Top 10 Worlds Most Amazing Coincidences

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Life is full of mysteries and coincidences, some affect us major whereas they others are considered to be too minor for recollection. Coincidences don’t happen or occur every day, neither every week, or rather, coincidences can occur anytime and at anyplace. Coincidences are something a little innocuous to believe, yet they do occur. There are some really bizarre and strange coincidences which have taken place around the world, with different people from all walks of life. Some coincidences have changed the world for certain people, while others have left many spell bounded, raising questions about their occurrences and consequences. Yet, coincidence is one thing which does not come with a guarantee or a time frame. They just happen to people in extraordinary ways, which you could either dread about or cherish. Here is a list of some of the most strange coincidence which have had occurred in many a people’s lives.

10. Found the book of her childhood

Found the book of her childhood

This coincidence took place in the 1920’s, in the life of an American novelist named Anne Parrish, in Paris. One fine day, she was very casually going through the books stacked in the decks of a bookstore, when she came across a book which comprised of all her favourite stories of Jack Frost and other novelists, which she read and listened to as a child. She bought that book back home to show it to her husband, telling him of her childhood memories and which she fondly remembered. When the husband opened the book, he was surprised to find the inscription on the first page of the book, ‘Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs.’ This book was Anne’s very own book, which she herself had written it.

9. Novel that predicted the sinking of Titanic and another ship which almost faced the downfall

Morgan Robertson wrote his book named ‘Futility’

In the year 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote his book named ‘Futility’. This book described of a huge ship which was considered to be unsinkable, and the ship was named the ‘Titan’. During the first voyage of this ship, it strikes an iceberg and sinks, causing huge loss to lives and property, and this event was written to be taken place in the Month of Wreck, that is, April. In the year 1912, the Titanic faced a downfall in the very same manner as described in ‘Futility’, strangely in the month of April too. 3000 passengers would die, was mentioned in the novel, whereas in reality 2207 people died on Titanic, the number being very close. The book mentioned of 24 saving lifeboats, whereas Titanis had 20 lifeboats,

8. Mark Twain and Halley’s comet

Mark Twain and Halley’s comet

Mark Twain, the notable American novelist and humorist, had come on the earth along with the Halley’s Comet in the year 1835. Halley’s Comet makes it appearance on the earth once in 75-76 years. Twain, on one fine day in the year 1909 remarked, “I had come on this earth with the Halley’s comet. It is going to come next year and I expect to go away with it.” This random remark of his totally came true when he expired on the day of the next appearance of Halley’s Comet in the year 1910.

7. Monk intervenes with the same man’s repeated suicide attempts

joseph aigner capuchin monk

A very well known portrait painter of the 19th century, Joseph Aigner has tried committing suicide several times, plainly because he was an unhappy man and lived in a very unsatisfactory way. He first attempted to commit suicide at the age of 18 by hanging himself, but was interrupted and stopped by a Capuchin monk. When he turned 22 years of age, he tried to repeat the same act and committed suicide, yet he was again saved by the same Capuchin monk. Eight years after the incident, he was arrested for political reasons and mishaps; yet again he was bailed out due to the involvement of the Capuchin monk. When he turned 68, he finally got successful in ending his life, but surprisingly his funeral ceremony was conducted by the same Capuchin monk. This is probably one of the most strange and weird coincidences!

6. Yes, it was Edgar Allan Poe’s book

Edgar Allan Poe’s book

‘The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’ was written in the 19th century by a famous horror writer named EdgarAllan Poe. In the book, he writes a story of four survivors who survive a shipwreck on a stormy sea. Without food and water for days, three of the survivors kill and eat the cabin boy of the ship who was fictionally named ‘Richard Parker’. A few years later, the novel story repeated itself wherein the shipwreck caused to Mignonette led to three hungry survivors killing and eating the fourth one along with them, who was the cabin boy. And the best part, the cabin boy’s name was Richard Parker.

5. The Poker game

The Poker game

This coincidence took place in the year 1858, when Robert Fallon had won a huge pot worth $600 with a group of people. Claiming that he had cheated in the game and won the pot, the people with whom Fallon was playing shot him dead, due to vengeance and anger of loss. After his death, there was no one to take his seat for the unlucky stake of $600. The group finally found a new person to take his place and put him at stake with the 600$. When the cops came in later to investigate the murder of Fallon, the young boy had already won 2,200$, along with the 600 stake. The police demanded of Fallon’s share of 600$ to be passed onto his next kin. They later discovered that the young boy who won the huge pot of 2200$ was none other than Fallon’s own son! He had come in search of his father when he heard no news of him since 7 long years.

4. The story of Twin brothers

jim lewis and jim springer twins

Two twin brothers, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were adopted by completely different families and remained unknown to each other. Here’s where all the coincidence facts start – Both of them were named James. Their interests being the same in mechanical drawing and carpentry, both went into law-enforcement schools to seek a career. Both of them got married years later with women of the same name, ‘Linda’. They both owned dogs named ‘Toy’. They had children, and both of them had a baby boy. One was named as ‘James Alan’ and the other named ‘James Allan’. Later, they divorced their first wives and got married again to two different women again with the same name, this time being ‘Betty’.

3. The bullet did reach its destiny

Henry Ziegland bullet

A man named Henry Ziegland broke off his relationship with his girlfriend in the year 1883. In depression, his girlfriend committed suicide, leading to violence and anger in his elder brother. The girl’s brother was furious and was out to seek Henry’s blood. He found Henry and shot him with his gun, but the bullet did nothing much except for just scrap his face and went and stuck into the bark of a tree. Well, fate seemed like being generous on Henry and thus he dodged the bullet. Years later, Henry wanted to cut down a tree. But as the tree had grown really old, he decided to blow the tree up with a few sticks of dynamite. When he did that, the same bullet which had failed to kill him years before, just popped out and propelled into Henry’s head, thus killing him instantly. That was the destiny of Henry and the bullet!

2. King’s coincidence

Kind Umberto I coincidence

In Italy, one fine day, accompanied by his aide-de-camp, Kind Umberto I visited restaurant for dinner and placed an order for his food, taken by the restaurant owner himself. On noticing closely, the King found the owner to be his virtual twin, with the same face and body features. When an interaction between them began discussing about their similar lives, the following facts, or rather strange coincidence came to light!

  • Both were born on the same day, same month, same date and the same year – March 14th, 1844
  • Both the men were born in the same town
  • After few years, both of them married a woman with identical name, Margherita.
  • The day Umberto I was crowned as the King of Italy, the owner had opened and started his restaurant on the very same day.
  • King Umberto was informed of the restaurateur’s death in a shooting accident on the 29th July, 1900. As he spoke of the sad incident and expressed his regret, he was assassinated by a mysterious anarchist from the crowd.

1.      Dean’s car curse

James Dean’s car curse

This is probably one of the strangest and extraordinary coincidences you might have heard of. James Dean owned a Porsche sports car and was mysteriously killed in a car accident with the same car. Since then, the bad lack legacy of this car continues.

  •  When the car was getting towed to the manufacturing company outlet from the spot of accident, the engine of the car slipped out of the blue and shattered the mechanic’s legs, both of them!
  • The engine was later bought by a doctor to be used in his racing car. Unfortunately, the doctor was killed in a race game. Few years later, another person bought the same engine and fit into his car. He participated in the same race and thus met with the same ill fate.
  • After many years, Dean’s Porsche was repaired. Yet, this god bad luck too as the garage in which it was kept caught fire and the whole place burnt down.
  • The car, due to these incidents, was kept for a show in Sacramento. Yet again, the car mysteriously fell off the mount and injured a young teenager’s hips, who was at the show that time.
  • In Oregon, the car was getting towed on a trailer. In a few moments, the car slipped off the tow bar and went crashing into the front of a random shop.
  • The curse of this car ended in the year 1959, when this piece of bad luck broke into 11 odd pieces when it was mounted on a steel support.

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