Top 10 Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors

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Your Favorite… Sorry let me re-frame it. Our favorite dessert undoubtedly is ice- cream. Vanilla, butter scotch, black currant we love it all, of course we all do. But how many of us about the way our favorite flavor of ice cream is prepared? Ice cream, a frozen (what?)  is generally prepared from dairy products such as milk or cream, mixed sweetening agents and other flavors. Mixing is the tricky part and is done with cooling to get more air to make it smoother and also to prevent crystal formation because if not done properly will lead to lump formation and won’t get the smooth ‘texture’. The result is smooth semi solid dessert ready to be scooped in your cone. But it is interesting to note that over the years people across the world have developed so many flavors that sometimes it’s even jaw dropping. And of course when it comes to bizarre ice cream flavors you cannot out smart Japan. Seriously you’re going to be amazed after reading this article. So we bring to you Top Ten Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors.


10. Chocolate covered Bacon Ice cream

Thumbs up for the pork lovers! Now you can even have bacon for dessert! You are going to love this one. And it’s even easy to make, try it at home. The idea behind is very simple. Fresh bacon strips, dip it in chocolate sauce, freeze it to give it the right texture and crisp. Then serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The creators of this flavor have definitely taken the bacon to a higher notch. Chocolate covered bacon ice cream has everything to offer for a foodie. Bacon, chocolate sauce, and sober as time vanilla. It should not be an amazement to know that big restaurants have tried this flavor at their restaurants and have got a positive feedback from their customers. Really this flavor is a dream come true for meat BACON lovers.


9. Horse meat ice cream

As written earlier, you can never out smart Japan when it comes to creating bizarre ice cream flavors. Horse meat is not a forge name for the their ice cream flavor by the company, Basachi Ice. To be frank this is probably one flavor that will make your stomach start to churn. The ice cream has real horse meat. It has chopped bits of horse flesh in it. It is basically vanilla based ice cream with bits of horse meat in it. Yes it may sound gross to many but this firm from Japan does sell products like these and believe it or not it’s their best selling product (God knows how!).


8. Nagoya Noodle Ice cream

Ever got irritated to eat cold hardened noodles? Well then this one is epic! The makers of this ice cream, Chakkiri Musume Honten have finally found a way! how to not get hardened noodles below thirty degree Celsius. And not only that, they imbibed this idea with ice cream and gave birth to this new flavor of ice cream. It’s ok if you don’t want to get your noodles served with milk product. But interestingly this too got feedback from the customers. Now your favorite noodles will soon be served in small cones!


7. Shrimp Ice cream

Don’t know about foreign countries but here in India we take ourfood very seriously. We are not afraid to sue companies if we are not satisfied with the products’ quality. But this flavor is rather creepy. Imagine yourself in a hot summer day trying to open your ice cream cup and you find a shrimp in the ice cream! After this you would probably be reporting local health authorities, but with the makers of the ice cream, Roman Holiday, it’s common standards. Yes their ice creams come with a shrimp in them. At least you’ll probably be able to enjoy quality sea food while beating the heat of summers.


6. Fish Ice cream

More sea food coming your way and we’re back to Japan and welcomed with another delicacy, Fish Ice cream. Something must smell fishy about the ice cream flavored with “saury”- a saltwater fish pretty popular in Japan. But no worries, nothing is going to smell fishy when it comes to Kimura Shoten’s fish flavored ice cream as the fish smells have been drowned by adding liberal amount of brandy to it. No idea where do the makers of these ice creams get their ideas from!


5. Octopus Ice cream

All right, after having pieces of horse meat, fishes and even eating chocolate dipped bacon with vanilla. If you thought it ends here, you might have thought too soon as Japan continues to freak out in a stretch. This time with putting octopus in our ice cream cups! You’ve read it right, Octopus. Taco Aisu, the creators of this flavor of ice cream are pretty satisfied with the job they have done. It’s now time that you tantalize your tongue with tentacles. If you do, Octopus flavor will be so your flavor. Japanese have been able to use octopus in a variety of fields. From fine delicacies to even props in porn movies. No wonder that the octopus has found its way in ice creams too.


4. Squid Ink Ice cream

For those of who have not bothered to open their biology books even in lower grades, a squid is a mollusc. Somewhat like octopus but is atleast 20 feet in size, has more arms than an octopus and has eye sized of a football. Squid has a mechanism to escape the predator. It sprays an ink that colors the entire area around and the squid gets sufficient time to escape. Ever wondered how squid ink tastes like? No? Then take the first flight to Japan and get a squid ink ice cream. If you don’t like the idea of having squid ink in your ice cream you always have the option of chewy octopus ice cream. Japan has got full planning to put the taste of deep sea on your palates.

3. Sweet potato Ice cream

We have all enjoyed slices of sweet potato with seasonings and a tinge of lemon. This is what we have been enjoying for years. But guess what now you can enjoy a new recipe that is not as bizarre as the above Japanese. It’s easy to make and can be even be made at home. You just need three ounce of sweet potatoes, half cup of vanilla protein powder, one fourth cup of unsweetened almond milk and one table spoon of your favorite nut butter. Whip everything in a blender to get a smooth texture and freeze it for one and a half to two hours. You can season it with the cereal of your choice too. This recipe isn’t really bizarre but a little unconventional from the way how we have been enjoying sweet potatoes.


2. Eel Ice cream

Yes, eel! The electric fish that lives deep under water, the one that can electrocute its predators. Japanese eat that too! No offense intended but the bizarre list is endless. Interesting to note that eel, is a summer delicacy in Japan. Probably this is the reason why “Futaba” decided to make it as a flavor of their new ice cream.  Surprisingly the smooth texture of the dessert is quite palatable no matter how’s the thought of having it is.


1. Ox tongue Ice cream

Want to have a lick of ox tongue ice cream? This one deserved to be number one. How about tasting another tongue, it does sound creepy of course. Well, this is another Japanese favorite. The ox tongue ice cream combines chunks of ox’s tongue  with sour milk ice cream. This flavor was recently tasted by the people and they liked it too. It is important for us to understand the philosophy, culture and thinking of this multicultural world of ours’ rather than hating and feeling awed.


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    July 27, 2013 7:58 am

    there’s a shop in ahmedabad which serves ginger flavoured, garlic flavoured and chilli flavoured ice creams.. and the flavour is actually very strong…

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