Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Airports

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Airports are complex structures to make. But people find it hard to acknowledge what all has been done to build a nice, properly functional and beautiful airports. This is because, those who visit an airport, either they are travelling to some place and concentrate on just the flight while others are to greet their loved ones and pay all their attention to the people they are here for. No one bothers to look at the magnificent airport. But some airports in the world are so beautiful that they will catch your attention in a second.

10. London Heathrow Airport

This airport looks overcrowded at times and around 60.4 million passengers use it yearly but is one of the most beautiful airports in the world. The terminal 5 of this airport was completely constructed in the year 2008 at a cost of 6.2 billion dollars. The designing and construction of this airport terminal took 19 years. It is one of the best airports for shopping and also offers ease of use, easy public transport, efficient security staff and more.

9. Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport is not too busy and has 18 million yearly passengers. The airport offers a vast collection of Northwestern Pacific Coast Native art. The airport authority and the government has spent 1.4 billion dollars on the airport and expanded the area. The airport is best known for its staff, apart from the beautiful architecture. Many volunteers are present on the airport also help and guide the passengers.

8. Munich International Airport

Munich International airport is the second busiest airport in Germany. The walls and ceilings of the airport are mostly made of glass which make the airport look wide open and extra-large. The terminals have a pleasing structure. It is awarded the best airport in the entire Europe. The dining and shopping options are also very commendable.

7. Singapore Changi Airport

This airport has more than nine hundred skylights on the roof and each of those is adjustable and allows the perfect amount of light to enter the airport. The baggage claim area is built in the form of a 5-storey vertical garden. To give the place a calming atmosphere, the airport has many indoor gardens which are scattered throughout the area. There is an outdoor pool, many movie theatres, showers, spas, 4-storey slide, etc.

6. John F. Kennedy Airport, New York

This airport was designed by Ero Saarinen and the airport terminal looks like the wings of the bird seagull in flight. The very famous Terminal 5, which is also known as TWA Flight Centre, is very beautiful and is used in a lot of Hollywood movies like Leonardo di Caprio’s ‘Catch me if you can’. The airport was completely designed in 1962 and is still as good.

5. Kansai International Airport, Japan

This airport is located on the manmade (artificial) island constructed off the Osaka’s downtown coast. It was designed by Renzo Piano and opened in the year 1995. The structure is very modern and looks like an airplane fuselage where the corridors look like wings if viewed from the main hallway. The Terminal 1 is 1.7 km long and is one of the longest buildings in the world.

4. Zurich International Airport

The Zurich International Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland and was completely constructed in 2003, by expanding it with a new terminal, Skymetro – an automated train for passengers and an underground. There is a unique porter service offered by the airport that will pick up the bags of passengers from anywhere in the airport campus and deliver those at the final destination and charge a small fee from the travellers. The airport has fine dining arrangements for the passengers and highly efficient immigration and security arrangements.

3. Beijing Capital International Airport

The busiest airport in Asia, also second busiest in the world, is the Beijing’s International Airport with around 78.7 million passengers every year. The tallest building here is the Terminal 3 which was started in 2008. It was opened in that year for the Beijing Summer Olympics games. The design of the airport is quite according to the Chinese art culture and blends it interestingly with modern architecture. The structure is that of a fish having scales in the form of parts and the use of red as well as yellow flags symbolizes China.

2. General Cesareo L Berisso International Airport, Uruguay

This airport was designed in the year 2009 by the very famous airport architect Rafael Vinoly. The airport is simple and graceful and is popular by the name Carrasco International Airport. The entire structure covers 12 hundred feet of landscape and has a great but gentle arching rooftop. The airport blends amazingly with the environment and has a wide, welcoming and open public space for the passengers and their loved ones who come to welcome them or greet them.

1. Hong Kong International Airport – Terminal 1

The airport is also known by the name Chek Lap Kok. When Hong Kong was handed over to People’s Republic of China, the opening of this terminal took place. It was 1997, and the design of this terminal made every go gala. It looks like a giant airliner sitting on the top of Hong Kong’s landfill extension. The steel and glass roofs are light in weight, and modulate the daylight very efficiently.


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