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Talk of numbers and we are never far behind. Be it the population, number of internet users, number of facebook accounts, number of people who are BPL or even the number of billionaires, India has always bagged the honours vis-a-vis other countries. To be precise, India, with 56 billionaires ranks 6th in the world in the list of total number of billionaires by country. And believe me, these billionaires, with their immense wealth, are super rich and are often called as ‘High Net Worth’ or HNI individuals. Let us now have a look at top ten richest Indians and their wealth. Their net assets are indicated both in US Dollars and Indian National Rupees, with the exchange rates as on 16th June, 2014. Sit back and marvel at them!

#10- Sunil Bharti Mittal- Bharti Enterprises

At Number ten, we have one of India’s foremost telecom magnates, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, the Chairman and CEO of Bharti Enterprises. With diverse interests such as telecom,retail, financial services, and agri business, Bharti Enterprises is one of India’s respected corporate houses. Its flagship telecom brand Airtel has made its presence felt in 20 countries and is the fourth largest telecom operator in the world. 

Mr Mittal’s net worth is $6.4 Billion or a staggering 38,560 crore rupees! So, next time you hear the Airtel jingle or subscribe to the fourth largest telecom operator in the world, think of its super-rich CEO.

#9- Shashi & Ravi Ruia- Essar Group

Brothers in Riches, literally! Shashi and Ravi Ruia together control the Essar Group which has diverse interests. The brainchild of these two super rich brothers, the Essar Group today has $39 billion (2,34,975 crore rupees) in revenues and with an employee strength of 73000, it has forayed into steel making, energy, infrastructure sector as well as services such as telecom. One of the most prominent residents of Lutyens’ Delhi, the Ruias founded this conglomerate way back in 1969 as a construction company. As the fortunes of the company rose steeply, so did their image as two of India’s most respected corporate leaders.

Their Net Worth totals a whopping $6.8 Billion or 40,970 crore rupees. Think Essar, Think of S & R- Shashi and Ravi!

#8- Savitri Jindal- Jindal Group

The woman in the picture is India’s richest woman, no less! Savitri Jindal is the wife of the legendary Om Prakash Jindal, the founder of the multi-billion dollar Jindal group. Be it Power, Petroleum, Steel or Cement- The Jindals are conspicuously present across all these sectors. The foreign media calls her the ‘Indian Steel Baroness’ who has also served as a Cabinet Minister in the Haryana Government as a member of the Indian National Congress. She also has another record in her name- that of being a billionaire mother with the most number of children, i.e., nine.

Savitri Jindal and her family have a net worth of $6.8 Billion or 40,970 crore rupees. A rich woman, indeed.

#7- Anil Dhirubhai Ambani- ADA Group

Billed as India’s 7th Richest person as per the latest Forbes List of Billionaires, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is the younger of the Ambani brothers, who have inherited India’s largest corporate enterprise- the Reliance group from their legendary father Dhirubhai Ambhani. As per an agreement overseen by their mother Kokilaben Ambani, the Ambani brothers divided their share of the Indian corporate behemoth. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is the chairman of the Reliance ADA group, which has interests in Telecommunications, Infrastructure and Power. With a revenue of $15.4 billion (92,785 crore rupees), the Reliance ADA group employs about 120,000 people today, spanning across different countries.

Anil Ambani’s net worth is $8.2 billion or 49,405 crore rupees. Richie Rich!

#6- Kumar Mangalam Birla- Aditya Birla Group

The house of the Birlas has long been held with much veneration and respect along with the likes of Tatas and Ambanis. Chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla makes it to #6 on this exalted list of the richest Indians. The Birla group is a multinational conglomerate, with a revenue of $40 Billion (2,41,000 crore rupees). The group has interests in sectors such as cement (largest in India), chemicals, fertilisers, financial services, telecom (third largest in India), BPO and IT services. The Aditya Birla group’s philanthropic activities include a network of 45 schools and 18 hospitals across India.

Kumar Mangalam Birla sits atop a vast wealth of $8.6 billion or 51,815 crore rupees. Would you mind asking him for a pie from it?

#5- Shiv Nadar- Hindustan Computers Limited

Shiv Nadar of Hindustan Computers Limited, draws inevitable comparisons with the iconic Steve Jobs. And that is not without reason. He founded HCL in 1976 and this technology and IT enterprise has come a long way since then, becoming an MNC operating in 31 countries an employing about 90,000 people. With a pre-eminent thrust on the IT hardware segment, HCL’s revenue has touched the figure of $6.2 Billion (37,355 crore rupees).

He is a tech tycoon in every sense who founded one of the first Indian companies to command a large share in its chosen segment of operations. No wonder, he has accumulated a net worth of $11.1 Billion or 66,877 crore rupees, during a highly successful stint in the Indian IT industry.

#4- Dilip Shanghvi- Sun Pharmaceuticals 

At Number four comes the ‘Takeover Man of India’- Dilip Shanghvi, the Founder of  Sun Pharmaceuticals. He clinched a cracker of a deal when Sun Pharma brought Ranbaxy for $4 Billion ( 24,100 crore rupees)  making Sun Pharma the largest drug maker in India. Through a series of carefully planned acquisitions and calculated business strategies, this maverick man at the helm of the company, has steered it to the top. Today, Sun Pharma, in addition to being India’s largest drug maker is  the largest Indian Pharma company in the US,and the 5th largest generic company worldwide. It employs 14000 employees and reported a revenue of $2 Billion ( 12,050 crore rupees) in 2013. 

By taking care of your medicines, this man has accumulated a total wealth of $13.9 Billion or 83,747 crore rupees. The Sun, is literally shining for the founder of Sun pharma!

#3- Azim Hashim Premji- Wipro

At number 3 on the list is the man who has consistently been within the top five of India’s richest people for over a decade now- Azim Premji of Wipro. He guided the company through four decades of diversification and growth as the company grew from the one selling vegetable products to a corporate giant in the IT field.

Mr. Premji is one of the foremost philanthropists in the world, who, by his own declaration has donated a fourth of his wealth to charity. If his net worth is $15.1 Billion or 90,977 crore rupees, just think how large a fourth of that is! Charity of the highest order, indeed.

#2- Lakshmi Niwas Mittal- Arcelor-Mittal

The second richest Indian, the richest man in Britain, the 59th richest man in the world the chairman of world’s largest steelmaker, Lakshmi Niwas Mittal is a man of many records. Given his name ‘Lakshmi Niwas’, its a no brainer to conclude that the Goddess of Wealth in Hindu Mythology- Lakshmi, indeed resides in him. From heading a family industry in Indonesia to acquiring steelmaker Arcelor and becoming the world’s biggest steelmaker, Lakshmi Niwas Mittal has come a long way. He is also the 47th “most powerful person” of the 70 individuals named in Forbes’“Most Powerful People” list for 2012.

Lakshmi Niwas Mittal has a net worth of $16.1 Billion or 97,002 crore rupees. His wealth and fortune are set in steel, indeed!

#1- Mukesh Ambani- Reliance Industries Limited

At first position, is one of the most common household names of India- Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, who has held on to his position of being the richest man in India for quite some time now. He also had the distinction of being the Richest man in the world for some time riding on soaring stocks of Reliance Industries Limited, the conglomerate which he heads. RIL is mainly into the petrochemical industry and has a monopoly over this highly lucrative sector in India. Mukesh Ambani is also the owner of Mumbai Indians IPL franchise, making him one of the richest sports team owners in the world.

His net worth? Any Guesses? Well, lets lay all speculation to rest. The RICHEST MAN IN INDIA has a personal fortune of $25.1 Billion or 1,51,227 crore rupees. That is more than the annual revenue of 125 countries in the world!

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