Top 10 Ways to Make this Fathers day Special for your Father

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Everyone has a life but this life is worthless without relationships, these are the relationships which makes your life special. Friends, relatives, family, siblings, spouse and sometimes rival too, they all play a very prominent role in making our life pulchritudinous. Every relationship of our life is equally important but the relation between a child and parent is very extraordinary. All those people whom we meet in our life, our relatives, friends, colleges are those to whom we meet by chance or destiny but the parents are the one who bring us into this world, and child who is completely clueless about the rules of this world depends upon the parents. No matter how powerful a relationship is but it can in no way be more affectionate then warmth, concern & sentiment which the parents bestow their child with.

A child needs both a mother and father, the mother who keeps the baby in her body for 9 months and then gives birth to a tiny little thing who becomes the object of her devotion for the rest of her life, and then the father who works late hour in the office just for the sake for giving his child a better life. The mother on one hand nourishes the child with health and care while on the other hand the father makes him aware of the rules and regulations of living a life; he gives the knowledge regarding the dealings in the society. This world is a place of give and take which runs on benefits but the tenderness and ardor of a parent is very distinct from this rules, a parent asks for nothing in return from the child. All the wants is to see his child stabled, blossoming, auspicious and above all happy.

Our parents are most radiant gift God has bestowed us with, the only way to thank God for exalting us with such an endowment Is to keep our mother and father happy. We in order to pay a tribute to the parents celebrate mother’s day and father’s day. It is very easy to show our affection to our mothers but it is rather difficult to express our feelings. So the top 10 interesting ways to wish father’s day are:

10. Make him feel special:

Your father has dedicated his entire life for you, so now it’s time that you pay him back a little. Spend a day with him and do all those things he likes, play his favorite games, eat his favorite food, watch his favorite movie. Hang out at all his favorite places and then wish him a happy father’s day. Make his day worthwhile.

9. Make him a cup of coffee/tea:

Do you know what is that one quality apart from loving his child that every father has? They all drink tea or coffee. Make a special cup of tea or coffee for your father, present him with the cup and simply say happy father day dad, I love you a lot.

8. Give him a hug:

When was the last time you hugged your dad? Don’t remember. When was the last time you two had dinners together? The last time you both did something fun? The last time you both had a proper conversation. Our life styles these days do not permit us to actually spend time with family but that does not mean that you completely ignore you family. It’s fine if you do not have time to do something big, all you need to do is to hug your father and say happy father’s day and I love you very much, thanks for being such a great father.

7. Turn up at his working place with lunch:

So what if your father is busy at work and can’t go out; or what if he is too busy to notice that its father’s day. What are you for? Cook his favorite dish for lunch, if you can’t cook then buys it from his favorite restaurant. Turn up at his working place at the lunch hour with his favorite lunch. Wish him a happy father’s day and have a delightful lunch with him.

6. Cake:

Father’s day is a very special day but still it is not a public holiday, it becomes very hard to make out time to celebrate, especially those who work. Even though it is father’s day but your father still has to work.  Bake a cake for your dad at home, if you can’t bake then still there are no worries, you can order a nice cake for your father, exactly the one your father adores. Buy a father’s day card too and ask them to deliver either at your house or your father’s office. If you are asking them to deliver at your house then make sure that your dad is at home and he himself should open the door. When you father will see the cake and the card, he will automatically understand how much you love him. This is a very simple way to wish father’s day but it is very deep.

5. Write a letter:

Although parents and children live in the same house but due to be excessive work load and tough routine it becomes very hard to communicate. Mothers are often at home but father are always at work or they are busy somewhere else. So what you need to do is to write a letter to your father, in that letter thank him for all love he has given to you over the past few years, tell him that you love him ,  wish him father’s day and spill your heart out. After that seal that letter and mail to your father’s working place but ask the mailman to deliver it on the father’s day.

4. Play old videos:

Parents have this habit of storing every moment for their child’s life. Be it infancy, his first step, his first word, his first day at school, everything. And when you grow up they show it to you and others. Among those videos you parents are with you most of the time. So play those videos, call your father too. Have a little nice family gathering and then wish him a happy father’s day.

3. Morning Bash:

Okay so its father’s day, this is very interesting and exciting way to wish father’s day. When your father is sleeping sneak into his room, quietly decorate the room with ribbons, balloons and happy father’s day banner. Make sure he doesn’t wake up. Prepare a very enticing breakfast for him, something which is his favorite. When everything is done wait for him to wake up. As soon as he wakes say happy father’s day out aloud and present him with his favorite breakfast.

2. Sing a song:

Compose a song for your father; lyrics should be something he could laugh at. If you can’t write a song, then pick any song from Google but it should be something amazing and out of this world. Sing this song in a chorus with your family, the instruments should not be too heavy, keep the music light, the vocal should be on the high light. Sing that song for your father and in the end wish him a happy father’s day

1. Scrap book:

Prepare a scrap book, put all the picture of you and your father in it, and fill it with memories. Put a picture and then write a little detail about when this picture was taken and what you two were doing at that time. If you both have a special memory, then write it down. Outside on the cover write happy father’s day. Wrap it nicely and give it to your father.


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