Top 10 Weird Clothing Materials

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Style makes you confident and enhancing your style sense makes you feel good about yourself. Moreover fashion is one of the rare instances where art comes alive. We all love to dress up in our own way. Don’t we?? Be it funky, cool, traditional or what so ever. In fact the way we dress up reflects our personality to a great extent. We love to wear different types of clothes and experiment with our style sense but the raw material for all our fashion changes and style statements remains the same. We wear clothes made of cotton, linen, nylon, silk etc. But have you ever heard or seen people wearing dresses of bizarre material such as toilet paper, plastic etc. Well none of us have. Though this is pretty weird but yes people have experimented making clothes with materials which we can’t even think of. For instance, wearing a dress made of balloons will never cross your mind. Will it ? Of course for most of us it won’t. But yes, it is we humans who hold this caliber of transforming the impossible into possible. Let’s have a look at this list of top ten weird clothing materials which is beyond our world of imagination.



The nature and its greenery is something which each one of us admire, but what if that nature becomes a part of your clothing. Yes, you guessed it right. What if someday you are made to wear leaves, thorns, flowers and petals. Weird but true. Human creativity has led to the making of this incredible dress made of fruits, cabbage leaves, flowers. I know getting wrapped in the love of mother nature never meant this to any of us. The amazing combination of colors makes it look very vibrant and amazingly beautiful.



Balloons are something which we have been playing with since childhood either in birthday parties or anniversaries. But the very thought of using balloons as a dress material is both amusing and astonishing. Just imagine , how amazing it can be. Blowing up balloons of different sizes and stringing them together not for a party but for a dress. However the only fact you need to be aware of is not to prick your balloon dress or else you might regret wearing it.



Recall your childhood days and those art and craft classes where you used crepe paper to make decorative items for art workshops, but certainly not to make a dress. However this concept of crepe paper dress is not a recent phenomena. Its origin is date back to 1910, which means such ideas had started sprouting back then. The only thing you need to remember when you wear a crepe paper dress is you should avoid washing it.


toilet paper

Now this is something very uncommon and surprising and will surely leave you dumbstruck. Yes, the picture above that you see is that of a wedding dress made up of toilet paper. Undoubtedly it requires great skill to design such a magnificent dress out of something like this but irrespective of the material, the dress looks pretty for a bridal wear although no bride would like to wear a dress made out of toilet pare for her marriage! It has been designed in such an artistic manner with bulks of pink and white toilet papers.



This is something so tempting and delicious. All of us like eating chocolates but very few I guess would love being wrapped in layers of chocolate. It is kind of difficult to imagine but relatively true because such a thing existed in reality. The credits for this bizarre thought goes to the Spanish designer Paco Rabanne who designed a dress of chocolate. Why would someone make a dress out of chocolate? Whatever be the reason, the entire credit for such out of the box ideas should go to the people who make it possible and the moment we see such kind of things happening the first question that crosses our mind is “HOW”? How can somebody make this extraordinary dress out of chocolate ?



We have seen cake as a celebration, it tastes great and makes us feel happy. But how about wearing a cake dress. Yes, its difficult to imagine, but the picture above will give you a clearer vision of how a cake dress looks like. Designed by Lukka Sigurdardottir this is something we would call merging the world of reality and fantasy.  However wearing a cake dress could be fun if you manage to keep it cool !!


This is something unbelievable but a 30 minute advertisement featuring a lady clad in mineral water is a reality. Though the entire shooting is an art of trick photography, but the concept of making a fluid outfit itself sounds so interesting. It was an Italian mineral water company’s creative idea which was difficult to implement, but when it comes in the hands of professionals they make the impossible things possible.



Using iron as a fabric must have set the world amazed and stunned. At Fashion Rio, designer Luana Jardim showed an amazing collection of Specular (dress made of iron). It requires great skill to come up with something so innovative and with so much of perfection. This extraordinary gown is a charisma of human imagination and creativity. The only fact which astounds most of us is that if these dresses needed alterations they would need welders and hammers. Such unique ideas exemplifies the domain of fashion world and makes it both interesting and fascinating.



We all have zips on our clothes, but at the right places. Isn’t it ? But how about the idea of making a dress of zips. Yes, you heard it right. A Chilean fashion designer named Sebastian Errazuriz made this zipper dress using 120 metal zippers. The specialty of this dress is that it can be quickly transformed into different kinds of clothes by simply removing the zips. From something elegant to sexy, this dress is multifaceted. It can be a full length dress and at the same time it can be a one piece too. All that you need to do is remove or add the number of ‘zips’. This gives a smart look and can become a fashion statement in the next era of design and style.



Now we have something which will leave you  with your mouths  wide open. The very first time you see this dress, you will be like “wow”, but once you get to know the material you will be like “how”.  ‘Sex made fashionable’ is the tagline for such kinds of dresses which take the utility of the material to a completely different level. However the purpose behind making such kinds of dresses can be diverse. It might be promoting safe sex or an advertisement based design. These dresses are generally  made up of quality rejected condoms. Created by Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini, such dresses were presented in exhibitions like ‘ Fight Against AIDS’.

Well by the time you finish reading this article you might realize that artists are obviously very imaginative people but there is no limit to their experiments and innovations. No matter how much fetish you have for clothes, not even in your wildest imaginations you could think of wearing or designing something like this. Well this is what we call the world of creativity, skill and art. Its only when you start thinking about your off the track ideas you’ll be able to fascinate the world. People will be amazed, surprised and impressed. So put on your thinking caps and get into your world of imagination to do something which the world never thought of.


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