Top 10 World’s Fattest Countries

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It is generally accepted that advancements in medical technology has resulted in increased life expectancy of people around the world. Technology has definitely improved our lives but what about the lifestyle? Is the routine that we follow healthy to see our body fit? Does it breed laziness within us? Changing lifestyles and emergence of people’s interest in fast foods and such junk items has reportedly increased the cases of obesity among the masses.  Obesity is the extreme condition when the body gains far more weight beyond the optimum prescribed levels. Obesity is a serious health concern today as it is responsible for increased heart related problems and various other diseases including cancer.  Canned food, high calorie food intake and less physical activity are all responsible for the rise of obesity. The report submitted by the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes 10 countries as the fattest in the world considering general fitness and average weight of the citizens.  It is high time that the officials take stringent measure to tackle this issue and educate the people on the risk factors and how with nutritious food and regular exercise they can be back to being physically fit.

10. Hungary (Obesity rate 18.8%)

Hungary obesity

Figuring at the 10th position is the landlocked country of Hungary. Hungary is situated in Central Europe.  Hungary is regarded as a developed country since it attained democracy in 1989. It is famous for delicacies, especially cakes of different flavours and wines sold in various brands.  A majority of the population lives in the metro.  According to estimates, the country has a high income population thus resulting in a high per capita income.  This accounts for consumption of cheap canned food as preferred by the working population.  With high salt consumption on an average basis, nearly two thirds of the country is over-weight. The country is now imposing taxes on sugar, cheesy eatables, etc. to restrict people from consuming unhealthy food.

9. Germany (Obesity rate 20.2%)

Germany obesity

With less than 14% of the population considered to be healthy, Germany is facing the brunt of obesity as one of those countries of Europe with the largest share of population over weight and consequently unhealthy.  Children foods have been found to be lacking proper diet.  Over use of beer, soft drinks and also cheesy ingredients have propelled obesity rates to high levels.  The lifestyle and preferred diet lack the element of a Mediterranean touch and adding to the problem is a general low on health and fitness among the people.  With cancer affected patients on the rise the federal government is considering this a matter of immense prominence although solving the issue is difficult owing to the greater profit margins on junk food than nutritious healthy diet.

8. Canada (Obesity rate 22%)

Canada obesity

Lying north of USA, is Canada that presents itself with large mortality, thanks to the growing concern of obesity.  There have been questions raised if schools are responsible for obesity among children. The city of Ontario exceeds the national average of obese people. There are suggestions that schools need to focus on providing food with higher content of wheat than salt to provide them with just as much calories to keep them healthy and prevent them from the borderline of over-weight issues.  With a very high per capita income and heavy GDP inflows, the working population resort to carefree lifestyle. About 61% of the population is unhealthy with respect to weight and the figure has only been rising between 1989 and 2004.

7. Norway (Obesity rate 22.4%)

Norway obesity

Norwegians are slowly but steadily putting on weight as per recent reports. In contrast to adults, primary school students have a much larger percentage of obesity which was shocking. Obesity at such young age is primarily attributed to the fact that TV viewing deprives children of a considerable amount of physical activity that could keep their biological clock well ticking but unfortunately, the question of having so is far away. Consumption of chocolate and sweets is also a major reason for alarming obesity levels among adults.

6. Slovakia (Obesity rate 23%)

Slovakia obesity

Slovakia is one of the fattest countries of Europe and in the world with about 22.4% of the population reported to be obese.  A recent survey has shown that less than 30% of the children consume fruits and vegetables. Also, a class of the population called the Gypsy have greater BMI (Body Mass Index) than the rest of the population, especially the women.  However, as part of the European Union initiative, there have been joint programs by companies in promoting nutritious diet to prevent people from getting the pounds on. With more than 40% of the population consuming sweets on  a regular basis, the Slovak government is setting up a national plan to cut down the risk of rising obesity levels among its denizens.

5. UAE (Obesity rate 23%)

UAE obesity

With the increase in demand for fast food, recent studies have proved that one in three in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is over-weight.  What is unfortunate is this weed sets up at a very early age. The kids have a surprisingly high rate of over weight. Parents giving into the children’s fast food demands and with no proper intervention from the government, obesity has turned into an epidemic in the country. The factors were not genetic but due to changing lifestyles.  Obesity is bad because it has indirectly increased the prevalence of hypertension and diabetes and other chronic diseases and long lasting ailments.

4. Czech Republic (Obesity rate 24.2%)

Czech Republic obesity

Another European country that has found its way into the ’fat’ list is Czech republic showing a 14.8% obesity rate. Czech Republic leads in the overall consumption of beer in the world. Their cuisines mainly revolve around meat. Also, sweets and desserts are served in large quantities. Hence its only obvious that with intake of large amount of carbohydrates and fat result in excess fat in the body. Obesity has witnessed an increase in the teenager population although the net obesity levels have more or less remained constant.  Fish is rarely consumed except on festive occasions and hence the diet lacks a major source of protein.

3. Australia (Obesity rate 24.6%)

Australia obesity

Obesity in Australia is considered to be an epidemic and increasing in frequency.  The numbers are showing a phenomenal rise and don’t tend to come down.  Once again, indulgence in sedentary activities is the reason.  The Australian Government is making serious efforts to curb this evil and hence has set obesity concerns as serious health priorities introducing innovative measures like gym memberships, compulsory sports in school grading, engaging students in field activities and various other campaigns and rallies focusing on eliminating obesity from the childhood level.  There are reports that many of the citizens are undergoing sophisticated weight reducing surgeries to get back to normal shape and this figure is increasing gradually indicating obesity is spreading thoroughly.

2.  New Zealand (Obesity rate 26.5%)

New Zealand obesity

With a staggering 25000+ children in the age group 2-4 declared obese, the Ministry of Health of New Zealand has announced the situation of obesity in the country as ‘tragic’.  There have been discussions over 20 percent tax on junk foods but even with many policies, obesity control at the individual level hasn’t given a positive outcome.  The government has held talks for serious strategies to build on, like labelling food as healthy and unhealthy and teaching students about the nutritional value of the different kinds of food they consume so that with the insight on health issues, they could discard the unwanted food and cut down on calorie intake.

1. USA(Obesity rate 33.8%)

USA obesity

Topping the list is USA, with a whopping 34% obesity rate that would just pop your eyes out.  The promising land of science and technology has unfortunately inculcated all the bad food habits and haphazard lifestyles, no wonder, one day the consequence had to be of such magnitude.  Apart from this, about 1-4 lakh deaths are reported to be due to morbid obesity annually. Consumption of potato chips, red meat, sweet drinks along with excess junk and canned food dependency are listed out as the factor responsible for this. Anti-obesity efforts are now popular and kicking off to reach people and give them the insights into the risks of being obese and how to maintain the body.




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    December 27, 2013 9:01 pm

    Yeah that list is horseshit. Norway is not that high and the USA is no longer on top. Also, there are more fatties in the middle east, not just the UAE.


    February 15, 2014 7:28 am

    ^^^^^^ DUMBASSES ^^^^^^^
    This is a percentile of obesity. America has the highest amount of obese and morbidly obese whilst australia has the highest of overweight people.

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