Useful Tips on Buying Right Personal Body Armor

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We all know that body armor saves lives but only a few of us know how to choose the right armor. To get optimal protection it is important to choose the right type of body armor. Buying body armor is a big investment that not only involves money but also plays a vital role in protecting your life. Body armor has come a long way since the ancient warriors used to wear some heavy iron shields to protect themselves from swords, spears, and arrows. Modern body armor is available in several types to protect against the most dangerous weapons. These advanced protective gears provide superior protection and comfort, only if you pick the right one. Before you buy body armor, remember all body armors are ‘bullet resistant’, not necessarily ‘bulletproof’. The protection offered by ballistic armor depends on velocity, speed or caliber, and the angle of the shot being fired.

To make the right choice, you need to first understand the different types of body armor available such as ballistic vests, plate carriers, stab/spike proof vests, bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof clothing, helmets, and more. The type of body armor you choose will depend on your particular needs and situation. All these bullet-resistant products consist of a layer of ultra-strong material that creates a shield between your vitals and a bullet, projectile, or blade. Now, take a look at the factors to consider before buying body armor.
Threat Level

The body armor need of a soldier will differ from that of a civilian. So, to pick the right type of armor, you need to consider the mission for which you need to wear the armor. Your threat level will help you determine the level of protection you will most likely need. For instance, if you think you might a rifle attack then an armor designed for pistol protection will not be right for you. Once you know your threat level, carefully choose the right protection level- I, IIA, II, and IIIA for handguns and hard armor Types III, III++, and IV for rifle protection. Remember, a higher rating indicates greater protection.

Get the Right Fit

If body armor is not properly fitted, it will not provide the protection you need. Even the best body armor is of little use if it doesn’t fit properly. Body armors are designed to protect the main part of the body- your torso) front, back, and sides). An experienced body armor manufacturer can help you get the proper body measurements to find the right fit for your body. Always try the armor before making the final payment. It should not hamper your movement or make you feel too tight or too loose. Also, it shouldn’t interfere with your duty belt when you sit or bend.

Choose Between Hard and Soft Body Armor

Body armors are divided into two broad categories- hard and soft. You may also find classification based on overt and covert. Body armor that can be worn under the clothes and remain hidden is known as covert armor. These soft armors are made of lightweight material and feel comfortable. Hard armor, also known as overt armor is worn above clothes because it is made of hard material.


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