Want to Impress your Boss, Here are 10 Easy Ways

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Whether we agree with it or not, but our boss is an important, powerful and authoritative person in our lives who plays an influential role and have the ability to modify our lives for the good or bad. So, it is very much necessary that we avoid doing things that can make our boss angry and thus can even destroy our career. We have to be very much careful about what to do and what not to do in front of our boss. If we want to have a successful career, a good pay and thus if we want to be happy, we should try to be in the good books of our boss. People usually try to flatter their boss by doing excessive buttering which may sometimes seems extra cheesy and may even lead to opposite effects. So, we should not overdo anything and just be ourselves if we want to impress the boss. This article consists of the top 10 tips that one must follow in order to be the boss’s favorite and also the things that one must remember to avoid in order to impress their boss.


help your boss

We should try and help out our boss in his work whether it is professional or personal. We should not directly interfere in his problems rather offer him our help in a polite manner. It should sound as if we are asking for his permission to help him out. This will make your boss think that you are a generous person and also a modest one. But we should avoid being extra forceful if he does not want our help as it may appear that we are trying to interfere in his personal matters which may lead to a bad impact. We should also not discuss about his problems later if we have helped him and also should not make him realize that we have done him a favor rather we should be humble about it.


do not gossip

We should never ever bad mouth about anyone. We should not point out the mistakes of our colleges to our boss, and if they have done something wrong or committed a mistake, we should just correct it and speak about it when required. We should also not back bitch about our boss or gossip about his personal life in front of our colleges as we never know what may be the intentions of the other person. So, we should avoid gossiping whether it about our boss or our colleges and should only mind our own business.


be on time

We should try and reach our office on time or if possible then even early. Even if we are late, we should first try to avoid being noticed by anyone and most importantly our boss. If in case our boss comes to know about us being late, we should never make excuses and just admit our mistake. Making excuses will make our boss assume that we think of him to be a fool and also that we do not respect him. So, we should avoid arguing with our boss and just say sorry and assure him that we will not repeat this again and will be on time from then.


work overtime

In order to impress the boss, it is very important that he sees our dedication towards our work. Our boss should consider us as a hard working, dedicated, devoted and an employee who lives his work and is committed towards it. This is only possible if we leave late from office and thus work overtime. This makes our boss thinks that we enjoy our work and do not consider it as a burden. Also, if we leave late, after everyone has left, it will make our boss notice us, which is a good way to impress the boss.


do not make excuses

We should never make excuses in front of our boss and just admit our mistake at once. Making excuses appears as if we are arguing with our boss and are not sorry for what we have done. Admitting our mistakes, may lead to embarrassment when our boss will scold us in front of the whole staff. But it will also make our boss think that at least we are responsible enough to admit our mistake and also that we respect him since we have not argued with him. Admitting mistakes, thus, may be a little insulting but at the end it will definitely help us to impress the boss and be in his good books.


complete your work on time

We should never leave any work for the next day and should always be regular with our work. Completing our work on time gives the impression of a responsible person. If we are ready with our work, whenever asked, it will definitely help to impress the boss. Moreover, if we are punctual with our work and do it with dedication and perfection, our good work can also lead to the increment in our pay and promotion in our post which ultimately will leads to a lot of happiness as who does not want to have a high authority post and good pay.


come with new ideas

If we want to impress our boss, we must have to be different from others. Following the crown can never make us stand apart. If we want to be in the favorites of our boss we must have to stand out others. Standing out others does not mean that we have to point out other people’s mistakes or bad mouth about the, rather we should try and bring excellence in our work. We should do research work and try and come out with innovative ideas which can bring more business and profit to our company. This will make our boss recognize us and our talent and thus can even lead to promotion if we are good at our work.


dress properly

The most important thing that we have to keep in mind is our appearance since first impression is the last impression. We should dress in formal attire which is clean and tidy. We should avoid wearing casual dresses and slippers. It is very important that we present ourselves formally to our boss if we want to impress him. We should avoid folded sleeves of our shirt or wearing short skirts when at workplace. Thus, we should wear formal clothes and that too decent ones if we want to impress the boss.


keep your workplace clean

Our workplace replicates our personality. If our workplace is messed up and if it is impossible to find anything at our workspace without difficulty, then it represents our careless personality. People will think of us as an irresponsible person who cannot take care of his things. We should thus, keep our workspace clean as it will not only impress the boss but also, if the place is clean, then it will help us to work with more comfort and perfection as a clean, neat and tidy place or environment will definitely enlighten our mood and any work done in good and happy mood is usually impressive. Also, clean workspace will help us to come up with new and innovative ideas.


take initiative

If we want to impress the boss, it is very important that we take initiative and grab any opportunity that comes our way. We should not wait for anyone to ask for the work to be done. If we are sure of ourselves and know that we have the capability to do the particular task given with perfection, we should then stand up and take the initiative to lead that task. It is no harm in being a leader of a group if you have the ability to do so. But it is very important that we take initiative for those tasks only of which we are confident enough to do without flaws since taking up the wrong task just to impress the boss can also lead to opposite consequences if the work is not done properly. So, we should take initiatives and be a leader if we want to impress the boss.


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