFOs . And this place is the mecca for them. We are programmed to believe that the aliens has a super armada of hi-tech machines. This dangerous alien mechanics are the one which interfere with our own technology, and lead to crashes and deaths and disappearances of life. It is believed that Bermuda Triangle is a region of interplanetary and inter-dimensional creatures, like a base camp. One of the other theories is a drowned spaceship lurking deep underwater, the deep trench is caused by this big ship. As the aliens are advanced they have hidden their existence from us. Those who have seen it are no longer in the state to reply. Maybe from a planet far far away, they can see us and smile at the out of the world experience they have been through. The third popular theory is that it is a portal to the out side world, similar triangle exists off the coast of Japan, and they serves as a portal for interplanetary, inter dimensional transport and transfer.So basically when ships and planes get caught in the portal at the transfer time, they end up trapped in between dimensions-Nothing to worry about, if you have seen Men In Black you know what i mean, it’s all just by-product of an average day-to-day alien interplanetary, inter-dimensional, portal. Its a normal day at work.

8. The Government, You know.

8. The Government, You Know.

When the leaked pipe to the bomb blast, it is all inadvertently pinned on the government. But when there is something fishy, the government has to be involved,right? They really are out to fool us. The secretive attitude about it is more doubt creating. This area is called base AUTEC (for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center), area 51 is just for us laymen. The location is on the Bahamas’ Andros Island, smack down in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.What is done here ? Its a testing center where the Navy tests out sleek submarines, weapons and sonar, radar. A handful of super-minded human insist that our government has been working with aliens and that AUTEC is actually a testing ground. This is for reverse-engineered alien technology. And this technology is bound to be strong enough to drown planes. We are talking about government strength and alien strength combined.

7. Its the Lost Atlantis.

7. Its the Lost Atlantis

Few things you need to know for this to make sense is that there was once an ancient city underwater in the Atlantic ocean. This city was powered by energy crystals which were the fuel source. And then this majestic piece of art, this slice of heaven was lost forever. Unknown and untraceable till date, we came across few artifacts and the belief of Atlantis lives on in the hearts of the believers. So now the relation to Bermuda triangle, well the Atlantis is the relation. The triangle is over the buried city of Atlantis. It is the that the remnants of the intense energy crystals which mess with the directions of ship, draw them into the eye of storm and destroy it. We can connect this to the 8th and 9th point, this crystals are the reason why AUTEC was formed. So if you want a satisfactory answer which can explain more than one theory than maybe this one actually holds some water ( pun intended ).

6. Deliberate attack to destroy.

6. Delibrate attack to Destroy

Black flags with skull, rings any bell ? Captain Jack Sparrow . Now you get it, right. Its the pirates. The Bermuda triangle is believed by some to be a tale spun by pirates to do their job. While piracy is actually a real threat in this area, we have no support to account for the in-traceable wrecks or people or anything for that matter. This theory cant explain the airplane disappearances. Sadly the story falls apart and we begrudgingly agree that the pirates are not the sole reason behind this mystery. It may be around the fringes but the real tale is different. Inspired by movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and some real occurances , these people believe that the concept of Bermuda Triangle is all absurd and in reality  the pirates of the region who are responsible behind the disappearances of travelers in the past. Piracy has been although a major problem of the region.

5. Methane hydrates and mud volcanoes.

5. Methane hydrates and mud volcanoes

Pockets of trapped methane gas is present in this region. If unleashed, this methane gas like any other gas will move to the surface. This will reduce the density of the water. This messes up the equation of flotation. Any ship in that particular region of water would lose its sailing capability and sink dangerously. Where does the wreck go then ? It moves up to the surface is then immediately moved away by the Gulf Stream. But if the stream moved it then it must have gone somewhere right/ As we have no trace of any wreck anywhere on earth, this well thought out theory has a serious flaw at the end. Other theory is mud volcano which creates foamy water and sinks the ship without warning. There still remains the mystery of where did the wreck go and also no release of Methane has occurred in past 15,000 years.

4. Electronic fog and Magnetic Field.

4. Electronic fog and Magnetic Field

Bermuda Triangle, being one among only two places on earth where the needle points to true north and not magnetic north, the pilots and sailor might have ended up lost and confused. This effect is due declination between north and true north. Perhaps the geomagnetic fields mess with the navigational system. The question to this answer remains the same, even if lost, where did everything go? In 1970, Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon and his father were flying from Andros Island to Bimini Island. They saw a strange cloud which they say grew exponentially, Normally people stay clear of the such stuff, but the father son duo flew into the eye of storm, they were encapsulated by thick cloud, compass went crazy and when they emerged they were miles and miles away from their earlier location. This distance was touted to be more than travel-able in the given time frame, hence they thought they have entered some time machine or alien portal.

3. Waves and Weather Changes Fast.

3. Waves and Weather Changes Fast.

The Atlantic ocean, specific the Caribbean part is known for swift storms and cloud. The triangle is a part of this region and hence it faces intense severe storms as warm and cold air masses collide over the surface. The hurricane like occurrences are known to suck in flying objects. the Gulf Stream can move at mighty velocity of 5.6 miles per hour, and it carries with it, whatever is unfortunate enough to comes in its way. This 40 to 50 miles wide areas is like a river in the sea. However the mystery of wrecks still remain. Curious curious and more curious.

 2. Human Error, duh.

2. Human Error, duh.

When tropical weather and crystal blue water of the region changes to swift currents and weather patterns, the pilots an sailors, who are human you know, they just make mistake. No one likes to admit, but well we make mistakes. When the road is smooth and the weather is sunny , one cant resist to speed just a little now, can we? This happens in the Triangle. If you are headed that way, you are an accident waiting to happen. History says neither you nor your corpse will live to tell the tale. Human error is the number one cause of death in many cases, but here in Bermuda there is probably something much more going on.

 1. Move-on.

1. Move-on

Best explanation is no explanation. The idea is to turn away from the scene, change the channel and get swayed away in everyday life. Does a glass breaking cause you any trouble, the black cat causes you any misfortune? We say no but refrain from messing with this actions. Same way Bermuda Triangle is based on superstition by. created by the human imagination. The Dictionary of skeptics say that many of the disaster which claimed to have occurred in an this area that did not happen here. For them the real mystery is why such a hullabaloo about a triangle! The only explanation that can satisfy the curious cat is that there is no reason at all. Let the future generation find it out, meanwhile we stay clear of this place, just in case any of the theory is real.


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