Top 10 Zodiac Tattoos that you can get

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Tattoo is a form of art or body modification that is in existence since 5000 years. It was British explorer James Cook whose voyage in late 1700s brought a modern revival in tattooing. Before that, it was a common practice with tribal groups in Africa, Cambodia, Europe, Japan, Southern China etc. Tattooing is also known as inking because an indelible ink is inserted into the dermis layer of the skin that changes the colour of the skin pigment. And it can be of many types depending upon whether it’s a design, a symbol or a text. Zodiac tattoos are one of the popular styles of tattooing that people go in for either because of its astrological belief or just to flaunt the trend. Zodiac tattoos basically represent a zodiac sign which can be read according to one’s date of birth or name and it has got an astrological relevance. If you are also thinking of getting a zodiac tattoo done and even after knowing about the amount of pain it includes you want to be a daredevil, then I have got for you the 10 most amazing zodiac tattoos you can choose from and flaunt them everywhere you go.

10. Sagittarius’ Arrow

sagittarius zodiac tattoo

A Sagittarius tattoo is often depicted by a half horse, half man that symbolizes the greater purpose of a Sagittarius person who wants to improve the lives of others around him. A Sagittarius may also tend to get lost in new things and often needs a direction in life, that’s what the bow and arrow in many Sagittarius tattoo designs depict. Sagittarius are also very friendly, generous and compassionate people and their tattoo design sometimes also contain a flower. This design shows an arrow representing their quest for a direction which they seek in life.

9. The Scorpio

scorpio zodiac

The name Scorpio was given to the zodiac because of the story that tells that the giant huntsman Orion was bit to death by a scorpion which was put against him by the goddess of earth Gagia because of his ignorance. A Scorpio’s tattoo contains the life threatening animal, but it also signifies a deep intensity and a magnetic personality that all Scorpions are known to possess. Scorpions are often feared due to their wrath and sting, but it is a harmless creature until it itself feels threatened. This is also a quality that all Scorpion people own. Besides the animal, a Scorpio tattoo can also be depicted by a capital letter M with a tail at one end pointing into an arrow. A Scorpio’s legs and tail are represented by this arrow which is also a symbol of its energy that keeps a Scorpion’s soul focused.

8. Libra’s Balance


The zodiac sign of Libra means balance. It shows a scale of justice while people who are born with this sign hate confrontation and seek to find a middle ground. The balance of a Libra reflects that there is an innate necessity of balance in one’s life. Libra people are always seeking equilibrium in their life and also try to create balance in life of those around them. This tattoo design depicts an angel on one of the weighing pans and a demon on the other which shows how good always rises over the bad. A Libra tattoo can also have two parallel lines with the upper one having a semi-circle in its centre that depicts sun setting in horizon.

7. The Virgin


Virgo’s tattoos are often symbolized by the virgin and usually have the picture of a young girl with wreath, flowers, or wheat. A Virgo’s tattoo is also figurative of a female’s reproductive system and can contain a closed tail at the letter M showing the sacred need of privacy in a Virgo’s life. Virgo’s this quality of keeping to himself or herself is commonly depicted in its body tattoos. This one is a similar tattoo having a combination of the virgin along with a glyph that expresses the Virgo in possibly one of the best ways.

6. Aquarius “Watermark”

aquarius water-mark

Tattoo designs for Aquarius usually have a pair of zigzag lines stacked over one another representing water. These lines may have stars around them and represent the strengths and weaknesses of an Aquarius person. Along with water, a water bearer i.e. a man or a woman with an urn of water, or pot spilling water is also depicted in many tattoo designs for Aquarius. This tattoo design also has the distinctive wavy lines in blue colour along with the alphabet A, for Aquarius. The water is symbolic for spiritual food and life which an Aquarius is believed to offer to rest of the world.

5. Aries’ Ram


Aries are known to be stubborn and having an adamant nature. They have got an attitude of pushing things forward against all the obstacles. This quality can be very well seen in their tattoo designs. An Aries tattoo most commonly consists of a ram or a ram’s horns. The ram also dignifies other qualities of Aries such as impulsive, instinctive and adventurous nature. Other than this, an Aries tattoo can also contain a line which sprouts upward into two curves leaning outwards. This picture represents growth of a plant or a weed and is symbolic to the spring time of the year which is the Aries month. This also shows new growth.

4. Leo, the Lion

Leo, the lion

The zodiac sign Leo, very commonly represented by the king of the animal kingdom lion, speaks for great power, leadership quality and a regalness. Just like a lion, all Leos tend to possess decisiveness, a strong will, an ambitious nature and high goals. They stop at nothing when it comes to attaining their goals and are natural leaders. Besides these, Leos also hold great morals and inner values which can be seen influencing their actions. This tattoo also symbolizes the strength and immense power and being made over the chest, it indicates that Leos are ruled by their heart.

3. Taurus Bull

taurus bull

Bull is the most notable representsing Taurus tattoo design. This stands for immense stability and determination. A Taurus tattoo design can have bull in different forms. A charging bull depicts aggressiveness and power whereas a bull in action depicts the dominance and endurance of a Taurus person. A Taurus tattoo design can also have a circle which has small parenthesis over it that is laid on its side and facing upward. Taurus people are also very loyal and commitment loving besides being stubborn and determined. All these qualities are correctly depicted by this bull tattoo.

2. Cancer’s crab

zodiac cancer tattoos8

Cancer is one of the most complex sign of all zodiacs as it can have many interpretations. Often depicted by a crab, it shows the ability of a Cancerian to protect its inner soft core by enabling a tough exterior shell. Cancerians are imaginative and have a deep connection with their feeling which also helps them in forming strong bonds and relationships with others around them. A Cancer’s tattoo may also contain the number 69 which can also be seen as a woman’s breasts and it exemplifies their nurturing and caring behaviour. This tattoo designs contains a crab symbolic of their tough outer shell covering the fragile inner core.

1. Gemini pair


Gemini’s are known to acquire a dualistic personality. Though a Gemini appears to be same all the time but they long for new things and have got a twin side. This makes it difficult for them to stick to one thing or have long term commitments. The same nature is represented by Gemini tattoos which usually show a pair of young identical twins, a pair of identical floors, woods or words. This Gemini tattoo has the Roman numeral two which stands for the two personalities which are at work behind a Gemini person. The stars along with the numeral look graceful and are included because of the twinkling and attractive qualities of the Gemini.


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